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"Unacceptable! How can they not see the risk this jinchuriki presents to us?" Shimura Danzo growled to his fellow councilors.

I know what you're thinking right now. It's entirely likely that you've read these very words before in another story. If not the exact words above, then at least something very similar. I would assume you think the statement above refers to young Uzumaki Naruto, and that this meeting is taking place behind the back of Sarutobi Hiruzen. That this meeting is about the risks of the Kyubi no Yoko either taking control of the young boy and using him as a tool towards its freedom, or about the foolishness of not creating the perfect weapon out of the boy. Yet I assure you this is not the case. While it was true that the meeting was taking place behind the Sandaime's back, and they were discussing the risk's of the Kyubi's freedom. Naruto was not the topic. For truth of the matter is, Naruto isn't even a gleam in his father's eye yet, let along a security risk to Konoha.

"I am in agreeance with you Danzo, but what can we do. According to the Uzumaki, the girl's Chakra would be well suited to controlling the beast. In their words, Young Kushina is the perfect vessel of any Bijuu, especially the most powerful." Mitokado Homura put forward.

"While that may be true, we didn't request 'perfect'. We requested secure, that's why we asked for a boy." Utatane Koharu grumbled.

That was the crux of their meeting. In less than a month Uzumaki Kushina would arrive in Konohagakure no Sato, to become the second Jinchuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko. And she was not what the councilors had requested. When they had contacted their allies in Uzushiogakure, requesting a new host, they had specifically asked for a male host. Not because they feared that a female host would be weaker. Far from it, their current Jinchuriki was one of their strongest shinobi, even if she was nearing the end of her life. No what they feared was something else entirely.

"The moment that girl gets it into her head that she wants a family, and we're all in danger! I for one do not wish to risk the lives of every man, woman, and child in my home, simply because one woman wants a baby. Bad enough that Mito risked childbirth three times, I will not risk a fourth time." Danzo seethed.

That was the source of their fear. Shortly after Mito had become the Jinchuriki, it was discovered that during the course of her pregnancy, the seal holding the Kyubi within her grew weaker and weaker. Finally almost breaking when she delivered her first child into the world. After that, those who knew of the risk had grown weary when she showed no indication of not having any more children. She wouldn't even consider it. Even when the Shodai Hokage himself had suggested to her that it might not be a good idea.

In response Mito had grabbed him by the groin and told him quite simply "How attached to these are you? Because the only way I'm not having any more kids, is if you can't perform the act to create them." Uzumaki were scary like that, especially if you threatened their notion of family.

Mito herself had grown up surrounded by family, parent, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews, not to mention grandparents and even great-grandparents. No Uzumaki grew up in a small environment. Even if the household was filled with people who fought, pulled pranks on each other, and took food off one another's plates. It was just the nature of their family, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Mito was just the same, and anyone who told her no was educatedon why they were idiots.

And they just knew, knewthat Kushina would be exactly the same.

Before those in charge had conceded to Mito in her mad quest to endanger the village for a family, simply because they had Hashirama's Mokuton ability, and it's ability to control the Kyubi should anything go wrong. Yet since his passing, not a single Senju had shown an ability to use the Mokuton. Only the fact that Mito had apparently kept her word and had no children without the help of her husband making them, kept the village safe. Now however they had a new Uzumaki woman coming. Even if she was a child now, eventually she would grow to desire children of her own, and the only thing they had in stock to keep the Kyubi at bay was just one budding seal master.

And the likelihood of any woman letting Jiraiya near their bed as they gave birth was as likely as the Hyuga clan admitting that the Caged Bird Seal was a dumb idea. It just wasn't going to happen.

"We know as well as you do Danzo, but that there's nothing we can do about who they're giving us. The girl fits the criteria for hosting the Kyubi. Hell we can't even do anything about her eventual desire for children. You know that Hiruzen wouldn't dream of ordering her not to have kids." Koharu replied to Danzo's anger.

