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"Hello pretty maiden, do you need an escort to class?"

The girl turned, her long pig tails swishing ever so slightly as she looked at me. I stared at her pale blue eyes, and began smiling warmly. Her cute lips opened and out came her sweet, melting voice.

"Beat it, Kagamine."

I staggered, my composure falling as my heart was pretty much ripped from my chest. I stared at her in wide shock, stepping backwards from the painful impact of rejection. I could only look on as my heart began to cry. She was beautiful, and she was nice, so I heard, so why had my presence disrupted her so?

"Another one? This early? What number does she make? Fifty? Fifty-one?"

"Ah, Gak, Fifty-two. Fifty was Miki and fifty-one was Neru."

"Oh, Miki, remember what Piko did when he found out Len tried for her?"

"Pfft, how could I forget? He couldn't see out of his left eye for two weeks…"

I turned around, watching them in disbelief. They think it's funny? They think my pain and my heart break is funny. I thought they were my friends! How could they…

"Oh look Ted, he's giving those eyes." Gakupo sighed, the red haired male observed me.

"Hm. But he should've seen it coming. I mean, with so many confessions and zero girlfriends, you'd think he learned his lesson." Ted snorted.

I winced. Is my desire for one to love so hard to ask for? I clutched my chest, closing my eyes tightly. I began to pray silently.

Oh please, God, send me an angel so that this forever pain will finally be put to rest…

"Huh. I think the drama club would've liked to have him."

"Don't count on it, the president happens to be Miku herself, and look what happened."

I let out a wail of distress and pleading. Curling my body in their cold surrounding.

"I am enclosed in the cold society by myself." I moaned, "All my life, I strain to find warmth. Am I to be forever alone? Is my end of the red string cut short?"

"Oh Lord…"

They stared at me like I was the strangest thing they've ever seen. But that only pierced me deeper, and I shivered.

"My heart bears the wounds of a man wanting to be loved! Constantly being struck and stepped on by the merciless heels of the prettiest ladies." I felt for my broken heartbeats. "How painful! I pray for someone who can heal this injured soul of mine! I wish for someone who can occupy this lonely life of mine… I mourn forever for my sweet angel who will save me from this icy world!"

I imagined a golden light, a slim figure, silky hair and kind eyes. Color, shape, and size didn't matter. I couldn't care less, I just wanted someone who I could love and someone who would love me back. Is that impossible? Why am I doomed to be disappointed, time and time again?

"You're grabbing his feet this time."

I paused my soul searching to find that both tall males were on either side of me, Gakupo grabbing my legs and Ted with my arms.

"Wh-! Let me go!" I fought desperately.

However, they were both much bigger than me and they carried me into the building like that no matter how much I protested. I knew we were eye catching, but they didn't seem to care. I suddenly began to wonder, was I the only one this weak? Was that why no one would love me?

They dropped me unceremoniously on my seat once we arrived into class, each taking their own chair in an area close to me. I looked over to my right hopefully where a small group of girls were talking and giggling. However, I took another harsh blow when one of them turned over her shoulder to shoot me a scornful glare.

I settled back down into my chair, feeling slightly at lost. The bell rang loudly, and class begun. The girls scattered from the group, spreading throughout the room and taking their respective seats. One of them sat in front of me, and I lost myself in her pretty straight hair.

"Len." She spoke my name in her sweet voice, my heart pounded in my chest. Could it be? " If I turn around and you're staring at me, I'll grab one of the cafeteria's trays and shove it up your-"

"Alright class! Stand, bow, sit." Haku Yowane, our homeroom teacher, walked in briskly, watching as we did our part. "Good, now today you have a new student."

I recovered from my most recent blow, I had not expected such harsh words from her mouth, looking up at our sensei with interest.

"She is a girl coming from up in Hokkaido, please don't frighten her." Ms. Yowane shot me, in particular, a meaningful look. I winced. Surely I don't scare girls, do I? "Please come in."

The door slid open, revealing a-

My angel.

I stared at her in absolute awe, admiring every single part of her being. She was beautiful, short flaxen hair that looked soft enough to rival even a kitten's fur. She wore thin glasses that framed her summer sky eyes, emphasizing their color and shape. Plus her skin… unblemished and creamy with the perfect shade to match her other features. Perfect.

