[Sorry for so long of a wait but I had a major case of writer's block and little motivation since the Suite Life isn't on anymore. And also I know I've use "Through My Own Eyes" a few times before I just like that song and with "Accidently In Love" I wrote while listening to it so sorry if the lyrics aren't exactly right okay enough of this enjoy Chapter 5

Nat and Cole spent the next two hours catching up and Cole nearly died of embarassment as Nat took the liberty of telling Bailey a lot of mortifying stories.

While Bailey was cracking up Cole took that chance to ask

"So I never asked why you're hear Nat"

the lanky musician gives his friend an incredulous gaze.

"Spring Break duh!" was his response he then pointed to the stage a few meters away.

Set up with all sorts of audio equipment.

Large speakers, amplifiers, sub woffers; you name it, it was there.

The frame of the staged was decorated with large posters of Flo Rida.

On stage there was set of instruments; drums, guitars, a keyboard and for some odd reason a xylophone.

That's when Bailey and Cole noticed no one was performing.

"What's going on, why isn't anyone performing?"

Alex answers after taking a swing of root beer.

"Every opener came down with a stomach bug and Flo Rida refuses to perform without an opener"

Cole was stunned that he had forgotten about Spring Break and this was a chance to promote his upcoming concert and to help Nat out at the same time.

Cole got a mischevious glint in his eyes which his old Nat recongnized

"...Cole what're you thinking, I know that look" Cole grins maliciously "Tell me do you remember the lyrics to Through My Own Eyes?the long-limbed teen nods.

"Alex can you scrounge up some mics?"

the younger Wolff nods and reaches into his bag and extracts two microphones.

"Will these do?"

Nat and Cole exchange glances

"Way to go Lex!"

Nat chuckles thumping his baby brother on the back.

Bailey finally recovers from her laughing fit

"What're you two thinking?" Cole looks at his girlfriend

"Oh you'll see" he chortles sharing another mischevious glance with Nat.

Nat and Cole take off into the massive crowd.

It takes them 20 minutes to get to the stage.

They quickly find cables to connect the microphones to the sound system.

Nat taps on the head of the mike to test it and get the crowd's attention.

"Hi everyone and we apologize for Flo Rida's stubborness"

Nat begins "but you were promised a show and we'll give you one...right COLE!"

The audience directs their gazes to the chocolate haired and gasp a chorus of "It's Cole Sprouse" rang through the air.

"That's right, we'll perform for you this will serve as a great warm up for my come back concert, so we'll sing for you and oldie but goodie let's see if you recongnize it?"

Alex appeared behind the drumset and taps his drum sticks together and begin the intro to the song.

Nat licks his lips and takes deep breath before beginning "

Give me a world that's equal on all sides"

Cole picks up from there

"Let freedom flow, as constant as the tides"

Nat takes the next line

"I pray with each sunset, don't forget to rise. I live without regret for ordinary lives."

The two take the next lyric together singing with their wonderous voices.

Even Bailey was enraptured by their sudden duet.

"I'm looking at life through my own eyes.

Searching for a hero to idolize.

Feeling the pain as innocence dies.

I'm looking at life with my own eyes.

I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day.

I listen to my heart and I obey.

How can I see it any other way?

I'm looking at life Through My Own Eyes."

Nat carries the word "eyes" for moment before Cole approaches the left side of the stage and begins the next verse of the song.

"I see a land with liberty for all"

his lanky friend continues

"Yet still I know, the truth will rise and fall."

Switches back to Sprouse

"Oooh yea-eah!That's just the way it goes."

Once again Bailey is in awe of what she is hearing as the two musicians recite the next lines together.

"A word now to the wise.

The world was made to change.

Each day is a surprise.

I'm looking at life through my own eyes.

At this line the two singers who had made there way to opposite sides of the stage with Nat on the right side and Cole was on the right began to walk back towards the stage's center

"Searching for a hero to idolize.

Feeling the pain as innocence dies.

I'm looking at life with my own eyes.

I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day.

I listen to my heart and I obey.

How can I see it any other way?

I'm looking at life Through My Own Eyes."

The song was beautiful and this proved that neither Nat, Cole or Alex had lost any of there talent and Cole was indeed enjoying every second, this was where he belonged; on stage singing his heart out while hearing hundreds of fans scream and cheer his name and Cole had no problems sharing the stage with such cool musicians and as the song enters its final lyrics Cody feels the elation he's been longing for five years.

"And I know, when you're looking for the truth.


If you go and read between the lines, you'll discover how and why."

Cole takes the next verse to remind them of his vast knowledge of musical genres since this verse had a little hip-hop

"I take my heart int battle.

Give that freedom bell a rattle.

Get my indepnedence signed.

Declare it on the dotted line.

In Philidelphia freedom ring and patriotic voices sing.

Red, white and blue never give up.

We represent AMERICA!

I'm looking at life with my own eyes.

