Chapter 2!

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I think everyone was shocked with my proposal, but Len seemed to be rather enthusiastic about it.

"Oh Princess that beats my heart!" He stood up with a palm over his chest and his other arm outstretched towards me. "Of course I will help you, my lovely, please let me assist you in as many ways as possible!"

"Wait! Rin!" Miku stood up sharply from behind me, grabbing my arm hastily. I turned. "What are you doing? Don't you know you're dealing with him?" She pointed at Len, making him flinch noticeably.

"Yes, that's why I chose him." I replied in a patient manner, Miku gapped at me.

"Rin, what do you mean by… Inspiration?" Meiko asked. At least she seemed fairly calm.

"Meiko! That's not the question!" Gumi squealed, "It's what do you mean by Goddess? Don't sacrifice yourself to him!"

"I don't find it sacrificing." I replied, "It's a deal, I suppose."

"Inspiration?" Repeated Meiko, ignoring Gumi who was looking between me and Len.

"Well, " I turned around to face her and the others who were watching our conversation. I pushed up my thin glasses. "Finding a personality for characters in a story is a pain, so I tend to base my characters off of real people. Len was the best suitable choice for the main character I was looking for, since he had the most unique personality."

Meiko pursed her lips as if she wanted to say something else but shrugged it off and continued off with her lunch. Gumi looked at her in bewilderment.

"How can you remain calm?" She asked, Meiko swallowed her mouthful.

"It's Rin's decision, I'm not involved." Came the reply, "and it's not like she's asking to kiss him, you know."

Miku brought her wide stare at the brunette, I heard a gasp and turned to find Len's eye widen an inch or two. When his gaze met mine he looked so hopeful that declining him would seem like declining a child of food. Sadly, he's no child. Two figures approached Len, bumping his shoulder as they came up to him.

"Ted. Ted. Do I have water in my ears?" Gawked Kamui, looking between me and Len with a dumbstruck expression.

"Don't know. I'm trying to check mine." Replied Ted, hitting his ears with a bewildered look.

"It's true! I've found my lovely savior who has come to finally take me from my eternal loneliness." Len looked away from me to face them.

"Miss Hatsune." Ted ignored him. Miku and I looked up expectantly, but his gaze was directed towards yours truly. "Do you know anything about this?" He asked, pointing to Len whose smile faltered slightly.


"He's the school's prized idiot." Kamui answered, "He knows more Shakespeare than the poet himself, and wields that knowledge proudly."

"His vocabulary consists of cheesy adjectives and lame titles." Added Ted, "Not to mention he's short, girlie looking, stupid and very weak."

"With all due respect, he is not someone you want to get involved with." Kamui ended. I was amazed by their speaking compatibility, it sounded as if they rehearsed it.

I took a glance at the accused, who was holding the cloth above his heart tightly, his eyes wide and pained .

"Why? My own friends… My closet bonds, did the years together mean nothing to you? Am I truly just a waste of space to you? All this time was I truly part of this lonely world by myself?" He sobbed, looking up with watery eyes. They rolled their eyes at him and he let out a cry of pain.

In spite of this, I stifled a giggle before talking, turning back to Ted and Kamui. "I chose Len because he's like that. He's exactly why my main character suits him more than anyone else. There's no one like him, have you ever met anyone that's even remotely close to him?"

"…" They didn't reply, but it showed on their faces. I smiled. "There. See? Someone like Len would be unexpected to the readers. Everyone loves a twist, after all." I watched as Len got up, he was watching me endearingly with wide blue eyes.

"Oh kind maiden, ever shining with generosity…"

"I want to learn more about this personality so that I could get comfortable writing it." I concluded.

They were all quiet now, exchanging unsure looks. But I think my point was drawn across. Len opened his mouth, closing his eyes as if he was about to sing, but the bell rang, signaling the end of lunch. I blinked in surprise, I lost track of time. I gathered my stuff quickly, not wanting to be late for my next class of the day. Most of everyone left as soon as they could, but not before giving me a strange look over their shoulders. I ignored it indifferently.

