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The morning had started out great. She'd woken in a bed with Logan and despite her fall off the bed she'd loved it. His abrupt switch in mood from amused to serious had her a little apprehensive but the shower had probably been the best thing in her life, next to sleeping in a warm comfortable bed. Then he'd given her ice cream and she could swear she'd gone to heaven. She'd probably gain weight too fast if she didn't stop her food binge but she didn't care as she devoured everything in sight until her stomach ached. She was ready for a nap or a tour of the mansion but Logan's grim expression had her apprehension returning.

"We need to talk."

She wanted to laugh, or cry. Nothing good ever followed those words. Her teachers had spoken those words when she'd been failing a class and they'd wanted to know why. Her parents had spoken those words before they'd thrown her out of the house and called her a mutant freak. The woman who'd taken her in only a few states from Mississippi had said those words when she'd discovered how dangerous Marie really was, what a danger she posed to the woman's little boy. She was sure she would have heard those words from David himself if he'd had time to learn what a freak she actually was.

Instead she nodded her head at Logan and waited for the other shoe to drop. He watched her with heavy eyes and she fidgeted under his gaze.

"You need your own room."

She was expecting something along the lines of "I don't want you" or "you have the wrong impression about us" or even "It would be best if we didn't start anything". This was almost as horrible. She needed to understand why he would push her away after last night. They'd shared a bed but otherwise it had been innocent, two people sharing space and the comfort of another person next to them. The only conclusion she could come to was that it was her skin, or that he actually cared about what the X-men would think. Neither thought gave her any comfort.

"Why? Is it mah skin? Ah can cover up."

Logan shook his head. "No, this isn't about you, not the way you think. I want to protect you."

Marie scowled. "From what? Other people's opinions? Ah don't care what they think!"

"No. I want to protect you from me." Logan growled in annoyance as he tried to think of a way to explain what he meant. He'd never been a man of words, preferring to act before he thought. "I'm dangerous. I have nightmares."

"So do Ah. You don't think that I'm not afraid that I'll accidentally hurt you in my sleep?" Marie held out her hands to prove her point, her dirty gloves from the night before back on.

"I've already attacked you in my sleep," Logan snarled, the image of her pained eyes clear in his memory. "I don't want it to happen again. Not until I'm sure that I won't hurt you." Marie's expression softened in sympathy. "I don't want you away from me for even a night but I won't hurt you again."

Marie conceded with a sigh. "Fine. What should we do now? Pick mah bedroom?"

If it would suit both of you, I would like to introduce you to the other students and show you the rest of the mansion.

The Professor's voice so clear in her head made Marie jump. She didn't like the idea that he could just invade her thoughts whenever he wanted. How much of their conversation had he heard? The timing of his question seemed too coincidental. But she did want to see the rest of the mansion, if not meet the other students. It was embarrassing to think that she would soon be nineteen and she still hadn't graduated.

"Chuck, stay out of our heads." Logan growled and motioned for Marie to leave the room.

Xavier was waiting for them in his office. He watched closely as they entered, Rogue first with her head ducked and Logan close behind her, his expression dark and forbidding. Perhaps they were having difficulties? He must work to soothe whatever issues they were having. Magneto was getting particularly careless, his attacks more widespread and on a bigger scale. They would need as much help as they could get. Erik's loss of his second in command hadn't seemed to faze him in the least and this worried Charles, as well as saddened him. Mystique hadn't always been an enemy, hadn't always been a cruel woman. He could remember shy smiles, playful banter, a carefree arrogance. He could remember when she was simply Raven, his adopted sister. And Erik had twisted her ideals around to suit his purposes. Charles could never have imagined Erik would be so callous as to throw Raven's life away and so easily. She'd been so devoted to him, to her own detriment it seemed. He stored away his grief for another time but felt no animosity to the Wolverine for Mystique's death. She had made her choices in life and he had made his. She had chosen her side and he could not save those who did not want to be saved. Even from themselves.

"I hope you had a restful night?" He watched their reactions closely but neither gave anything away. Rogue's eyes were still downcast and Logan was clearly irritated at something.

Xavier cleared his throat. "Have you eaten?" Rogue nodded her head in affirmation. "Good. I was hoping that you would let Ororo give you the grand tour." At Logan's scowl Xavier hastened to add "Of course Logan knows his way around for the most part but he's rarely visited the wing where the classrooms are held. I'm certain you'd want to familiarize yourself with that area, Rogue?"

"Ah was hoping that Ah could have private tutoring? Or maybe take classes online if it isn't too much to ask." Rogue's eyes lifted to his briefly. "Ah wouldn't want to hurt anyone."

Xavier smiled in sympathy. She must have had it rough. She could barely look him in the eyes and her self-esteem seemed to be low to think so little of herself. "I understand your apprehension Rogue but I feel that if we worked together we could find a way to control your powers, in time. By being around other people, with the proper precautions taken, it might help to see what triggers your skin's power. And I think that interaction with other people might be good for you. The conditions you've been living have stifled your personal development."

Rogue looked ready to argue, the Wolverine's low rumbling showing his displeasure. But she seemed to see at least a little of the validity of his statements. "Ah really want to graduate." That small admission seemed to take all the wind out of Logan's unvoiced objections. His shoulders slumped in resignation.

"And you can graduate. The world is open to you." Xavier asserted with an encouraging smile. "You can even go to College or University if you so choose. Although you may choose to take online courses to start. I won't lie to you. A warm reception beyond these walls is unlikely towards a mutant. I'm working to change that. Many of my students are just as dedicated. I may not see the world change anytime soon but I can hope. Until then I provide a safe haven for any mutant. This isn't just a school, it's a home. It can be yours if you wish."