"She's right, there's nothing we can do. We can only hope that we have some method to contain the beast when she finally gets it in her head to be a mother." Homura agreed. Danzo was loath to admit it, but in the end he had to agree with them. Once an Uzumaki got it in their heads to do something, the only way to stop them was to kill them. And even then there was still a chance that they'd manage to pull it off in their final moments. When Kushina decided to have children nothing would stop her. But it was as Danzo contemplated the danger the village could be in, that an idea began to take root. It was risky and potentially damning if they were found out. But it held the best chance to keep Konoha safe.

"That is… not entirely true." Danzo said carefully, drawing the attention of his fellow councilors.

"Oh, how so Danzo?" Homura asked curious.

"The risk is not in her being a parent. But rather her giving birth correct?" Danzo asked carefully.

"Yes… I see were you're going with this. But how do we pull it off?" Koharu asked with wide eyes.

"That is actually rather simple, it would not be that suspicious to ask for a medical exam to ensure her good health. Even if she's an Uzumaki it is still protocol whenever someone emigrates to Konoha, doubly so when in the nature of a shinobi." Danzo explained.

"So we sabotage her then, make her barren?" Homura asked.

"What else can we do? I know it's risky, but I for one would rather face the punishment if we're caught than what could happen if the Kyubi gets free." Danzo replied calmly.

His fellow councilors nodded in agreement. They all knew, just as he did that the good of Konoha came before the good of the people. The Uzumaki could still have her family, after all adoption wasn't frowned upon among her clan. But the tree would not be endangered. It had to be done.

For the good of the great tree.

Yet the three of them could never predict just how their decision would affect Konoha, for even they had underestimated the Uzumaki's, not only their stubbornness but also the sheer unpredictability inherent in all those who bore the blood of the Uzumaki's.


(Sixteen years later)

Senju Tsunade felt like one of the biggest heels in the world as she looked at the pair in front of her. She had just informed the young woman in front of her that there was no hope, no experimental procedure to help her condition. Uzumaki Kushina would never be able to have Namikaze Minato's child. She watched as the young couple sat before her taking in the news, gauging their emotional reactions.

She could see in Minato's blue eyes that he was fighting back tears. The man wanted more than anything to hold a child in his arms, a child that he helped bring into the world. And while it was still possible to love and raise a child, it would not be the same. She should know. While she loved Shizune, and saw the girl as the daughter she never had, it was not the same as giving birth to a new life.

Kushina herself had already descended to tears at the knowledge. Feeling the pain that any woman in a similar position would experience. She was barren, incapable of producing eggs to be fertilized. It was a sad fate, one Tsunade had seen before. But in the end it was something the woman would survive.

Yet as she watched the young couple that had sought her out, far from the village she once called home. For the singular purpose of helping to create life rather than end it, Tsunade saw a spark form in the woman's eyes. It was the sort of thing Tsunade had seen before from her own grandmother whenever she had gotten some mad idea in her head. According to Shizune, she too occasionally got that very same look whenever a particularly crazy idea hit her.

"Is there anything wrong with my womb?" Kushina asked quite suddenly, startling Minato, who hadn't noticed the idea forming.

"Kushina? What are you talking about?" He asked.

"She told me I couldn't have kids, but I want to know whether it's because I can't produce egg cells or if my womb is incapable of supporting the new life." Kushina explained, startling the older woman, as well as her husband.

"Are, are you suggesting what I think you are?" Tsunade asked with wide-eyed shock, almost unable to believe the unorthodox logic of the young Jinchuriki.

"Of course I am, it worked before didn't it?" Kushina asked with a smile.

"But that was an experiment by Orochimaru? Are you willing to use his methods just to have a baby?" Tsunade asked in shock.

"The experiment wasn't evil, just kind of off. Besides if I had a willing donor what's the problem?" Kushina asked bluntly.

Tsunade, and Minato for that matter couldn't argue with her reasoning. The experiment in question hadn't been evil. In fact it was one of the few good things the oily bastard had done for Konoha before his more vile methods had been discovered. Designer babies, some parents had wanted children of more… powerful nature. Mostly because of the prestige that the child might bring them, And so Orochimaru had taken sperm and eggs from willing (and sometime unwilling) donors and had impregnated the women with the result.