"Rin, they all think you're weird, you know." Miku told me worriedly. I shrugged, pushing up my glasses.

"Well, I'm not normal, and neither are you or anyone else. We're all weird in our own way." I looked around and found Len still staring at me as if he hadn't even heard the bell. Kamui and Ted sighed, looking down at him.

"Should we do something or leave him?" Kamui asked his companion, who flicked Len's ear in response, the blonde boy looked at them.


"Come on, lonely one," Ted said sarcastically, "Time for class, you know."

"Really?" Len looked at me quite sadly, "But I want more time with thy golden angel!"

Kamui looked as if he wanted to say something rude but let out a slow breath instead.

"Come on, let's go." He piped, leading Len away from me and into a different hall, opposite of my next class.

"W-wait, I didn't even get to say good-bye!" He whined, struggling in the grasp of the taller, stronger male. I chuckled to myself and gave them a half wave before hurrying off to class.

Finding that the teacher was not yet present, I situated myself into a nearby desk before hurriedly taking out my personal notebook. My pen twitched to life and ink scratched it's way across the lined page,

Hated by almost everyone, he constantly tries to find someone compatible. He speaks of constant lonesomeness and always talks more than he should. He is not tall, nor is he well built, and others say he lacks intelligence. Yet there's a potential in him that's unclear to others, a potential that might as well be a great use to them.

I paused, an idea for a story suddenly collecting in my mind. Someone with seemingly low experience, someone clumsy, someone lacking in everything and yet is needed by everyone. I chewed the tip of my pen, searching for a setting, a background, a situation. I flipped over to a new page, carefully tracing out a small summary as it appeared in my mind.

He was born a noble, born with money, and born in the love of the 'wretched' queen. Yet he took sides with the rebels, he joined the rebellion in order to take her down. But the coarseness of suffering doesn't suit a noble, and his so-called charm doesn't work either. He knows nothing, he is weak, he is just playing soldier in the grand revolt. But he has connections that the rebels need, he can get into the queen's realm without being killed and tell them information from the inside.

He is a clueless noble, really. He doesn't belong in the enemy's side, full of despair and filth, but he doesn't belong in the high social class with his intentions against the queen. He is simply on the borderlands, not belonging with both.

I tapped the pen on my chin, frowning in concentration. I suppose it wasn't a bad start, I still need a bit more, but it's just a rough draft for now. Besides something about the story made me feel confident, and that was a good sign that it may be a big story one day. For now though, I need to focus on learning more about Len, I still don't know how I would write out someone like him. I don't know about his intentions, his actions or much else yet, but I will soon.

I smiled as the teacher finally walked into the classroom. This will be the most interesting observation I've done yet.

Time skip~

The rest of school was very uninteresting, I've had to do three introductions in total and I was too busy adding to my new idea to pay attention to my classmates. I found that school went rather quickly today, and before I knew it I was outside of the school building looking up at the clouds.

Now that I think about it, I could never quite describe the sky. The words 'Vast and blue' doesn't quite do it justice, and something like 'grand' is a bit flashy. It's a habit of mine to notice the details of everything I see, and I can almost instantly explain how it looks like in my mind. But when I see the sky, I can only stare and wonder what could suit it best.

"Rinny!" I felt arms wrap around my waist and I was pulled up from behind. I let out an involuntary shout of surprise, trying to find my bearings.

"Rinto!" I turned my head slightly to see my brother's similar blonde hair. "You startled me!"

"Well, you were spacing out!" He pouted and put back down on the ground. I smooth out my uniform, looking at him a bit amused. As I said before, he was unique in his own way, and I was happy for that.

"I was just thinking." I told him, "Where's Miku?"

"She's over there." Rinto turned and pointed at the school front where a sprawl of teal hair was getting wild by the wind, nearly obscuring the girl herself from view. He led me to her and I began to help her pin down the loose strands.