My chest began to ache, and I rose to walk to her. I took a step towards the godly lady, only to be drawn back when repulsive hissing were directed at me. I looked around to find the majority of girls giving me warning looks, narrowing their eyes hatefully. I sat back down, my heart that once had been throbbing with life now pumped painfully at the thought of being hated by the other lovely girls.

"Now." Ms. Yowane turned away from me pointedly, smiling gently to the beautiful being. "Please introduce yourself."

"Hatsune Rin, age 15. I'm currently living with my father and older brother. I hope to get along with all of you well. Please take care of me."

I almost melted at her voice, like a clear silver bell in the air. I watched, entranced, as she bowed slightly, the large bow in her hair flapping lightly. I almost didn't notice Ted raising his hand.

"Excuse me?" He asked, making her turn to him.


"When you say Hatsune… You're not related to Miku or Rinto Hatsune, are you?"

"Actually, I am." She nodded slightly, "Miku is my cousin and Rinto is my brother." The whole class bubbled with surprised talking, and I could only stare. How could I not guess? To beautiful girls related to one another, wasn't it obvious?

"Good, now that everyone knows who everyone is, please take a seat by Kamui over there." Ms. Yowane pointed to the empty seat by Gakupo. He flashed her a welcoming grin which she smiled to slightly. I was pained, I wish she sat next to me…

"Kagamine, don't scare her, ok? Other wise…" The girl in front of growled, then unsaid threat rumbling in her tone. Still, I was happy that she was at least talking to me.

"I won't scare her, and I never wanted to disrupt you, Princess." My tongue poured out those words honestly, but I only earned a disgusted shiver from her instead. She whirled around, her eyes glowing holes into my head.

"I swear, don't sweet talk me you little-"

"Megpoid! Please, refrain from talking in class, we have work." Ms. Yowane made her turn around, but Gumi left a hot-tempered glance with me. I swallowed.

After settling my nerves, I could see the golden goddess bringing out a clean notebook in the corners of my eye, writing some notes for class. She must be intelligent and good in class too.

Ah, I wonder if she will allow me to speak with her, and I wonder if she will understand me. I wonder if I could love her.


I scanned the room casually while everyone else was working. New faces and new people, all the better to make new ideas. What kind of personalities will I learn of here?

I looked at the boy next to me, he was tall and straight with an air of pride around him. His hair a pale purple that brushed at the floor tiles even though he kept it in a high ponytail. He caught me looking at him, and I quickly took note of his deep violet eyes.

"Do you need help?" He asked in a deep voice, smiling kindly. I smiled politely back, but shook my head.

"No thank you," I told him, "I was just looking around, you have really long hair."

"I know, but I don't like cutting it." He remarked, flicking a stray strand from his face. "But if you want really long hair, you should see Ted, his is even longer than mine!"

"That's interesting," I replied, "I didn't think anyone could grow it to that long."

He laughed and looked back down at his work. I continued to gaze around the room. Kamui, I should find out his first name, was an interesting person. He looked strong and stoic, but he sounds more easy-going and relaxed. I should write something about him.

Still, though, he wasn't enough to play the main role.

I searched in the room, I saw Ted, I think, the boy whose red hair curled at the floor near his feet. He was serious looking with glasses and a deeply concentrated look on his face.

Then my eyes rested on a boy with bright yellow hair, similar to mine. I recognized him dimly as the boy who stood up when I first came in. Guessing by the way the other girls had glared at him, I don't think he was very liked.

" Kagamine. Since you seem to be in a happy mood, what is the answer to this question?" Ms. Yowane spoke and tapped the board. I honestly thought she was a very pretty teacher, flowing silver hair and sharp red eyes, very elegant.

"Uh…" So his name was Kagamine, hm? I'll keep that in mind. "I… The.. Aztecs?"

"Wrong." She snapped the ruler on the board and he flinched at the noise. "We're learning about Ancient Europe, not South American civilizations. Please pay attention next time."

"Yes, Ms. Yowane." He mumbled, and the girls laughed scornfully at him. I rose an eyebrow, so I my suspicions were correct. They disliked him. But why?