"But who do you have in mind to donate the egg cell? From what I'm guessing this is very much a spur of the moment idea." Tsunade asked seriously.

"No idea, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Right Minato?" She asked her husband with a bright smile.

The young Hokage could only look at his wife as the idea was weighed and measured in his own head. And in truth he could see nothing wrong with it. He could still have his child, and it could be with the woman he loved. It would just require a little extra help, and he was more than willing to seek that help.

"Yeah, I guess we will." He said with a smile, as equally bright as his wife's.

Tsunade now was looking back and forth between the two, and couldn't help the mournful smile playing across her face. A minute ago their situation had almost been comparable to her own. Like Kushina she had wanted children, but for her it was not a matter of being unable to have one. Rather for her, it was that no man could have ever taken Dan's place as her lover and the potential father of her child. Yet still part of her wanted to bring a life to this world, a pool of light and hope to the darkness and cruelty. It was the part of her that was wholly Uzumaki in nature. But it was still part of her.

As she looked at the young woman, given new hope, an idea very in tune with Kushina's began to form. Kushina needed a donor, and Tsunade wouldn't terribly mind if it was Kushina who assisted her in her desire to produce that tiny spark of light. The fact that Kushina was technically family only helped in making the decision that she eventually reached.

"Well then if you're committed to this course, might I volunteer to be the donor?" She asked with a smile that was unmistakably that of an Uzumaki's. She couldn't help but laugh at the pole axed expression on Minato's face, but even still she caught the bright smile firmly attached to Kushina's face.

"We'd be honored Tsunade-sama."


(Ten months later)

Sarutobi Hiruzen could only stare blankly at the sleeping infant before him in the Hokage's office. He had to fight back sigh at the bad luck the poor boy had, had coming into the world. He wasn't even a full day old, and already he was orphaned, and been used as a sacrifice to contain a demon. Well it wasn't accurate to say that he was an orphan. The recently reinstated Hokage was one of the few people in the village who knew how the child had been born. He knew that while he had grown within the womb of Uzumaki Kushina, even being marked by the Kyubi just as all of Mito's children had been, that young Naruto was also technically Tsunade's child.

She had donated the egg cells just as planned, implanting them within Kushina's womb. And after the aforementioned Jinchuriki spent a rather… ehem, wild night with her husband. Tsunade had been ecstatic to declare the procedure a success. In ten months time Kushina had given birth to the young child before him. But just as his teammates and his old rival had feared, the Kyubi had been freed, rampaging through the streets of Konoha and killing many in its rage.

In the end Minato had given his life to defeat the beast, sealing the Kyubi into his own child. And then promptly died while giving Sarutobi back his old job. Now he needed to figure out something to do with the boy. For there had been a rather rushed summary of events that had already been fed to both of the two remaining Sannin. He didn't know who had told them, but some idiot had told both Jiraiya and Tsunade that the Namikaze family was dead. Both had already taken off to parts unknown, and while he could contact Jiraiya eventually and inform him that the information given was false. Tsunade was another matter entirely.

The fact that she had stayed in Konoha for a full ten months was surprising. In fact it was nothing short of a miracle. He had hopes that with the birth of the child he just might be able to secure her permanent return to Konoha. For in those ten months, a side of his dear student he thought dead and gone had begun to show itself. She had even started working with a few aspiring kunoichi that wished to follow in her footsteps. And it was all thanks to a certain Uzumaki. The two of them had bonded over the child growing within Kushina's womb, becoming fairly close. She'd even promised to help raise the Naruto when he finally came into the world. In fact the only reason she hadn't been by Kushina's side when it was finally time, was that she still had that pesky phobia of blood.

And now she had run off to who knows where, and Sarutobi highly doubted she would listen to anything anyone form Konoha had to say about any topic, let alone the fate of young Naruto. No it was unlikely that Naruto would meet his 'mother' anytime soon. But that still left the question on what to do with the child. He had no family, Minato had been a war orphan, and Kushina had come from the recently destroyed Uzushiogakure, and her clan was scattered to the winds, and with Tsunade gone… actually there still might be someone capable of caring for the young child.

