Innocence is Only a Perception

Chapter 7

The next morning when Rachel pulled up to the driveway Santana rushed from the kitchen where she was making a quick breakfast to the front door. She threw it open, startling Rachel and making her stumble back with her hand raised in the air as she was just about to knock on the door.

"Umm... hello, Santana. Good morning," Rachel said unsurely. Going from the bright smile on Santana's face it was a good morning.

Santana didn't say anything she just pulled Rachel into her home and dragged her into the kitchen where she was making her breakfast. "Do you want anything?" Santana finally said something.

"Oh, no thank you, I had a granola bar on the way over," Rachel responded. Santana nodded and went back to stuffing her bag with low-calorie snacks for the day ahead. When Rachel looked the girl over in silence it was then that she recognized the jitters in her movements and the nervousness on her face. "Hey," Rachel began, putting her hand on Santana's wrist to still her movements, "are you okay? You seem rather... nervous."

Santana looked down at Rachel's hand and back up at her face before taking a breath. "Yeah, I'm fine, I just... I guess I'm just nervous about today."

Rachel furrowed her brow, "Why? You're out already, and I don't really care what people think if that's what you're worried about."

"No, it's not really everyone else – I couldn't care less about what everyone else thinks of me – it's just... Finn. He may be an idiot, but he's not completely oblivious – not when it comes to you. And if he can figure it out then Brittany definitely can."

Rachel nodded, understanding finally. "But... why care?" Rachel asked Moving in close, pressing her front right up against Santana wrapping her arms around her. "I don't. We have no relation with them anymore and I don't care about them." Rachel smoothed a lock of hair out of Santana's face before tenderly whispering, "I only care about you."

Santana smiled slightly at her and was just leaning down to give her a tender kiss when the sound of heavy footfalls just out side the door caused the girls to jump apart. "That's Papi. We should leave before he comes in here," Santana says before shuffling the girl out of the kitchen and down the foyer. When Santana had, more or less, pushed Rachel out the door the girls got into Rachel's light blue Prius and peeled away, headed for school.

The girls had to split apart upon arriving at school, but when third period rolled around the girls eagerly greeted each other at their seats. They exchanged hello's and hugged before sitting next to each other and linking their hands across the gap between their seats.

"So... lunch today in the chorus room?" Santana asked hopefully.

Rachel's face dropped from the smile she had there and looked at her contritely, "I'm sorry, Santana, but Noah and Mike both ambushed me after second period, practically begging me to help them with their audition songs. They seem to have taken an interest in being more apart of Glee Club, and you know me, I have to support that."

Santana's eyes narrowed, but she nodded anyways. The teacher came into the room then and called attention to herself. Even though the girls would have been able to hold hands all throughout class because Santana was left-handed and Rachel was right-handed, Santana still shook Rachel from her grasp.

The bell rang at the end of class and the girls once again separated to go to fourth period and then when lunch came around Santana begrudgingly went into the cafeteria to get her food. She noticed that she began turning her nose up at almost every over-processed thing that was offered, wishing that she could instead split a healthy, well-balanced lunch with Rachel like she normally did. Sighing in defeat, Santana dropped the tray with nothing but a fruit cup and bottled water on it back on the tray slide and left the cafeteria in search of her tiny friend in the auditorium.

When Santana open the door to the auditorium her eyes automatically narrow as jealousy rages through her veins. To anyone who doesn't know Puck the way Santana does, him feeling Rachel's stomach as she shows him proper breathing techniques might seem just like that, innocent. However, Santana knows Puck, and she can see the lustful glint in his eye as he looks at her and she sees the way that Puck's hand moves upwards towards Rachel's bust just slightly enough that she doesn't notice, but Santana notices... she notices everything about the way he's touching her and looking at her right now, and she is not happy about it.

"Hey!" Santana yells down from the top of the auditorium stairs, grabbing the attention of Rachel and Puck on the stage and Mike watching them closely in the audience. Santana jogs briskly down the steps to meet Rachel at the edge of the stage.

"Santana? What are you doing here?" Rachel asks.

"I was nauseated by the school food, so I came here to see if I could steal some of your food." Santana says, pushing herself onto the stage and standing close to Rachel. "And also because, even if you're busy, I wanted to eat with you."

"Oh. O-of course, Santana," Rachel says with a smile. "You know where I keep my food, my bag is over there by the piano."

"Thanks, babe," Santana says, and before Rachel can say 'You're welcome,' Santana takes Rachel by the back of the head and pulls her in for a deep kiss. Rachel gasps, giving Santana the ease to slip her tongue between the girl's lips and kiss her hotly. When she pulls away Santana looks to Puck who has a dumbstruck look on his face. As Santana walks over to the piano, she whispers a low, "Back. Off," as she passes by Puck.

Santana sits on the piano bench and watches the rest of the lesson go on quietly, but very closely. When Rachel dismissed the boys they left without a word and when the door shut behind them Rachel stalked over to Santana.

"Santana Lopez, that was incredibly immature of you. Why would you do that. When I said that I don't care about what other people think I didn't mean that you can kiss me whenever you wanted, certainly not when you are feeling possessive and jealous," Rachel ranted. Santana only smiled mischievously as Rachel went on. "What?" Rachel asked off the look Santana was giving.

"It got you fired up," Santana said plainly.

"Well... yes. I'm upset that you acted so immaturely and rashly and passively. You know that I would never have let Noah do whatever it was you thought he was trying to do, so I don't understand you jealousy. You can't get mad at him when he probably doesn't even know that you and I are-"

Santana interrupted Rachel's ranting with a hot kiss placed on her lips. She pulled a way for a moment to take in her dazed look before chuckling and wrapping her arm around Rachel's waist to hold her closely. "I'm a possessive person, Rach, you should know that by now."

