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Sam drove the Impala down the dark, small road. It was barely lit up by the tiny street lights, and there was a fog starting to form and it crept up onto the road. It gave Sam the chills even though he had seen far scarier things in his messed up life.

He had been traveling for hours now in the Impala. And he was losing valuable time to find his brother. He hated driving across the country if it was on pressed time. It meant more money wasted in a short amount of time for gas and food, and he had such little time to make up for it by hustling and gambling. He had hardly slept since he called Charlie because he wanted to get to her and figure how to get Dean back right away.

Apparently, Charlie really didn't want to be found Sam thought.

The side of his mouth quirked up into a smirk as he remembered how she answered his request...

"Fuck no," Charlie answered. Sam had just finished telling her what he wanted. He rolled his eyes, knowing Charlie was going to answer that way.

"Charlie, please. Why can't you help me this one time?"

"Because I don't want to die! And I already helped you once, so technically you're asking if I could help you for the second time."

Sam sighed and shook his head. He was losing time to get his brother back. For all Sam knew Dean could be dead. No, he thought. He didn't want to even think about that. "Okay, yes, Charlie, I'm asking you to help me a second time. But...it's Dean, Charlie. I need you to help me get him back."

"Why? Where is he?" Charlie asked.

"Purgatory," was all Sam said. Just saying the name of the place where Dean was brought nightmares to his head of what his brother was enduring in there.

Sam waited for Charlie to answer. And waited. And waited. He was soon starting to think she either hung up or fainted. "Charlie?"

In the phone, sounding like she put it down and walked quite a distance, he heard Charlie's loud, exasperated scream, pounding, and a few colorful curses following it.

Then it stopped, a few second went by, and he heard her pick the phone up again. He was surprised at how calmly her voice sounded, but it seemed like she was trying very hard. She explained slowly, "Sam...you do know that I didn't even know Purgatory existed let alone your brother's in there. And I would think that if anyone was to go there…they wouldn't be coming back—"

"No," Sam interrupted her, "I'm getting Dean back Charlie. If it's the last thing I do, I'm getting him back. I need my big brother back Charlie." His voice cracked on the last sentence and he took a deep breath to steady himself.

"Sam, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay? But I don't want to almost get killed again. Yeah, I went all badass in order to copy the files, but I didn't come out unscathed. And did you know breaking bones hurt, Sam? It hurts all right!" She exclaimed.

Sam suddenly remembered what he told her that brought her bravado up in order to enter Richard Roman Enterprises. "Okay," Sam played along with her, dropping his voice to make it sound disappointed, "If you don't want to, you don't have to. I mean, I just thought that that's what Hermione would do. I guess she wouldn't be brave enough to just help me out with this, but I apparently not—"

"What did you just say?" Charlie interrupted, her voice dropping menacingly after hearing her hero being insulted.

"I just thought—"

"No, Sam, you didn't think. Hermione can do anything. Anything. She should be the one who should get the most credit. She pretty much saves Harry in every single book! So if she wasn't there, Harry would be dead, and Voldemort wouldn't be. So don't go telling me that she is not brave! You trying being in her spot, see how easy it is for you! Yeah, that's what I thought. And I do do what Hermione would do. That may sound confusing with all the 'do's in there, but you know what I mean! Hermione would do anything at any time if it meant to save somebody. I'm staying at Hollywood Apartments at 1741 California 170 in Los Angeles, California. So shut the fuck up and get the fuck over here. I'm joining you whether you like it or not. And I'll show you that Hermione can do anything!" Before Sam could answer, she hung up.

Sam was ripped from his memory as a car in the oncoming lane honked its high-pitched horn at him. He swerved onto to his side of the road just in time before he could collide into the small car, although he knew the tiny car would be no match for Dean's long, strong baby.

The Impala roared as if answering him with triumph, and Sam smiled, knowing right now Dean would be giving her compliments and sweet talk if he was here.

The smile that was on his face soon left when he realized that that was the first time he smiled since Dean flirted with security guard through Charlie. Sam really wanted his brother back. Now.

Sam was now arriving in the city, thankful he was out of the creepy fog and dark road. He drove through the luminous and beautiful city until he found the address Charlie told him.

Sam looked through the window as he drove past, trying to find a parking spot for the long Impala. He was surprised at how nice the place looked. Then again, Charlie's old apartment he saw was nice and big, so he thought Charlie must have wanted one pretty close to it.