As far as I was concerned, he looked decent. His hair seemed to be about shoulder length if it was let down from it's high ponytail. His bangs were very messy, but it added to his boyish charm. He had blue eyes and although he was small, he was lean and agile looking. Seems like the type of person the girls would enjoy having near them. I don't know about the situation with him though, maybe I'll ask around later.

After class, I took a quick glance at my schedule, trying to memorize the room of my next subject. I exited the classroom quietly, ignoring everyone else around me. I put away my schedule and adjusted my glasses before walking to the left.

I took two full steps before being attacked by a tall yellow creature.

"Rin! You're finally here!" Called the assaulter, still hugging me. "I haven't seen you in so long! You've grown, too!"

"R-Rinto…?" I asked, taken by surprise. I don't ever remember him being so tall or ever seeing his hair so long. What had happened in the two year gap?

Even as I thought of that, I knew the answer: Puberty.

"Why didn't you come, this morning? Dad and I were waiting for you, but I had to go!" He pulled me away so he could get a good look at me. Well, at least his childish and clingy behavior didn't change. I wonder if he still throws tantrums over morning pancakes.

"Oh, Mom dropped me off for my first day, she went to leave my stuff at Dad's afterwards." I replied, prying him off affectionately. I smiled warmly at him. My brother was one of a kind, and in my stories, he was always someone important. Like a best friend, or a great supporter.

"I see, but I really wanted to see you," He patted my head and I laughed a bit.

"I missed you, too." I told him, "You and Dad."

"Great, because we have a reunion party planned out." He winked, "You, Miku and I are all walking home together, so wait by the gates, ok?"

"Ok." I nodded, and he removed his hand from my head.

"Well, I'll catch you later, bye Rin!"

"Bye." I watched him walk to the other direction before continuing on my own way. I was very attached to my brother when I was little, because he was only a year older than me and not so different. I really do hope to talk to him again later.

I finally made it to my next class, it wasn't hard to locate, and looked around. Everyone seemed to be sitting down next to friends, so I figured I could sit wherever it was open. I sat down in an empty seat towards the back and took out my old notebook. I flipped to the next clean page, scribbling down the idea I had earlier.

I wrote a small summary about a warrior-type character with long hair. But he was light-hearted and friendly, despite his hard and tough outlook. It was a different character than what I usually wrote about, but I think it was a good thing to keep it in mind, just in case.

When I finished, I realized that the lesson had already begun. I sighed and got out another, newer writing book and began to jott down what was on the board.

I never seem to have enough time to write down my thoughts. But that doesn't mean I hated school. No, I enjoyed it actually. Because so many different and new characters are made here, each were worthy to be written down. But for some reason, no matter how hard I looked, I could never find that one person. That hero or heroine. That main role, the biggest character, I could never fill up that position no matter with who I tried using.

Time skip~

I neared the cafeteria, knowing that the line will be long by the time I get there. Still, I hadn't eaten breakfast, so I didn't really have a choice. I sighed as I got in the swelling line, putting away my stuff as I got stood there.

I looked at the menu from my standing, but could barely see it as the crowd kept getting thicker and I was pushed around. I fought hard to stay in my place, craning my neck painfully to see. I was used to this, but I never enjoyed it. Even at my old school, where every lunch was the start of a Spartan war, it was almost impossible for me to purchase anything. I actually usually bring lunch, but today I didn't have time, since my mother had shoved me into a plane while I was half asleep, to make anything.

"Rin? Rin!" Someone called my name and I turned around, trying to make sense of the crowd. I caught a glimpse of teal hair and relief spread over me.

"Miku?" I asked, and a slim hand made its way towards me.

"Rin! I finally found you!" She pushed a few others out of the way to reach me, grinning widely, despite the fact I was stuck in the line. "I have lunch to share with you, don't worry about this."

"Oh, thank you." I nodded and let her lead me out of the massive mob of people. It was difficult, and hard to hear anything with everyone shouting for money and food, but we made it out relatively unharmed.

I was about to speak, when, for the second time that day, I was hugged fiercely.

"Oh! It's been too long!" She squealed, "I missed you, Rinny!"

"It's good to see you too, Miku." I allowed myself to grin. "Let's sit down, ok?"

"Oh right, this way!" Miku let me go and began to pull me to a corner table, two more girls sat there with homemade lunches. As we approached them, they looked up at us.

