A Song for The End of Days

By Spiral Breeze

Chapter Three

After passing through Black City (a feat which Bass was actually thankful she would never have to do again) they reached an area of open fields. It was very hard to believe that so much lush vegetation existed directly on the outskirts of the dark and crime infested city. The place seemed practically sacred, and that's when it suddenly hit her. This, this beautiful earthly oasis was it. The place, where they had to be, where Gray would be the one to herald the end.

She stole a glance at him, and his look of intent made her breath quicken with each step she took. She knew this was the place just by looking at him. His own foot falls seemed to shake the fertile earth beneath his boots. Bass knew where he was walking to, the shrine could be seen several yards in the distance. This was an ancient place, she knew that, it radiated energy, but whether that energy was good or bad, Bass did not know. Quin was the first to reach it's base, and she let out a series of barks and growls that was unlike anything Bass had ever heard from a Linoone before, she wondered if those sounds answered her question, Quin did not seem to like being here.

The shrine was a large structure of standing rough hewn stones, three of white marble and three of black marble, and in between these stood the statue of a monk, holding a large thick tomb in his hands, face pointed toward the heavens, mouth open in some silent prayer, no, he was singing, Bass knew this, he was singing the song for the end of days. She couldn't help but stare at the marble effigy, and soon she was running her fingers along the pedestal of the statue, she could almost feel the electricity spiraling up her finger tips.

"Bass." It was the first time he had ever said her name, it felt alien to her ears.

She stopped, pulling her hand away and held it to her chest.

"Are you ready?" He seemed so confident, so care free, was this truly his ultimate goal in life?

Bass nodded as Gray pulled from his backpack a small hardcover black notebook, she stepped closer to him, eager to read the words within. A ribbon held the page he wanted and without a word spoken, he removed the necklace from around his own neck and placed it over both their heads bringing them uncomfortably close.

"What are-"

"Shut up." He flipped another page. "I copied it exactly... but..."

"It's music."

"I told you to shut up, let me figure this out!" Gray flipped back and forth again, scanning the page with his finger. "Quin wont need to wear the crystals cause she's a Pokémon... but-"

"It's music, look right there!" Bass pointed excitedly to the nodes written above the words. "You have to sing it, here, give me."

With much more confidence than she had ever felt in her entire life, Bass pulled the book from his grasp and began to slowly sing:

Your voice will speak,

My heart will listen,

What brings life,

Must also bring death.

Bass's voice faltered before she began the next section.

"Why did you stop? That was beautiful." Gray's voice was quiet.

Bass looked first to the ground where Quin was stationed solemnly by her feet, her head on her paws. Abruptly, she turned her head toward the shrine and then up to the sky.

"N-nothing happened." She said, confusion evident in her tone.

"You didn't finish."

"I-" She took a quick glance behind her and then brought her attention back to the journal. "The next part isn't sung... it's a prayer."

"Then let us pray."

A smirk formed on Gray's face as he pulled Bass down with him into a kneeling position in front of the statue of the monk, the necklace around both their necks keeping them together. Bass winced after her knees made contact with the hard ground.

"We'll say it together." He clasped her hand and raised it above them.

Together they recited:

White and Black awaken.

And you will see,

The Heavens will open,

And the beasts will rise high.

They both gasped as the crystals around their necks froze even colder, thunder crackled and boomed loudly above them and seemingly out of no where a blizzard pelted them with shards of ice and snow. Instinctively, Bass threw her arms around Gray and shut her eyes, she could feel Quin scamper up their legs, and try to burrow herself in the protection that their arms could offer her.

"What the?" Bass heard Gray shout over the hail, but she still refused to look.

A monstrous roar echoed around them, and Bass could hear the sounds of what could only be a pair of gigantic wings beating over head.

"Bass." Gray's voice was right next to her ear. "Bass you need to open your eyes... this... it isn't the end."

"What?" She questioned as her eyes flew open in shock.

A huge Pokémon towered above the shrine, and without warning it's cries were answered by another. The one in front of them was black with blue surges of energy pulsing through it's tail, the other coming toward them, a pure almost angelic white, it's shape more feminine, it's tail coloring a fiery orange.

"I don't know what Pokémon those are." Gray said, he seemed worried. "This wasn't in any of the scriptures... I don't know what's going on."

The white Pokémon finally reached the black one and they clashed in a burst of ice and snow. The force of it threw the two humans and Linoone back several yards away from the epic battle that began to unfold. One beast screeched in pain, while the other roared in triumph, Bass didn't care which had done what. She wanted to leave, now.

"We have to get out of here!" She nearly screamed over the chaos in the skies. She grasped Quin and held the Linoone tight in her arm, as she tried to help Gray with the other. "Come on Gray, we have to go!"

"I- I can't."

Something was wrong.


"My leg."

She knew it was broken.

Another mighty roar was heard, as thunder exploded in the sky. Bass didn't want to see what types of attacks these unknown Pokémon were capable of. With a strength she didn't even know she possessed, she managed to pull Gray up into a standing position and made him brace himself against her for support. He screamed in agony, but she trudged on through the ice and snow, trying to go back the way they came, at least Black City had a hospital. With their backs exposed to the war, they made their way as fast as they could toward the concrete jungle to the West.

To Be Continued...