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He could see Leo waiting at the door and he almost collapse when he reached Leo, who lifted Isabel out of Walter's arms right before Walter fell over. Willa helped Walter back over following Leo to the car where the US Marshal was standing in shock, Leo spoke calmly to the stunned US Marshal, "Isabel and Walter both need an ambulance, can you call one please!" The US Marshal snapped out of his shock, nodded to Leo and pulled out his phone to call an ambulance. Leo looked down at Isabel in his arms; he couldn't tell if she was burned due to the amount of blood that was covering Isabel and her torn clothes. He genteelly lowered her to the ground, Walter slid down beside her, he noticed she had lost a lot of weigh since he last saw her. She looked like she had been through hell but like it had been longer than the last week; he reached his hand up to her face and slowly traced her face with his fingers.

There was a faint sound of the ambulance coming towards them, he moved his hand to wear the tap was coving her mouth; he lifted it to see her lips hiding underneath. Walter lent in towards Isabel and kissed her lips, the feeling was almost magical; he had missed that feeling so much in the last 6 months. Walter looked up to see the ambulance turn the corner and race towards them. Walter moved away from Isabel, he let the paramedics start working on Isabel.

After 5 minutes they started to load her up into the ambulance, one of the paramedics walked over to Walter, "Are you ok sir?" He looked down at Walter who shook his head, "I've got burns from that fire," he pointed at the warehouse, "and I think I may have badly hurt my ankle." The paramedic helped Walter to his feet, and took some of his weight as they walked over to the ambulance. Walter sat in the back with Isabel and one paramedic while the ambulance speed towards the nearest hospital, Walter looked at the paramedic monitoring Isabel's vitals, "is she going to be ok?" he asked. The paramedic looked up, he stared at Walter, "I promise that I will do everything I can do to keep her alive, I promise." Calmness swept over Walter as he nodded and watched the paramedic go back to monitoring Isabel.

As soon as the ambulance reached the hospital, Isabel was rushed away to an operating theatre and Walter was helped to the ER. Once is burns were treated, his ankle was strapped and he had a pair of crutches, he made his way to the waiting room to find Leo, Willa, the US Marshal that had been with them and the Head of the US Marshals sitting together. When Walter entered, the Head of the US Marshals spoke first, "Mr Sherman, thank you for finding Isabel. I have talked to the judge that sentenced you and we have agreed to let you free on parole and continue you great work finding things for people as long as you don't break any more laws." Walter smiled, he turned to Leo who was now smiling, Leo spoke "thank you, I'm sure that Walter will use is freedom to help other people." Leo smiled at that the Head of US Marshals, before the Head of US Marshals with the US Marshal and left.

They had waited for two hours before a doctor came out and told them of Isabel's condition, "She had many broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, deep cuts, burns, bruising and some internal bleeding but she is going to be fine. The hardest change she faces now is the head trauma, she fell into a coma after we fixed her and the sooner she wakes, the sooner we can assess the damage. Right now she is in room 184 in the east wing of the hospital, would you like me to show you to her room?"

Outside the door to Isabel's hospital room, Walter hesitated before entering the room; he did not want to see Isabel lying, small and lifeless in the hospital bed. Machines beeped all around her, reassuring Walter, Leo and Willow that she was still alive. Isabel's right arm was in a sling, her face was cover in cuts and the rest of her body was almost completely covered in bandages due to numerous cuts and burns. Walter pulled a seat close enough so he could hold her left hand and sat in it, laying his crutches to rest against the wall behind him.

In three days, Walter had only left Isabel's side to go to the bathroom, Leo had been getting him food and he had been sleeping in the chair next to Isabel. There had been no change in Isabel's condition, so Leo told Walter that he should go home and get some sleep in a bed, have a shower and then return bringing food. Walter had no agreement against the suggestion so he kissed Isabel on the forehead goodbye before he left.

Walter had no idea about how tired he was, he sleep for almost a full day. He had no idea that during that time, Isabel's condition had improved to where she was at the point of waking up; Walter was in a bakery below the hospital when Isabel regained consciousness. Leo had been sitting in Walter's chair when he heard a whisper coming from next to him. He turned to see Isabel staring back at him, she smiled "hey Leo," Leo was stunned; he didn't know what to say, "How do you feel Isabel?" Isabel closed her eyes, sighed and reopened them; she looked back at Leo, "probably better than I look. How did you find me?" Willa cleared her throat causing Isabel to turn her head, Willa spoke "I was kind of following you and I saw you get hit by the car and they take you away. I walked by the warehouse the next day and saw the car, so I found Leo and Walter and told them." Isabel turned to Leo and said "wait isn't Walter in prison?" just as Walter crutched into the room, he hadn't seen that Isabel was awake yet so he moved to the back of the room and asked "ok, I went to the bakery and got some pies." He turned around to face Isabel, Leo and Willow and froze, he didn't know what to do or say. He cleared his throat, "hi Isabel, how are you?" Isabel was stunned by Walter's entrance and by the fact that he looked like he had been though as much as she had. "I'm ok. What about you? What are you doing out of jail? Did you escape? You look like you've been through hell." Walter was taken aback by the questions, "well, it's good to see you too." Then Walter crutched out of the room as fast as he could.

"What was that about?" Isabel asked Leo. "He risked his life and hurt himself to pull you out of a burning warehouse, he ran into a burning building just to save you even after not seeing you for half a year. And then when you see him you ask if he escaped from prison." Isabel was stunned, had Walter done all that for her? Leo was right she hadn't seen Walter in 6 months and he had still run into a burning building for her. A thought in the back of her mind came forward, did he know? Did he know that she loved him? She loved him so much but did he love her in return? Leo interrupted her thoughts, "I'm going to talk to Walter, and do you want me to get him to come back in?" All Isabel could do was nod before tears started to fall from her eyes. Leo kissed Isabel on the forehead before he left; Willa moved towards Isabel and hugged her shaking body.

Outside Walter looked like he was as hurt as Isabel, Leo walked up to him, "Walter you have to go back in there. Isabel needs you right now and she may not admit it but she loves you and I know that you love her." Walter just turned and looked at Leo and replied "I know Leo," before crutching back into Isabel's room.

When Walter hopped in he saw Willa and a shaking Isabel in a deep hug, the only thing that came to his mind was how much he loved Isabel, "I love you Isabel!"

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