"Miku, is that your cousin you were so excited about?" Asked the taller one, chewing on a lettuce leaf.

"Yep! This is Rin!" She pointed at me, "Rin, meet Meiko and Gumi!"

"Hello, nice to meet you." I bowed politely, and they waved back at me, looking uncomfortable. Miku hit my head lightly and I looked at her in confusion.

"You're so formal!" She scolded teasingly, "Sit down and eat your lunch."

I lowered myself onto the bench, and she plopped down next to me, bringing out two paper bags from her book bag.

"Oh, thank you." I blinked graciously, marveling at her homemade cooking. "It looks delicious."

"Thanks, Rin." She laughed, "go ahead and eat, I made it especially for you today because I haven't seen you in so long!"

"You're nice." I took a bite happily. Miku was always good at home chores.

"Oh, right, Gumi, didn't you say that Len was bothering you in homeroom again?" Meiko suddenly asked, looking at the green-haired girl with slight concern. Gumi sighed.

"Yeah… Rin has that period with me," She looked at me and I nodded, recalling her from before. "Len stood up and started walking to her, so I told him off, but then…" She shuddered, "he called me Princess."

"Oh sweet.. I feel bad for you." Meiko patted her back soothingly and Miku grew sympathetic.

"It's ok, if could be worse, in fact, he wanted to 'escort' me to class this morning."

All three of them let out a long sigh, looking tired.

"Len?" I spoke up, and they looked at me. "That blue-eyed boy with his hair tied up?"

"That's the one." Gumi snorted bitterly. "Stay away from him, if you can."

"Why?" I asked, taking his name into my account.

"He's the biggest idiot in the school." Meiko huffed, "he tries to pick up girls using these lame pickup lines and he says it to every girl he sees. Such a pervert."

"He's persistent and he doesn't get it at all." Miku added, rubbing her temple, "Says things like, 'Princess' or 'Maiden' on a daily basis. Then, when he's rejected, he crumples up like a caterpillar, mourning over his 'poor fragile heart' and whatnot. So annoying!"

I took in this information with high interest. I don't think I've ever heard of someone like that. In my old school, there was a boy who was also classified as a flirt, but he was admired by girls. It's strange to hear about a passionate flirt getting rejected over and over, yet still going on. How stubborn.

Yet, that was, in a way, a humorous twist to his personality. Unusual, unexpected, but interesting and different than the usual. I was intrigued, I wanted to know more about that. See it for my very eyes.

"Isn't he over dramatic?" Meiko's voice snapped me from my thoughts. "That's your department, Miku."

"Ugh, don't pair me up with it." My cousin shivered, and I looked at her curiously.

"Your department?" I echoed, and she turned a light pink as if embarrassment.

"Oh… I forgot to tell you…"

"Miku is the president of the Drama Club!" Gumi chirped, "You should see them put on a play! They're really good performers, even if the story line is sometimes… questionable." She looked at Miku mockingly whom became flustered.

"Oh quiet! You know I can't do plot writing for as much as I'm worth!" She snapped. I tilted my head.

Plot-writer? Story line? That sounds like fun.

"Miku." I ran over my thoughts, "if you want… I can help you write a new story for your club."

"Hm? Really?" She whirled around, almost hitting me with her hair"You know how to write?"

"I'm familiar." I smiled, pushing my glasses on the bridge of my nose.

"Alright!" She hit the air with her fist, "Now they won't glare at me for making a horrible script again!"

"When do you want it done?" I asked, and Miku thought about it, reaching in her bag and took out a well worn agenda.

"Erm… anytime from now to next month." She told me, "We're only doing regular club activities during that time, things like memorizing games and reciting, you know? But after that, we have to get ready for the School Festival."

"That's fine." I shrugged. "I'll have it done by then."

"Thank youu!" She hugged me tightly. I let her finish squealing before continuing to eat my lunch.

Several minutes passed, and Gumi and Miku were all having a debate about vegetables, with me and Meiko occasionally adding our opinions.

"Carrots help your vision, you know!" Gumi was saying.

"Yeah, but leeks enhance the flavor of everything in the meal!" Miku held up her green vegetable for emphasis.