Once Sam found a parking spot, he walked into the apartments building. Sam had to stifle a laugh in the quiet hallway, since everyone was most likely asleep, when he saw Charlie's room number. 666. Sam would have loved to see Charlie's face when she found that out.

Sam knocked on the door quietly. A few minutes had passed before the door opened to reveal the redhead; hair all tussled and messed up from sleeping and rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

"What the hell do you w—oh, it's you." Charlie said as she realized it was him. "Took you long enough." Without saying anything, she opened up the door wider in a gesture of welcoming him in.

"Thanks so much for doing this Charlie."

"Whatever. I told you why I was doing this, but would it kill you if you would warn be you'd be arriving at three in the morning?" She asked him before taking a big yawn.

"I didn't know I was going to arrive this early. And if I would've called this early, would you have answered?" Charlie just glared at him and didn't say anything. "I thought so."

"What is it that you want me to do?" She asked.

"I need to find my brother, and I don't think I'll be able to do it alone. You're the only person that can help me that still is alive." He told her.

Charlie's eyebrows rose in surprise, but soon lowered into another scowl. "Well, that's comforting."

"You're probably the best at hacking and using a computer. Better than me and anyone I knew—"

"Why, thank you."

Sam continued, "—and I was hoping you could find some info on how to get in—more for getting things out—of Purgatory, while I try to contact someone."

Charlie looked at him, eyes furrowed. "Who?"

"It doesn't matter. Could you start on that right away?" Sam asked her, gesturing to her computer on the other side of the room and trying to change the subject.

Charlie didn't seem so forgetful, but she went with it anyway. "Yeah, sure. Where are you going?" She asked, noticing he was walking towards the door.

Sam stopped and turned back to her, "I saw an abandoned warehouse not far from here when I was driving. It would work best to contact that person."

Once again, Charlie looked confused, "That's…so creepy though. You can use my phone here, I won't mind. As long you aren't going to sex talk with someone, or anything like that." She finished off with a look that said she gave herself a bad vision.

Sam stared at her as if she had a third eye. "Uh…no…that's okay. It wouldn't work anyway."

"Why not?"

"Because that's not the kind of 'getting in contact' that I mean. It's more…complex in able to talk to this person." Sam said, slowly inching towards the door.

Charlie let it go, "Okay, have fun. I'll be…on the computer…when you get back." She yawned and waved at him, motioning he could go.

"Alright. I'll be back in about two hours." With that, he shut the door.

That was a close one, he thought to himself. He didn't want Charlie to know he was going to summon a demon.

"Tell me how to get him out. Now, Crowley!" yelled the youngest Winchester. He was pointing his gun in his direction, even though he knew the regular bullets he had in it wouldn't affect Crowley at all.

"Sorry there, Sam. Can't do that I'm afraid. I told you, you are on your own." The demon replied in his usual English accent. He looked up as if in thought. "But…I may make an exception with giving you a hint on how to just talk to your brother."

"How?" Sam hadn't noticed the movement that was starting up behind him. Two demons were wearing well-built meat suits, and the first demon was slowing creeping out of the shadows, while the other stayed hidden.

"I can't tell you right now, Sam. But maybe phone me up in a couple of days. See if I'm in a better mood." He disappeared in thin air, leaving Sam dumbfounded.

"Dammit!" Sam yelled.

He was startled at the sound of a chain, probably a part from the old machinery that was still held in the warehouse, sliding across the floor. He heard a curse and spun around just in time before the first demon lunged at him with a knife. Sam dodged it and grabbed the demon's wrist, yanking his arm and throwing him across the room into a dust-covered machine.

He started to walk towards it to finish it off. Sam took one step closer, only to meet the ground a second later in a heap, unconscious.

"Sam!" Dean gasped and stood up straight, only to be force down again when a wolf's muzzle came inches to snapping his face off.

He quickly lay back down, breathing hard. Looking around, he could tell that he had been moved from the last place he remembered. Instead of seeing trees everywhere he laid his eyes, there was now an open midnight sky above him.

"What the hell? Where the fuck did you take me?" Dean asked, rubbing his head and wincing as he felt the big bump at the back. He hoped he didn't have a concussion. Because that would suck ass, Dean thought to himself.