"I-thank you, Rin." She breathe to me, taking her bright locks from my hand. "This hair is such a bother, I think I'm going to cut it soon."

"Don't cut it," I protested, adjusting my glasses. "Your hair is really nice and long, it'll be a waste if you do that."

"I could donate it," Miku began to retie her pigtails. "Besides, if I cut it I would be able to put it in one ponytail, right now it's too thick."

"Miku, your hair is practically a trademark in our school." Rinto laughed, backing me up, "Your known because of your tresses."

"Well, that's true too…"

We began the walk home, talking lightly about hair and other 'trademarks' of the school. I learned that there's a legend involving the huge clock on top of the school building at the front, apparently if a student climbs the nearby tree and makes a wish while touching the face of the clock, the wish will come true. I'm not superstitious, but legends like that always interest me, they're stories made up by someone, stories that have gotten popular and have spread widely. It kind of inspires me, in a way.

"Speaking of school-known people." Rinto suddenly spoke aloud, looking at me with an expression that clearly stated curiosity and displeasure. "I heard that you had chosen Len Kagamine for… inspiration?"

"Yes, I have." I replied. Rinto gasped loudly and stopped walking.

"Why?" He asked, "Isn't he that idiot who has no commitment for a single girl? Who talks to girls like an old man? Miku! Isn't that right? Huh, Miku, huh?"

"I tired to tell her not too!" She agreed, "But she did it anyways!"

"Rin!" Rinto turned back on me, but I only blinked in response. "He's not a good person! I don't like the sound of him! I disapprove!"

"Rinto, I'm just going to watch him." I stated blatantly, "He's different, his personality is sharply in contrast to others, I just want to learn more about his character."

"No! Don't get near him!" He argued, "He's bad for you! He could attack you! No! I will not allow it!"

"I'm sorry." I apologized and Rinto looked relieved for a second, "But I will not go back on my word. I will find out more about Len Kagamine."

"Rinto, you know it's pointless." Miku chortled, patting his back, "Rin is even more stubborn than you, she won't sway."

"But this kid sounds so dangerous." He whine, but I ignored him.

"We're here." I stated, walking up to the house I haven't called home for two years. "Is Dad in?"

"Of course," Rinto's disapproving look cleared and was replace by joy. "Come on, come on!"

Miku jumped to the front porch, knocking on the darkly colored wood. I stood a bit back from the door though, observing the house with a small smile. Dad changes the exterior and interior of the house often, and each time was more beautiful than the last. Right now, the colors of the outside walls reminded me of autumn.


I turned around expectantly, my smile growing wider. I gave my father a warm hug.

"Nice to see you again, Dad." I greeted happily.

"Welcome back, Rin." he laughed, letting me go so he pat my head. "I say, you only got a little taller, you must take after me!"

It was true, he was not very tall, nor was he very strong. My father didn't have a deep voice like most men either. He was short and slim with a light and airy voice. He tends to daze off as well and sometimes loses reality, my mother says he has a large imagination that sometimes rivals a child's. She also told me I share that trait; creativity.

"Come inside!" Rinto beckoned us from the doorway. My father and I followed him into the house, I looked around me, taking in the paintings that lined the walls and the patterns of the walls itself.

"Rin, why don't you go to your room?" Miku suggested, "Us three will prepare dinner,"

"Oh, Ok." I shook myself from the gazing and nodded to her politely. I took some time searching the house, going through hallways and took in the different setting of everything. Finding myself getting used to the once familiar house, I turned into my old room, finding that my door has been painted yellow with my name carefully written at the top. I opened it, smiling again as I found that inside was a soft orange color.

In the past two years, nothing really has changed in my room. My bed was left as it was, neatly lying against the wall, but the covers had been changed to match the citrus paint. In the corner, I caught a glimpse of my laptop sitting on a desk connect by a charger. Seeing my workspace, I grabbed the inside of my book bag, bringing out my notebook and hurried to the desk, flipping the screen quickly.

