A Suite Life Story

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Cody Martin was sitting on his bed reading a book or to be accurate pretending to read, his mind was elsewhere.

He was thinking about the other half of his life.

As far as the other students knew Cody was an over compulsive, germaphobic and eternal perfectionist in short; a nerdy wimp.

That however that was only one side of Cody's personality, there is another side to Cody, an alter ego of sorts this alter ego goes by the name of Cole Sprouse, a bold, charismatic musician.

In fact Cole Sprouse is a known to kids and teens all across America.

Cody always had a knack for music.

He was discovered back in the Tipton Hotel, it was a night his mother Carrie came down with strep throat and Mr. Moseby was demanding this month's rent so Cody decided to cover for his mother and performed a song called "I Don't Want to go to School" when the song began many of the spectators didn't think the eleven-year-old boy would do well, but they were proved wrong as Cody not only did well, he blew his mother out of the water.

Fortunately for Cody a talent scout was in the audience that night, a middle aged man named Chase McMurray.

He noticed the child's talent immediately and long story short he helped Cody come up with the disguise of Cole Sprouse; Zack and Carrie were in on it too of course and yes Mr. Moseby knew too since he was the hotel's general manager.

In the beginning Cole was just an identity to take the brunt of the lime light but soon Cole Sprouse began to take on a life of his own truly without meaning to created another personality.

Cole was in many ways opposite of Cody but that was the point; so the fans and paparazzi could tell the difference.

Cole was daring while Cody was timid; Cole was strong while Cody not so much.

Also Cody's alternate consciousness was in many ways what Cody himself dreamed of being; as Cole did things that Cody would never had tried in a million years. Cody Martin always seemed in control but sometimes Cole Sprouse would come to the surface.

The reason Cody was thinking about this was quite simply he missed it; the songs, the music, the millions of adoring fans and not to mention a very fat wallet.

Cody loved performing more than anything else but he had been inactive for five years now and was sure he was a little rusty but then he heard Cole's voice in the back of his mind.

"Lack of practice never stopped us before; why should it now"

Cody was always in awe of his other half's strong voice, never wavering for a moment; he wanted to feel bold again.

He knew Zack would support him in any fashion he could think of so consulting him was not necessary but conferring with Mr. Moseby would be a tad more difficult but he had to if he wanted to perform again. As he thought and pondered Cody closed his book, stood and walked to his closet.

Once in front of said compartment Cody pulls the doors open and moves his and Woody's clothing aside and on the floor of the closet sat a medium-sized trunk and next to sat a black guitar case.

Cody pulled the guitar case out of the closet and placed it on his bed before undoing the fastenings.

When he opens the lid; a wave of nostalgia hits him, his old guitar was still as vibrant as the day he bought it.

The instrument was silver in color with midnight blue frets and then he spied an etching on the neck of the guitar.

An etching that he had made himself and it read "Apollo" Apollo was the god of music in Greek mythology, and Cody carved it in to the neck as a sort of good luck charm.

He lifts the guitar from its place and flings the strap over his shoulder, picked up his pick and started to pluck and strum the instrument's strings and the wondrous tones began to fill the room.

At first it didn't sound like much but after a few minutes his brain recalled how to play this instrument that had so often graced his lap in the past.

When this happened the single notes began to blend into a melody and with every passing moment the sound became more and more astounding.

Everyone who passed by the cabin heard the beautiful notes and thoroughly enjoyed it; one of these people was Bailey Pickett, Cody's girlfriend.

"Who is playing this beautiful music?" she asked herself as her roommate London Tipton and Cody's roommate Woody walked up.

When Bailey saw the chubby teen

"Wait, Woody if you're here who's in there playing?"

"Who do you think" said Zack's voice from behind them giving them an annoyed look.

"It's Cody, he's the only other person who has the key to that room, besides Mr. Moseby of course."

Bailey looked a Zack skeptically

"Cody never showed any musical prowess before?"

Zack just shook his head and eased the door open since it was unlocked.

He, Woody, London and Bailey poked their heads into the room and what they saw made Bailey, Woody and London's jaws drop but Zack has pleasant smile on his face as they see Cody sitting on his bed,

a silver guitar in his lap, he hadn't noticed them, they were about to leave when they heard Cody begin to sing

"The seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake, you dream about going up there; that is a big mistake. Just look at the world around you, right here on the ocean floor, such wonderful things around you what more are you looking for"

Bailey couldn't believe her ears.

Cody's voice was amazing; she had never known that Cody had a voice like that while at the same time she couldn't shake the feeling she's heard this voice somewhere before.

Cody was still unaware of the small audience standing at the door, not one of them disturbed him, they wanted his beautiful voice to wash over them some more.

"Under the Sea, Under the Sea; darling it's better down where its wetter take it from me, up on the shore they work all day; under the sun they slave away while we're devoted full time to floating Under the Sea"

Woody, Bailey and London still looked absolutely flabbergasted while Zack had moved from the door and was now leaning against the wall next to the doorway, a look of pure bliss present on his face.

Zack had always loved the sound of Cody's singing; it always relaxed him even today.

"Down here all the fish are happy as of through the waves they roll, the fish on the land ain't happy, they sad cause they in the bowl but the fish in the bowl is lucky; they're in for worser fate; one day when the boss gets hungry, guess who's going to be on the plate Uh-oh Under the Sea,

Under the Sea.

Nobody beat us, fry us and eat us in fricassee; we're what the land folks likes to cook but Under the Sea we're off the hook we got no trouble life is the bubbles

Under the Sea,

Under the Sea.

What Cody was feeling was peace with the world around him, troubles included seemed to vanish. Zack and the others were entranced has his vocal cords released such beautiful music.

"Even the Sturgeon and the Ray they get the urge and start to play we've got the spirit, you've got to here it Under the Sea; the lute plays the flute, the carp plays the harp, the braise plays the bass; the bass sounded sharp, the bass plays the brass, the chub played the trumpet, the fluke is the duke of soul.

What was amazing was they all knew this song, from The Little Mermaid, and Cody was singing it word for word.

"The ray he can play, the ling's on the strings, the flat trap he snaps, the black fish he sings, the smelt and the sprat they know where it's at and oh that blowfish blows!

Under the Sea ooh,

Under the Sea,

Under the Sea

with the sardine in the beguine is music to me, what do they got a lot of sand we've got the hot crustacean band;

each little clam who knows how to jam here Under the Sea,

each little slug here; cutting the rug here Under the Sea.

Each little snail who knows how to wail, that's why it's hotter under the water,

that's why we're luckier down in the muckier Under the SEA! "

Cody strums the last of the tune before he released a pleasured sigh which made think why he ever stopped playing the first place.

He then looked up and met the sight of London, Woody and Bailey, he wasn't surprised to see Zack but the other three and spied closer and saw Mr. Moseby standing behind them with an approving gaze.

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[I chose "Under the Sea" because I wanted to save Cody's personally written songs for later -Caio]