"We took you to where we live." The Beast emerged from the shadows, walking towards him.

"Oh, so…you live in a cave," Dean said, looking around. "That's very nice. By the way, I love that rock you have over there. It matches so well with the walls," sarcasm in his voice.

"Watch what you say, Winchester. Wouldn't want to be a nasty thorn in Father's side now. You see, Father doesn't have a very good temper. And one little screw up and you piss him off, he…well, he'll eat you." The Beast smiled at him, showing his sharp teeth. "That's actually why you aren't in front of his face right now. One of the many monsters in this place decided to be that thorn in his side and now isn't the best time to talk to him. He'll most likely kill anyone who walks in his path."

As if to back The Beast up, in the far distance, there was an enormous bark. Dean covered his ears. It felt like his eardrums were going to pop right out of his skull. The bark got louder and louder as the sound traveled closer and towards the cave. As it reached it, there was a sudden gust of wind that came through the cave that was caused from the force of the bark.

"What the fuck was that?" Dean asked once the wind and sound subsided. He took his hand away from his ears and noticed that there was blood on them. What could cause that?

"Oh, don't worry," The Beast informed, seeming to have not been affected from the bark, "That's just Father blowing off some steam."

"Well, then, who the fuck is your 'Father'?"

"It doesn't matter right now. He'll tell you. He likes to brag about himself." The Beast walked to the edge of the cave and looked out, scanning the trees below.

"What, so he can tell me that he's the father of you fugly sons of bitches? He's probably fuglier than you all combined." Dean smirked.

The Beast's head spun around, crimson eyes flaring up like fire. It walked towards him quickly. Dean braced himself of what was going to happen.

"No one talks about Father that way!" With that, The Beast clawed the left side of Dean's face, causing him to yelp in shocked pain. The Beast once again threw him, but this time at the rocky wall of the cave and knocking him out cold.

Dean stirred awake by someone flicking his ear annoyingly. "Ugh." Dean sat up, holding his head. He definitely had a concussion now. He didn't know where he was until the memories suddenly slammed into his head. He gasped and quickly looked around, only to be met with all the glowing crimson eyes staring back at him.

"It's about time," The Beast was walking towards him, "We thought you'd never wake up."

"Look, I don't want to be calling you 'The Beast' all the time. Can I have a name, please?" Dean looked at It.

The Beast chuckled, sounding like a mixture of a bark and a snarl, "Altitan. My buddies and I are called Lycancerberus. And which of the Winchesters are you? The youngest or eldest?"

"I'm the older brother. Dean."

"Well, Dean, nice to meet you, and it's time to go." Altitan said calmly to him.

"What?" Dean was confused, his head was starting to ache.

"To Father."

Dean blinked. This concussion was starting to piss him off. "Oh," was all he said as he slowly stood up. The creatures were still surrounding him, and they move closer to him, flanking him on both sides and behind him.

Altitan put himself in front of him. "Follow me, Dean. And no funny business. Otherwise you're going to have a bump on the head as big as a boulder." He led Dean out of the cave and down a rocky slope. When they reached the bottom, they were once again surrounded by the dark trees.

They walked for hours. Dean kept a look out for any other creatures that decided to take a bite out of him. But whenever he saw a creature—wendigo, werewolves, vampires—they all scurried and ran, scared of the bodyguards Dean had surrounded around him. These Lycancerberuses must be known well in this place.

There was a soft swooshing sound in Dean's ears, and he shook his head, trying to get it to stop. But instead of stopping it, it seemed to only get louder. The Lycancerberuses seemed to notice this too since Altitan stopped in front of him and looked up. Dean also looked up, trying to find what Altitan was searching for, but saw nothing. The only thing that kept happening was the swooshing, sounding almost like the flapping of an eagle's wings, only sounding much, much larger.

The Lycancerberuses started to snarl. He looked down again to find them all facing him, closing in. He started to panic. Why are they all turning on him? He didn't do anything!

They all lowered, muscles tensing in order to lunge.

Just as they all sprang, Dean felt a firm grip on his left shoulder.

They snarled and fought, trying desperately to get at their target. Altitan gave a forceful bark, getting the Lycancerberuses' attention. The quickly spread apart leaving the target open for Altitan.

Altitan's eyes flared up with rage.

The space was empty. Their target, and Dean, had disappeared.

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