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Sesshomaru, My Cold Lord

Chapter 9 – Claiming a Mate

"S-Sesshomaru?" she whispered.

He growled softly, stepping from the dark corner where all but his eyes had been concealed. He was upon her within a moment. Rin gasped. He grabbed the top of her nightgown and ripped it from collar bone to waist.

"Sesshomaru! You cannot!" she cried, trying without success to still his much bigger hands.

His voice stilled her, it was unlike anything she had ever heard, as though he was two beings and not one.

"We cannot wait anymore…mate." he whispered before his lips crashed into hers.

Rin gasped against his lips, the sound cut off as his tongue probed the soft confines of her mouth. She moaned softly, her slender hands moving towards his shoulders, stiffening when they met corded muscles instead of cloth and she shivered realizing his coarse hands were moving along her legs, slowly travelling up from her calves to her hips. She felt him still when he noticed she wore no undergarments. He broke the kiss, panting, with gold irises and red eyes starring down at her.

Rin panted as well, her chest rising and falling with the rapid beat of her heart. "S-Se-Sesshomaru…?" she questioned, she wanted him to leave but apart of her the baser part that had awoken the night he had marked her, screamed for him and a liquid heat pooled between her legs. His eyes seemed to widen a fraction before they closed, and he took a deep breath and a part of her, knew he scented her arousal…her body betraying the want she thought she could hide from him. When he opened his eyes, the stripes along his cheeks were more jagged, his fangs had lengthened and his eyes were now completely red.

Rin gasped in fear the change over him sparking a fear that propelled her to cover her exposed chest and turn from him, her human side fighting against the unknown need. Within the confines of her mind, the female beast, the counterpart to Sesshomaru who was created from his essesnce upon the marking of his true mate crashed upon the impenetrable barriers erected by Rin's human mind. Hitting against the wall the beast wined, scratching against it in a need to escape, calling forth her mate who so wanted her. Sesshomaru's beast whined, sensing the distress of its mate. He was displeased, he was angry, he was frustrated and most of all he was randy, he was randy for his mate. Yet she refused to submit to her urges and in the recesses of his mind where he were more conscious, it came to him that because his mate was once human she would fear this joining, she was not yet still fully converted and thus feared the part of herself she was never born to know as he had.

Still, her fear only fueled his anger and he wanted his mate. He wanted her now. She struggled against him, forcing him to grab both hands and pin them towards the two corners of the bed, that way he would have enough access to her neck to complete the mating ritual.

"Sesshomaru! Stop this. I do not want this!" she struggled, fear lacing her breathless voices as she bucked beneath him, her head thrashing from side to side. He growled at it, that she would fear him, he whose soul had been tied to hers since before the dawn of time, he who was her soulmate, he for whom she had unknowingly waited, still she struggled and he gnashed his teeth for he now knew that he would have to command her as he had never wanted, he had never wanted to claim his mate unwillingly but she would never experience a true mating heat until after she was completely mated and with her human side, a part of her would always resist mating him.

He growled low within his throat and Rin stiffened beneath him, suddenly unable to move. "W-What did you do?"

"Mate will obey her alpha!" he snarled and deftly opened his breeches, removing an enormously long erection nestled in silver hair. Rin gasped, her chest rising rapidly with each breath. Fear widening her eyes. Rin began to panic, tears filling her eyes, at the inability to do anything, to move. She squeezed her eyes close, and could seem the image of a dog demoness within her mind backing up as though about to ram something. It was ethereal, as though separated but joined. It was as though looking at oneself within a mirror, knowing it was herself yet knowing that the version in the mirror could look back at her and speak to her. With startling realization, Rin finally realized that this was her beast, the creature within her that had started to grow upon Sesshomaru's first bite. The creature whose magical essence had healed her so quickly, enhanced her natural senses amongst other things.

Sesshomaru wiped the tear from Rin's eyes, knowing that her silence meant that at last she was finally upon her beast. He groaned, rubbing his nose between the space of her breasts as one hand guided the bulbous head of his erected to her slightly damp entrance. He groaned, before burying his face at the juncture where her shoulder met her neck.

It continued to look at her, as though telling her, it need to be with him even while backing up, then it broke their gazes, staring directly at an invisible wall. Rin screamed within her mind, telling her, the female demoness to stop, to protect them but the Inu cast her a dirty look of rebellion and charged shattering the barriers Rin's human mind had protected, as Sesshomaru claimed her body that very moment, slamming past the frail barrier of her innocence and as his fangs simultaneous sank into her neck. A scream rose from Rin's throat, her hands moving to wrap around Sesshomaru with lengthened claws sinking within his back. He stiffened from the unexpected pain, unable to believe she had broken his Alpha's command. He sealed the wound that marked her and his, his length still encased within her as far as he could go, enduring the amazing twitches of her body as it grew accustomed to his own.

He looked down upon her, her lips red from his earlier kisses, her cheeks flushed, her hair sprawled about her and her nipples hardened, exposed by the large tear of her night gown, but then he looked at her long lashed eyes, closed as she seemed to catch her breath but when they open they revealed eyes as crimson as his own. Sesshomaru stiffened, reaching up to put a clawed hand behind his head to cup his nape the petite woman below him with strength almost equal to his own, dragged him down to her with a grunt and sank her fangs within his neck. He hissed from the pleasure, his erection swelling further within her.

In a moment it was done, the mark sealed and his mate licking the blood from her plump lips, "Mine!" came her softly mewl, a warning and declaration to him. His chest swelled with pride and he growled in pleasure, rocking slighting within her, she moaned, closing her eyes in pleasure, wrapping her slender legs around him and another hand around his neck, she levered herself up, as he kneeled within the bed, sitting back on his hunches, his erection still within her, as she sat astride him, a look of challenge within her eyes. He growled softly in pleasure and responded by tightening herself around, causing him to grown before thrusting into her again, willing himself not to come undone when she met his thrust with one of her own, an instinctual mating dance not lost on her beast it seemed.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her face away, dropping his lips to hers for a brutal kiss. Before he pushed her back, flipping her over quickly on her hands and knees and slamming into her body, ripping the night gown away and sending the pieces across the room. She gasped and moaned, thrusting back against him, as his claws dug into the flesh of her hips, bring her body back to his to meet the ever increasing thrust of his body into her. He penetrated her, filled her to the point of overflowing, found a pleasure within her that kept building and building until simultaneously they roared, there howls travelling into the night.

InuTaisho's eyes flickered open. Mile Away, Sango and her father awoke from slumber. The stronger youkai's, the elite or royals felt it. The shift, the overwhelming release of power that signaled that one of their own had found his true mate and they were mated. That signaled, Sesshomaru, the coldest lord of all, now had a weakness.

Sesshomaru had fallen.

Sesshomaru was mated.

Tired. That's all she could think, she was so tired. The Inu within her was gone, but she was too tired to open her eyes. Her body lethargic, in pain but in pleasure too. She felt Sesshomaru around her, within her, protecting her with his warmth and it was enough until she regained her strength. With that, Rin slept.

Sesshomaru, caught his breath slowly, nuzzling Rin's neck as sleep appealed to him, however he would not submit to it yet. The Demon growled softly, cupping the soft cheeks of her buttocks, grinding softly against her as the mating knot formed within her body.


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