Rachel sighs, looking down at her shoes before meeting Santana's... lips - staring at them hungrily. "I know. I can't say that it was totally unwanted though... afterwards. That kiss..."

"It was pretty hot," Santana says with a proud smirk. "I can do it again if you like," she says with a wink.

Rachel just nods and leans her head up to meet her lips with Santana's and they begin to move them in tandem, feeding off of each other's lustful energy. Santana pressed her tongue against the seam of Rachel's lips and pried them open to slide her tongue along the inside of the moist cavern, their tongues tangled together in a dance of passion. The girls moved to sit down on the bench without breaking apart and Santana easily hauled Rachel onto her lap. Santana was just sliding her hands up Rachel's sides to cup her breasts when the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. The girls pulled away reluctantly and pressed their foreheads together in order feel the intimacy of their breath on each other's faces.

"We have to go to class now," Rachel whispered.

"Mmm hmm," was Santana's lethargic response.

"Santana..." Rachel whined, "let me up please?"

"No. I like you here," Santana said, hugging Rachel's body tightly.

Rachel only chuckled as she pushed Santana's hands off of her. "Santana... please? We have to go to class."

Santana huffed before releasing Rachel and getting up herself. "Okay, fine. Let's get to class."

Rachel smiled and took her hand. Grabbing their bags the girls walked out of the auditorium and began to walk down the bustling halls of McKinley. About halfway to class Rachel noticed the whispers and stares coming from the student body directed towards them. Rachel looked at Santana with a furrowed brow and nervous look in her eyes. When Santana looked back at her, instead of finding comfort like she'd hoped, she instead found the exact same thing she was feeling.

"Santana; Rachel, would you care to comment on the rumor going around about you two?" Jacob Ben Israel's squeaky voice and bush for hair popped up in front of the girls holding a notebook and a pen poised to write every word they say.

"W-what?" Rachel stuttered nervously.

"What rumor?" Santana added.

"The rumor that you two are together," Jacob supplied, still holding his pen against his paper.

The girls looked at each other curiously before shaking their head and pushing past the annoying Jewish boy and tried to continue on to their class.

"Wait! Wait!" He called after them, but they didn't stop. "What about the rumor that Rachel has been cheating on Finn with you, Santana?"

That made them stop dead in their tracks. Santana whipped around and stalked over to the puffy haired boy, backing him against the lockers. "What the fuck did you say, JewFro?" Santana asked harshly.

"Santana, please," Rachel begged, appearing next to the fiery Latina and tugged on her wrist. "He's not worth it, baby, please?"

"Baby?" Jacob questioned.

"Shut the fuck up, asshole!" Santana yelled before taking Rachel's hand again and stalking away with her.

After school – which was not the easiest thing to go through after the incident after lunch with Jacob – Rachel and Santana got into Rachel's car, but instead of putting the tiny Prius into drive and pulling away, Rachel just sat there with her hands on the wheel, gripping it until her knuckles were white and staring out the windshield.

"Rach?" Santana questioned, concerned.

Rachel snapped back to reality and looked at Santana. "Hmm?"

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. Yes, of course," Rachel says immediately. Santana just gives her a look that calls bullshit on her and rachel has to revise her answer right away, "No, not really. I'm just thinking about what happened today."

"Rachel, don't pay attention to JewFro, or anybody else for that matter. It's high school, you're allowed to be with whoever you want, and that's a stupid rumor anyways. Like anybody would believe that you cheated on Finn," Santana said. She tried to put her hand on top of Rachel's, but the girl just pulled away and put both her hands in her lap.

"But I did," Rachel said simply. Even with her eyes downcast at her hands Rachel could feel the confused eyes of Santana on her, so she continued, "I didn't cheat physically, but what we had was an emotional affair. All those times I slept over at your house and how we made dinner for each other... it was all so... domestic, and that wasn't okay when I was supposed to have that with the boy I was engaged to."

"Bullshit," Santana said. "That's bullshit. Don't blame yourself because Finn was a shit-awful boyfriend," Santana paused and snickered, "or that I'm just better than him." She placed her hand behind Rachel's head and pulled their faces together and Santana let her lips brush against Rachel's.

"Mmm! San-" Rachel pushed Santana away, "No, please don't." Rachel turns to face front again and stares out the window in thought. "I think... I think everyone else is right." Rachel sighs, "I think that, maybe, we rushed into... this." She groans in frustration, "God! I don't even know what this is!"

"This?" Santana quirks her eyebrow. "It's us, Rach. Just us, I didn't think anything else mattered." Santana put her hand against Rachel's cheek and forced her to look at her. "All I want is you, and I don't understand why everything and everyone else matters so much to you."

"It doesn't!" Rachel yells. "It doesn't, I just- I don't know." Rachel sighs, "Can we just take it slow from now on? Please? I don't- I don't feel comfortable anymore."

Santana's heart at that. She knew what that means. "I don't feel comfortable with you anymore. I don't feel comfortable with us."

"Fine," Santana said. Rachel let out a relieved breath and put the car into gear and began to drive out of the school parking lot. Upon coming to the turn Santana said, "Turn left here."

"What? But that's the opposite way to my house."

"I know. Take me home, Rachel."

Rachel sighed and flipped her turn signal from right to left and began to peal out away from the school and towards Lima Heights Adjacent.

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