One more hit and the brute across from him would be down. The crowd was cheering, eager for blood and absolutely certain he would give it to him. He bared his teeth in what could pass for a grin. The brute gave him the finger, completely unaware that the Wolverine could cut it off if he was so inclined. But for the moment Logan was in charge and he would pay for that insult even if it wasn't to the Wolverine's satisfaction. The man was twice Logan's size but he couldn't help but grin at the easy win.

They circled each other warily, Logan looking for an opening to strike. An opening he missed when he caught her scent. Wolverine reacted instantly, seeking her out with his eyes. Something in him reacted to her scent on a primal level and he turned his head...

BAAAM! His head snapped back from that blow and struck the side of the cage. Logan cursed under his breath at his own stupidity. Now was definitely not the time for the Wolverine to be distracted. Any other man would have been out cold by that hit. A hit that was clearly meant to cause significant brain damage. Hadn't held back on that one had you Brute? As it was his ears were ringing. He could already feel his face trying to swell and bruise. Not like it would. His healing factor wouldn't allow him to be even temporarily incapacitated. Now the overzealous Brute on the other hand was a whole different story. He immediately yelped and brought his hand close to his body in reaction to the pain. You could bet your ass the bones in his right hand were shattered.

Wolverine was more than pleased and he rumbled in pride. He took that moment to glance in her direction. Her smell confused him. Sweet temptation. Temptation was nothing new. But it was the other that confused him. She smelled sweet like innocence, sweet like a virgin. His belly quivered in reaction and he was instantly hard. He growled in annoyance. He wasn't attracted to virgins. He wanted women with experience. Women he could screw hard against a wall in some back alley and easily walk away from

No she would expect more. All innocent types like her did. She would want commitment and soft words and kisses that didn't bruise her mouth. She would cringe away from him in terror if she had even the slightest clue what Wolverine wanted to do to her. Really he was better off not even laying eyes on her. So Logan closed his eyes at the last second. But not before he caught sight of big brown eyes that were wide with fear and awe. Fear and awe of him. He grunted, both relieved and disappointed. Relieved she wouldn't want the likes of him anyway. Disappointed for the same reason.

He turned back to Brute, who was watching him warily. But he hadn't thrown in the towel and wasn't that intetesting? But Wolverine wanted to end this so he lunged at Brute and connected with solid muscle. He was hardly deterred as his weight alone was enough to take on any man. Having adamantium bound to every bone his body did that for him.

Logan had the man pinned and he ended it quickly with two rapid punches to the face. Brute was out cold before the second hit. And still the Wolverine wasn't finished, didn't want to be finished so he punched him again, his eyes gold as his feral side took over. He wanted to rip into the man with tooth and silver claw. He wanted to end this life that had inadvertently taken her from him. Mine, his feral side roared!

Logan shook his head in confusion and disbelief. Where the hell had that come from? And still he held the man by the throat, unable to let go as a bat broke across his back. He barely felt it, too focused on controlling himself before all hell broke loose.

He sought her out hoping to calm Wolverine. Their eyes met just as someone tazered him in the back. He broke eye contact and growled, all semblance of control gone as the electricity coursed through his blood. It was the Wolverine that ripped the taser points out of his back, the Wolverine that threw off the men trying to take him down through sheer force of numbers. And only one thought was in his mind. He had to get to what was his

No! Logan stopped dead in his tracks and shook his head to clear it, forcing the Wolverine under control. He would not be going to her. No way in hell! His feral side roared in anger and Logan told him to shut the fuck up!

The crowd parted like the red sea. So many faces he recognized relaxed as the gold faded from his eyes. So many more looked ready to cry or kill him, or both. Who the fuck cared? He knew the owner and the owner knew the score. Logan was his cash cow and not even a death would stop him from making money off the Wolverine. Wasn't like the guy was dead anyway. Just out cold.

The bartender eyed him warily but he already had a few molsons at the ready. He knew not to mess the Wolverine. Yeah bub, no one messed with the Wolverine.

He sat at the complete opposite side of the girl, too tired and angry to stir up the feral in him. Everyone left him alone for awhile and he sat brooding. He could feel her gaze on him and for someone reason it was pissing him off that she smelled even better that much closer. Honeysuckle and sweet heat. What the hell was her problem?

He growled under his breath and ignored her. No reason to make her think he noticed her or anything. So he sipped his beer, growling at anyone that came near. And it wasn't until his sixth beer that Brute showed up.

Logan smelled him before he heard him. Sweat and beer and anger. Not to mention fear. The Wolverine grinned at that. Yeah the man was drunk enough to start something but not even alcohol could dull the fear. It just made you stupid.

Logan expected the guy to suckerpunch him. Wolverine relished the thought of kicking his ass yet again. They both waited impatiently. But Brute only shoved his shoulder. Fucking Coward.

"Hey asshole, you owe me money."

Logan didn't even acknowledge him. The guy shoved him again, the smell of his anger intensifying. It blocked out almost everything except sweet temptation and honeysuckle and sweet heat. Mine. And still she was afraid and her fear didn't sit well with him.

"I told ya. You owe me money."

Logan turned, his cigar jutting out of his mouth and his eyebrow raised. He looked Brute up and down.

"Look bub, I won that money fair and square by kicking your ass. Not my problem i mopped the floor with your face."

Logan expected the swing. And look at that, Brute wasn't as dumb as he looked. He swung with his remaining good fist and aimed for his stomach rather than his head. Logan grunted and smiled. Wolverine was purring at the thought of another fight so soon. He stood up from the stool and cracked his neck.

"That all ya got?"

Several other men moved to stand behind Brute. He bared his teeth at them, the more the merrier. Wolverine was pumped and his eyes flashed gold, causing Brute to take a step back.

"I know what you are freak," he taunted, mistakenly feeling safe with so many who had his back.

Logan groaned. Too many newbies that didn't know the rules. As long as nothing was said about his mutation he was free and clear to wreak havoc. Now the bartender would be forced to take Brutes side so as not to appear like a mutant lover. Damn! He was beginnin to like the place.

He had Brute's face shoved against the bar before he could blink. It was Wolverine that brought out one claw and slowly pierced Brute's face with it. He snarled at the guy's whimper and the stench of his urine as he pissed himself.

"Ya know what I am huh? Then ya know you're about to die." Cue the bartender.

The girl screamed and he spun quickly, shoving Brute away and bringing out all six claws. He cut the shotgun in the bartender's hand in half with one set of claws and gestured for the other men to stay back with the other set. He barely acknowledged the bartender's grimace. Yeah i know bub. That's the third one. He wouldn't have minded if the guy had actually shot him with it for once. No matter what he always healed, but the girl didn't.

So he glared at her briefly as he walked out the door. Who knew brown eyes could make him dizzy? He strode out like he hadn't a care in the world, his mind caught on brown eyes and sweet temptation