"Ew, they're so onion-y and gross." Gumi made a face, while my cousin stood up sharply.

"They are not onions! They are leeks!"

"But they're of the same family, right?" Meiko looked at me and I nodded in agreement.

"They're like green onions." I stated.

"They are not onions!"

"I'm not saying they're onions, I'm saying they are like onions." Gumi pointed out, like a teacher correcting the stubborn child. Miku's eyes flared.

"Don't you sass me, Carrot hoarder!"

"I wouldn't be talking, Leek freak!"

On and on they seemed to have enough steam to argue for the whole lunch period. But it began to cease when a lone boy came up to us. I looked up, surprised to find it be Len. I didn't expect to see him so soon.

"Hello, sweet Maidens." He gushed, bowing politely. The two of them stopped, and turned to him with mild shock in their eyes.

"Kagamine, what is it?" Meiko began, "we're not in the mood for you."

He flinched noticeably, stumbling backwards as if shot. His eyes filling with pain and undisguised sorrow. He stepped forwards again as if it ached with every step, his hand over his chest. His eyes flicked at Meiko, looking regrettable.

Huh. I thought they were exaggerating about him because they disliked him, but I guess that they weren't. This person was something else.

"Well?" Gumi asked, and he looked up.

"Oh lovely Goddess." He whispered quietly, facing me, "are you the one, to lift me from this eternal loneliness?"

Did he say… Goddess?

I blinked rapidly, processing the word in my mind. I never heard anyone call anyone Goddess. Well, at least not anyone below the age of thirty.

"What?" That was the most intelligent thing I could think of at the moment. I was amazed by his… I can't even explain it. My mind has gone sort of... blinded by him.

"You are so beautiful and lovely! With a voice that can soothe an injured soul! You have got to be a Goddess or an angel!" He pronounced, his voice getting louder, and I felt something twitch in my body. "Like a pale rose! Full in bloom, so graceful, how are you so easily in our presence?"

Never. Even when watching those old movies, have I ever heard something as lame as that. Yet, I wasn't irritated or annoyed. Not even a little. Instead, I was amused. Highly.

Because this guy really was an idiot.

I laughed, really laughed for the first time in a long time, quietly at first, but it eventually grew. Soon, I was drawing shaky breaths and doubling over the table. Part of me struggled to quiet down, but I didn't stop. I giggled and sputtered at him, removing my glasses so I could rub my eyes. Miku was alarmed at my sudden outburst, and stared at me, but I couldn't help it. It was too much.

The way he talks, the way he acts, it was hilarious. I was right, it added to his humorous charm, and that's exactly what I needed. Someone stupid, idiotic, and charming as him. As ironic as that seemed.

"Rin? Are you… ok?" Miku acted as though I was sick, looking worriedly at me as I continued to laugh. "If you broke her, Kagamine, I swear, I'll have you dead!"

"B-but I didn't touch her!" He protested and I rose, still giggling, brushing away Miku lightly.

"Ah, don't worry, Miku." I said, finally regaining my composure. I looked at him, observing him. My lips curled into a thoughtful smirk. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Gumi, Meiko and my cousin watching me oddly. "Hm, Len Kagamine, right?"

"Y-Yes, your highness." Len stated, and I held back a snicker.

"You're stupid, you know that?" I began, musing as he cringed backwards at the word. "You try too hard, you say too much and you don't know when to quit. You annoy about every girl you talk to, you fail as a flirt, and you're anything but manly."

Each word I spoke seem to have killed a bit more in him, and by the time I had stopped, he nearly on his knees in agony. Watching me with stunned blue eyes.

"My gosh… Miku, you're cousin is a sadist." I heard Gumi whisper, but I ignored her. I was focusing on Len's reaction, the way he looked like the next word would be the end of him, the way he looked up desperately at me.

"I have never met anyone that's even remotely close to you." I took a step towards him, towering over his crouched figure. Several people had stopped eating to watch, but I couldn't care less. "So, that's why I've decided."

I leaned down, crouching by him, unable to straighten the nasty smirk on my face. He watched me with fear, holding his heart with a clenched fist.

"R-Rin?" Miku called behind me, but I didn't respond to her. Looking at Len dead in the eye.

"I'll be your 'Goddess'. If you be my 'Inspiration'."

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