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Waves crashed against the rocks. The air smelt salty from the sea. Lee stood in the said, watching the crystal blue waves going onto shore. He closed his amber eyes and when he opened them, they were a beautiful cerulean shade, with specks of celeste. He walked closer to the water and waterbended it. He hardened it to look like a crystal, and the salt in it made a beautiful reflection in the sun. He fastened it to a silver chain and put it in his pocket, walking away from the beautiful scene behind him.

Korra stood there silently. She stood there. She moaned in pain as he had her arm in his hand with a very firm grip. Mako realized that his own touch was causing her pain.

"What the hell Korra?" He said softly.

"Mako, you're just going to assume, but you're wrong." She whispered.

"Then explain, tell me, anything." Mako pleaded. He wanted to know why.

"I don't have to explain anything, and if you tell anyone, I swear Mako, I will never talk to you again." She said coldly.

He stood there dumbfounded, loosening his grip on Korra. She pulled away and ran.

Korra would finish their friendship over this? How stubborn was she! So selfish! Then again Mako did the same with her, because of his girlfriend. But that was different, real different.

Mako didn't know what to do.

Korra ran as fast as she could. She made it to Yue Bay and she made an ice floor, waterbending her way to Republic City. She jumped off of her ice, and ran. Korra made it into an ally, her arms burning in pain from all the pressure. She tried firebending a flame, but the pressure on her arms wouldn't let her. Whatever those Knife Throwers put on their weapons, it was a good way to make a person not bend.

She turned to go deeper in the ally, but something was wrong. Suddenly, Chi Blockers jumped out at her. They knew she couldn't bend and took advantage of the moment. She tried her best on her combat skills. They fought a long fight. They kicked her in the stomach. She fell to the ground, hitting her head.

Korra saw the Chi Blockers coming closer before everything turned black.

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