While it was true in a sense that Tsunade was one of the last Senju, that was actually a bit of a misnomer. While it was true that there were very few Senju left. It would be more accurate to say that she was the last Senju who was also a shinobi. All the other remaining Senju were merely civilians. And after this night their numbers were depleted even more so, in total there were only nine Senju left in the world. And two of those were little Naruto and Tsunade. But the prospect was still there. They were family, and they would be able to look out for the boy. Though he doubted he could tell them he was Tsunade's child, as the woman had shown absolutely no signs of being pregnant while in their presence. And while such things could be hidden with Genjutsu, the way woman act when pregnant and beset upon by hormones can't. No they simply wouldn't believe him that young Naruto was her son.

But he could pass the child off as a Senju. His hair was the right color for it, and among their clan there had been there share of clansmen with wild hair. Yes, he could do it. Naruto would have a family, one that would be able to care for him and protect him.

"Can someone please retrieve Senju Yurirama for me please?" He asked one of the hidden ANBU in the room with him.


Senju Yurirama was a cautious woman by nature, doubly so now that surviving the attack upon the village by the Kyubi. Thus she was quite weary of any potential reason's why she could be suddenly called to the Hokage's office. At twenty-five years of age she wasn't anything particularly special, just a doctor. Not even a medic-nin either, just a regular old-fashioned doctor. No chakra involved in her work what so ever Hell the only reason why the Hokage probably even knew her name was because she had grown rather close with Tsunade-sama while she was still in the village.

She was of an average height, standing at 5 feet and 7 inches tall. Her hair was a light blond color, and was tied in a manner similar to Tsunade's, though her pigtails were nowhere near as long as the slug princesses. She was dressed in a plain brown skirt and a green shirt, and was noticeably worried as she was escorted towards the Hokage tower through the wreckage that had been the site of her home. The Kyubi had practically destroyed all of the remaining Senju's homes, and only Tsunade's presence had saved the few that still lived.

When she arrived, she nearly fainted at the information she received.

"Wait, what? You want me to raise him?" She asked in shock as she pointed towards the young child still sleeping in the office.

"I see nothing wrong with the way I phrased my question. What is it you are having trouble with?" The Hokage asked in a tone any shinobi could spot as dangerous. As a civilian she had a rather difficult time spotting the rather subtle threat and plowed on through anyways.

"Well for one thing, that there is a jinchuriki. Do you know what could happen if I took that into my home, especially that one?" She asked incredulously.

"No, tell me what could happen." The threat in his tone was more overt now, and the temperature was noticeably dropping. Though still the woman pressed on, and for reason's that actually surprised Sarutobi.

"No offense Hokage-sama, but the beast that boy now contains killed a lot of people tonight, a hell of a lot of people are going to place the blame on this little guy here. Keeping him at what's left of my home would just invite all sorts of trouble. I'm no shinobi, and you can bet that a few of the people out there who are pissed at the little guy are. I'd probably die the minute one of those guys comes looking for a little payback on a helpless target. I won't do that for some random kid." She explained.

"You mean you have no problem with him containing the beast?" Sarutobi asked with genuine surprise.

"Not really no, but I don't know the kid or his parents. I've got no reason to risk my life for a stranger." The woman repeated.

"Even if the stranger is family?" Sarutobi asked pointedly.

"Wha- you mean the Yondaime used a Senju?" The woman asked in shock. Her eyes glancing back to the still slumbering babe. Slowly she began to pick out a few things about him that looked quite similar to members of her clan. His hair was the right shade of blonde to be part of her clan, and the skin tone wasn't that far off. Heck even the shape of his nose was right.

"Yes, that young child bears the blood of your family." The old Hokage nodded, knowing that he had caught the young woman. It was a very well known fact that the Senju were very loyal to their families. Probably something they got from their close ties to the Uzumaki's. The young woman literally couldn't turn the child away.

"What's his name?" She asked as she looked at the sleeping child with clinical eyes, no doubt trying to match him to one of her family.

"Naruto. Senju Naruto."


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