I could indulge in the sights of my room later, but right now I wanted to type this idea before I lose the excited feeling I have for it. I transferred my work to my computer, rapidly adding and editing the story as I went, I always find more ideas coming to me when I'm typing.

He was born with everything, money, a safe future, and the love of the hated queen. He could've lived in safety, out of poverty. But still, he joined the rebellion, like them, he aimed to take her off the throne. However, the coarseness of suffering, pain and sacrifice doesn't suit a blue blood like him. He knows nothing of true agony, nothing about true fear, nothing about real strength. He is merely playing soldier in a game for children.

Yet, he is a person the rebels so desperately need. He is a high-ranked person, one loved by the queen herself. He can find out things they can't, he has resources, he has connections to the enemy. Still, a question lingers, a doubt that rings in everyone's mind. He has everything he could ever need, everything he could ever want. He was loved dearly by everyone he knew, so why would he join such a group of poverty and filth to take down the queen who spoiled him so? Behind that ever smiling face and clumsy attitude, is he really on their side, or is he acting on the will of the wretched queen herself?

I nodded to myself as I re-read the summary. Something like this would bring questions, bring suspense and the eagerness to read more. Every writer strives for that kind of reaction in an audience. It's a good start.

But when I tried to connect Len with that main character, something felt off. I was unsure on how to go on. If Len was in this noble's place, would he do the same? Would he risk his life for the rebels? Would he be on the queen's side? Seeing that the queen was a lady, I guess he would want to protect her. But he doesn't look like someone who would do something as low as double crossing for one person. Or would he?

I hardly know him, I met him only today, so I don't know. I suppose making up a personality would be faster, but I always make flaws when I do so. I end up forgetting about their real character, their intentions because I'm making it convenient for myself. I don't want that. I need Len for this story, I can't write until I know his every move.

Taking that into my mind, I saved the summary and placed it with the rest of my unfinished summaries. I looked in my book bag where a single worksheet lay quietly, I only had that much for homework today, but it'll increase soon enough. I took it out along with a pen and spread it on my desk.

Half paying attention to the questions, I finished it quickly and stuffed it away, wondering what I should do next.

"Rin!" Miku's voice screamed at me, "Are you hungry?"

"I'm coming!" I told her back, my voice raised. I got up from my chair, grateful for her call, and slightly trotted out of the dimming bedroom. I walked into the kitchen, warmly greeted by the three of them along with food in the middle of the table. I smelled the scent of chicken, and my stomach cringed a bit.

"Welcome back, Rin!" Rinto and Dad cheered.

"Officially." Miku added, gesturing me to sit down. I took a seat and looked at the food, I was pretty hungry, and it looked like Miku had helped cook.

Rinto was the first one to start, grabbing a chicken leg before anyone else could react. He put it on his plate, looking at the rest of us.

"This is mine!" He declared, "So is that leg!" He pointed to the other chicken leg, Dad hit him on the head.

"You fat pig! Here Rin, take it." He gave me Rinto's other self-proclaimed piece. I took it happily, peeling off the meat immediately. My brother grumbled.

"Thank you, it smells good." I graciously took a bite, savoring the taste. Miku also began to eat while my Dad reached over for some bread. Dinner carried on quietly for a while, but as I was getting some chicken breast, Rinto began to talk.

"Oh yeah, Da-ad, Rin has taken interest to a guy!" He said, I turned my head to him, raising an eyebrow at his accusation.

"What!" Dad looked straight at me but I kept my eyes on my brother.

"I thought we settled this." I turned to Rinto, "I'm just watching him for my story."

"You offered to be his 'Goddess'!" Miku butted in.

"Who is this boy?" Dad demanded, I sighed, those two just had to talk about that.

"Len Kagamine." I replied, putting down my food.

"What's he like?"

