This is my first finder story, i was so upset when they cancelled season 2 that i started to dream how it would happen. So here it is

The finder season 2 episodes 01

Isabel is walking home alone after a late night of dinner with Leo and looking for a new job since she was fired from the US marshals, her life has been lonely and cold for 6 months now since Walter was arrested and sentenced to 2 years jail. Her loneliness has started to consume her; she has slowly been pushing Leo away and hasn't visited Walter once since his trial four months ago. She has started to leave her apartment which she is going to loss due to her lack of income, Isabel has also had to start selling her cloths and cut down on the amount of food she eats as homelessness draws closer.

Walking with her head down not even looking up as she crosses street, she fails to see the car that has been following her for the last mile of her journey. The car speeds up as Isabel moves closer towards next road she has to cross, as soon as she walks onto the road the car turns and hits Isabel head on. Time seems to slow down as she flys into the air, all she feels is mixed feelings of regret and happiness sweep over her before she hits the ground and the darkness consumes her.

Pain, throbbing pain, forces Isabel into the world of consciousness and suffering. The world is a blur of voices, bright light and unforgivable pain, the only thing she hears is a dark voice say "what if she doesn't talk?" though the haze before the pain and darkness overtake her.

Leo was concerned, he knew that Isabel was pulling away from him but it had been over a week since he had last talked to her. In between he had tried to call her at least 10 times with no luck; he had also been to her apartment 4 time with again no luck. His phone rung, he looked at the caller ID before answering, it was the police. He answered the phone, "good afternoon, I am detective Riley. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you, we found blood on Franklin road last week and the lab results have finally came in. the blood belongs to a miss Isabel and it is listed that you are her next of kin, I'm sorry to say but there was quite a lot of blood found on that road, it looked like she was hit by a car." Leo was speechless, his mind was blank and when Leo was finally allowed to speak he thanked the detective and hung up the phone. Leo walked over to his computer and opened his emails, and started to write an email to the head of the US marshals, he detailed the Isabel's kidnapping most likely the result of her work in the US Marshals and that there was only one man who would be able to find Isabel, Walter. Leo almost begged the Head of the US Marshals to allow Walter out of jail to find Isabel, he pressed send and waited. The reply was almost instant, Walter would be allowed to find Isabel as long as Walter wore an ankle monitor and Leo was with Walter at all times, and if Walter did anything bad, Leo would be held accountable as well as Walter.

Leo didn't waste any time getting to the prison, visiting hours were over but an US Marshal meet him at the door and accoutred him to Walter. Walter was surprised to see Leo, his face broke into a smile the minute he saw Leo enter but quickly dropped to match Leo's frown. "Hey Leo, what brings you here at such an hour? Is something wrong? " Walter watched Leo's expression as the big man let out a large sigh, "Walter, its Isabel. She's missing." Walter's expression dropped, the starts of tears started to form in the sides of his eyes. "Walter, we need you to find her, before" Leo's voice broke, unable to complete his sentence. His watched Walter's minds stop moving inside his head, he was watching Walter about break down and then Leo watch Walter's mind switch back on and go back into action. "When can I start?" asked Walter in almost a whisper, Leo didn't know what to reply, instead the US Marshal did, "we start as soon as you're ready." Walter's answer was simple; he got up and walked, when he reached the door he turned to Leo and the US Marshal, "are you coming?" And with that they all left the prison and started on finding Isabel.

The first place Walter visited on his new found freedom was Leo's Bar, as soon as they arrived Walter turned to the US Marshal and asked him to stay outside, so he and Leo could talk alone. As soon as the Marshal had left, Walter turned to Leo and gave him a blank expression, "Walter are you alright?" asked Leo. Walter's expression changed to one of anger, "why, Leo! Why didn't Isabel visit?" Walter was yelling at Leo. "I waited, I waited for her but she never came! Why should I have to find her, when I haven't seen her in months! Why Leo? Why didn't she come? I just wanted her to visit once, is that too much to ask?" Leo stood there utterly stunned, Walter's expression had changed again from anger to sadness, he was breaking down. Tears started to form in Walter's eyes, but before they could fall down his cheeks Leo spoke, "Walter have you ever thought about what it was like for her? She lost most of her life 6 months ago! She lost you, she lost her job, she lost everything that made her happy! Do you even no how that feels? She couldn't pull herself to even leave her apartment some mornings, she had scarified everything for you to find your mom and now she had to pay for it every day for the last 6 months, Everyday! And you can't even sacrifice a few days of your time to find the woman who gave up everything to give you happiness!" Leo's expression was stern staring into Walters soul, all Leo got was an empty expression staring back at him, then Leo saw something click in Walter's , an idea. "Leo I think I know why Isabel was taken. There are many dangerous tasks that Isabel would've had to undertake to become the respected US Marshal she was, what if she found out something that they needed and now they want that information." Leo knew that that was a likely why Isabel was taken, except one problem came into his head, "there's only one problem Walter, what happens to Isabel when they have that information? They have already had her for a week; we need to find her soon!" A young voice from behind them spoke, "I can help with that." Leo and Walter both spun around seeing Willow standing at the entrance to the bar, "I know where Isabel is!" all Willa got in reply was stunned looks, "I'll explain later, who's going to drive?"

Once in the car the US Marshal was driving, Leo turned to Willa, "first thing first, how do you know where Isabel is?" Willa just stared at the ground, "I was kind off following Isabel. I was going to talk to her, but I was just working up the courage. Just before I got enough courage a car come along and turned right into Isabel, I saw the car hit her full on and then men jumped out of the car and lifted Isabel into the boot. I expected them to drive far away but the next day I walked past the same car parked outside an old warehouse, so I waited in the bushes and watched them go in and out the warehouse." Isabel looked up at Leo's shocked look, "I only just thought about coming to you today."

They drove in unnerving silence before suddenly Willa cried "there it is!" pointing at an old run down warehouse on their right. There was a glowing light coming from the inside of the warehouse, Walter unbuckled his seat belt and yelled to stop the car, he then ran at full speed towards the warehouse with Leo hot on his heels. The closer Walter got to the warehouse then easy he could tell that the warehouse was on fire. His mind was a blur, all he could think was he had to find Isabel and get her to safety. When Walter reached the door he easily kicked it down, the warehouse was one big room, in the middle of the room was a small unmoving figure sitting on a chair, Isabel. Walter run toward her, jumping over the flames and yelling out her name, when he reached her he checked her pulse, yes still alive. Then he checked to see if she was tired to the chair, her hands where handcuff behind her back and her mouth was duct taped but that was it. He then genteelly lifted her up into his arms before moving as quickly as he could towards the entrance. He could feel his skin burning as he ran though the flames with Isabel in his arms, he didn't care, he just had to get Isabel to safety.

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