Searching for a hero to idolize.

Feeling the pain as innocence dies.

I'm looking at life with my own eyes.

I'm hoping and praying for a brighter day.

I listen to my heart and I obey.

How can I see it any other way?

I'm looking at life Through My Own Eyes."

As Alex plays the song's last few notes and the syllables leave the two singer's lips the audience breaks into thunderous applause.

The two bow to the audience and then Nat shows his comfort with Cole by playfully shoving him in which aforementioned cocoa haired star responds with a tackle.

While the parents in the crowd laugh at the two teen's antics.

Nat then remembers another song they could sing

"Hey do you know the lyrics to Accidently In Love?

Cole nods while Nat instructs his brother to start the intro to the song and the coca-haired musician grabs the guitar and starts to play along with it.

Cody advances to the mike and begins to sing the first words

"So she said what's the problem baby; what's the problem I don't know, maybe I'm in love (love)

think about it, every time I think about it, can't stop thinkin about it."

Nat picks up to give Cole a breather

and the crowd is loving the two singers voices.

Bailey is aboslutely stunned at how comfortable Cody was when he was performing on stage.

"How much longer will it take to cure this, just to cure it cause I can't ignore it, if it's love makes me want to turn around and face it but I don't know nothing about love"

Cole and Nat take the next part together

"Aww-aww, come on come on turn a little faster

come on come on

the world will follow after

come on come on cause everyone is after looove"

A huge grin breaks across Cole's features as his eyes focus on Bailey while singing that verse

"So I said I'm snowball runnin, runnin down into the spring that's coming all this love melting under blue skies beltin out sunlight shimmering love,

well baby I surrender to the strawberry ice cream never ever ending this love well I did try to do it but there's no escapin your love


Cole resumes his solo singing sounding just as amazing as he did back on the Tipton

"These lines of lightning mean that we're never alone, never alone no no

come on come on

move a little closer

come come on

want to hear you whisper

come on come on

settle down inside my loooove


come on come on

jump a little higher"

Nat strikes up the next phase of the song

"come on come on

feel a little lighter

come on come on we were once upon a time in loooooove...

We're Accidently In Love

accidently in looove,

accidently in love...accidently in looove


I'm in love I'm in love,

I'm in love, I'm in love accidently

come on come on

spin a little tighter

come on come

and the world's a little brighter

come on come

get yourself inside my looooooove

I'm in Loooove!"

Nat and Cole finish letting the last few words carry before letting them drop as Alex plays the last few notes of the song.

With its end the audience exploded into applause.

Nat noticed Flo Rida's security team approaching with aforementioned musician.

Alex, Cole and Nat got out of there quick once they were safely behind one of the surf shacks the younger Wolff hears one of the party goers comment

"Now the dick shows up after Nat and Cole blew him out of the water!"

His girlfriend responds

"As man or as an artist?"

which he states


Cole, Nat and Alex burst out laughing once they we're out of earshot.

As their laughter dies Bailey catches up with them.

"Wow I knew you were talented but that was nuts if those ugly bouncers caught you.

"I would've drop-kicked him" states Cole snarkily

as Nat chuckles and adds

"I would've choked them with microphone cord"

Bailey just watches as the two act silly that's when she notices Alex had disappeared.

"Hey um Nat, where's your brother?"

Nat's head pops up and looks around

"Hey guys!" came the drummers voice from somewhere in the distance.

"Lex, where are you?"

"Around the corner...you guys need to see this"

The older three race around the corner to find Alex with his ear pressed against the rear trunk of an old sedan.

"What is it Alex?" inqures Bailey curious to what the younger musician was hearing.

He looks up

"There's someone in there" he says straightening up. "I can hear muffled shouting"

Bailey moves closer and listens too and then says something

"Hey is anyone in there?" she calls and in minutes there is harder thumping on the inside of the trunk and more surpressed yells.

"We need to get this thing open" Bailey says looking up

"Already on it" Cole walks up with a aluminum baseball bat.

Before he swings Cole pulls off his chocolate brown wig and black jacket before hitting the window it all the force he could.

He must've hit it right because the window shattered.

"Why'd take off your jacket and wig?" asks Bailey with curious eyes

"So Cole doesn't get blamed if we get caught"

Cody then carefully reaches over the broken window frame and unlocks the door, flings it open and starts looking for the button or switch that opens the trunk which didn't take long.

He hits the switch and the trunk hatch flings open.

Cody repalces his wig and jacket and is back behind the sedan in a flash.

Whoever the person was they were wrapped in black sheet.

Cole and Nat lift the cloaked captive out of the trunk and unraveled the sheet around the body focusing on getting the head free so the person could breathe.

After a few minutes they see the face of the captive.

"Is that who I think it is" Bailey asks breathlessly.

"Yep no doubt about it I'd know that hair anywhere" Nat states

"It's Louis Tomlinson"

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