"Romeo with brain damage." Miku cut in quickly, looking at me pointedly. I ignored her, I won't change my mind. Dad gave me a questioning look.

"He acts like a century old prince and tries to woo every girl he sees." Rinto explained crossly.

"That's a strange boy."

"It's just for my story." I tried to get him to see my way, "His personality is different and so I want to see more of it."

"I'm telling you, Dad, he's dangerous!"

"Don't let her do it, Uncle!"

"Well you say that, but…" Dad looked at the two of them, "You think I have enough authority to tell her no? Besides, if it's for her writing I'm not going to stop her."

I smiled gratefully and he nodded to me. Rinto dropped his jaw, staring at Dad with a bewildered look.

"Really?" He asked, "your daughter wants to know more about a boy, and you don't care?"

"You make it sound bad." Dad remarked.

"Because it is bad." Rinto held up his hands for emphasis. "Miku! Back me up!"

"Uncle, every girl in school absolutely hates him." She tried. "He's annoying and more like love sick diva than a boy."

"There's no way a single boy could be like that!" He laughed. Rinto and Miku, however, had a grim look to them. He caught that and cleared his throat. "Oh really? Well then, I'm a bit worried now, but I can't stop her."

"She'll be attacked by him!" Rinto told him, he sounded quite paranoid to me.

"Uncle! It's not safe for Rin to get close to him!"

I know I should defend myself, but I just wanted to see what else they had to say. It was interesting, and a little amusing to see them like this.

"Rin will be able to tell herself if something's not safe." He looked at me for reassurance to which I nodded. "See? You two worry too much."

"You worry too little!" Rinto shot back.

"Why don't you two just see how it goes for one day?" Dad suggested. "If it's bad then you yourselves can try to stop her,"

"One day is too risky! What if he does something in that one day, Uncle?" Miku leaned forwards, "Kagamine is known to do really rash and stupid things, you know!"

"Is that so?" I finally rose my voice, mulling over what she just said. She and Rinto looked at me as if they forgot I was there in the argument. "How rash and stupid can they get..?"

"Well," Miku thought for a moment, "I heard a rumor that once he confessed to a girl he's stalked for a couple months and when she said no, he was about to jump from the school's roof if the teachers didn't catch him."

"I see…" I didn't believe it. One, because it was a rumor, and two because suicidal persons are usually taken to a mental hospital. As far as I remember and know, there are no such facilities in the area.

"Please change your mind, Rin! I'm worried!" Rinto looked like he was going to throw a tantrum.

"Worried about what, though?" I asked, "Len is completely devoted to girls, right? So why would he dare to harm them?"

He paused, trying to find an answer. He fumbled with words.

"H-he could try to hurt you by, um, making you become his girlfriend or something! He could threaten you!"

"That's not reasonable," I sighed. "I, myself, can't find a problem with Len, and so I won't go back."

"Oh! What if you fall in love with him, huh?" Miku waved her hands at me. Rinto gasped and looked her, my father rubbed his forehead. "You'll be cursed with depression if you come to love him!"

"Miku… that's going a bit far." Dad said, but Rinto was panicking.

"No, no, no, no. That can't be, not him!"

"Relax, please." I straightened my back in my seat. "I was basically just asking to be his friend, nothing more, nothing less. I'm sorry if I caused any misunderstandings, but that was all I truly meant."

With that, I put away my plate and excused myself from the dinner table.

"Good night and thank you for the warm welcome back." I left the kitchen with a smile before hurrying to my room. I wasn't mad or annoyed, but intrigued. I wonder why he was so hated by them, maybe it was his behavior towards the multiple girls that they don't approve of? I doubt they actually know him really well, so I won't judge him based from what they say. I don't think he's as bad as they say anyways, and it just makes me all the more curious about what he's really like.

Then suddenly as I was preparing to sleep, I found myself anticipating the next day more so than I would normally.

~End Chapter 2~

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