Rogue seemed hopeful but her gaze turned towards Logan first for his opinion. He smiled for her and nodded but to Xavier it seemed he wasn't sold on the idea. Anything that took Rogue away from him, even to her benefit wouldn't sit well with the possessive feral. But he was trying and it was encouraging to see for Xavier. It gave him hope for the future of the X-men.

"Ah'd like to see the classrooms."

Xavier nodded and summoned Ororo. She was knocking on the door within moments, entering with his permission wearing a serene smile.

"Ororo, could you please take Rogue on a tour of the mansion? The classrooms and levels below being the main priority. She is interested in finishing her schooling."

Ororo raised an eyebrow at his request to show her the lower levels so soon but she agreed. "Of course, it would be my pleasure."

Rogue got to her feet eagerly and moved towards the door. Before she left she shot an inquiring glance at Logan, who'd remained still.

"Just want a word with Chuck, kid. Be right behind you." She nodded and followed Ororo out.

"What do you need Logan?"

Logan snarled, his eyes flashing gold. "Don't think I don't see what you're doing! Rogue isn't one of your fucking X-men. She's not going to fight your war. Not now, not ever."

He stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind him as he went to find Rogue. Xavier sighed wondering why he hadn't seen this potential problem before. It should have been clear that as a feral, the Wolverine would feel a strong protective streak towards his chosen mate. Xavier would have to find a way to redirect that protectiveness or he might have already lost Rogue at the very least. He would never turn her away from the mansion, whether she became an X-men or not but he'd hoped she would join his team nonetheless. However the Wolverine was enough. If he made a home for Rogue, then the Wolverine would follow. Logan was clearly besotted with the girl.

He wished his dreams of mutant equality and peaceful cohabitation didn't require such machinations.

Magneto was furious. Sabretooth had found Mystique's lifeless body and brought her back to their dirty hovel in the caves by the ocean. He'd hoped to get his hands on the girl without much of a struggle. Two of his own elite handpicked to disable the Wolverine and bring the girl to him. It should have been easy. It shouldn't have ended with the death of someone Magneto prized, and the utter failure of his own feral against a man that had no idea of his potential for carnage.

He shoved the potential feelings of grief away and locked them tight. He locked them with the memories of his mother's death, of his own failure to save her. He couldn't afford softer emotions in his war against humans. Mystique had known this, had respected him for this. He would win this war for her, for every mutant that humanity had subjected to their deranged censure and feelings of fearful superiority. And if the Wolverine or Charles or any mutant allied with them or against him they would be destroyed when he saw his dream of mutant domination through to fruition. Sacrifices had to be made, starting with the girl called Rogue. He needed to plan his next phase of attack.

Marie was completely overwhelmed by her new home. She'd wanted to leave this place, to go back on the road with Logan. A big part of her still wanted to but the Professor's words were running through her head, tempting her with something she never thought she could have. An education, a place to belong, and if she joined the X-men, a purpose. But only with Logan at her side. It was her only stipulation. She hoped fervently that he would stay, just until she was ready to leave.

Ororo was speaking in her soothing voice, describing everything they passed. The few children and teens they passed stared at her openly and she felt somewhat self-conscious in her sweater-sweats combo. But the looks weren't of animosity, some smiling at her in a friendly manner if they weren't staring at her in open awe. Finally she'd had enough of the stares.

"Miss Munroe, why are the kids staring at meh like that?"

Ororo smiled at her with amusement. "It's okay. They are simply in awe. Only the senior and junior teams have the clothes you are wearing. We use them to train, or to relax in." Ororo winked. "And please call me Ororo while outside the classroom. It makes me feel so old."

"Okay Mi-Ororo. Do you think Ah should change? Ah'm not an X-men."

"Maybe not but that particular sweater is Logan's. I think that he would prefer you wear it." Ororo's voice was filled with laughter as she gestured at the name stitched into the left side of her chest.

Wolverine. She was wearing a sweater with Logan's name on it. Those kids had seen her wearing Logan's sweater with his name on it. It wasn't his first name but it was the only name most of the kids knew him by. How had she missed it?

Just then Logan came up beside her, his arm wrapping around her waist.

"What did I miss 'Ro?"

"Nothing of importance Logan. I was simply pointing out to Rogue that she is wearing your sweater. She seemed confused by all the attention she was receiving." She smiled at them both.

"Ah can't believe Ah didn't notice before! Logan why didn't you give me other clothes to wear? Or Ah could have worn mah other clothes!"

Logan smirked. "Why? You're mine and now they know it."

Marie wanted to protest but secretly she was pleased so she merely rolled her eyes.

"Speaking of kids, where's the Iceprick? And the yellow one? I'm surprised I haven't heard her voice yet."

"They are locked in the Danger Room for an impromptu training session while I show Rogue around. I had thought she might feel overwhelmed if they followed us around. This way she has relative peace until class on Monday. Most of the other children are out on the grounds participating or watching the game of soccer that Cyclops and Jean have organized for the afternoon so the mansion is nearly empty."

Marie smiled in thanks, grateful for the gesture. It was true she'd rather get to know where she was staying first. Logan merely grunted in approval.

"What is the Danger Room, Ororo? If you don't mind me asking?"

"Not at all, it's a multipurpose training facility designed to test and strengthen the abilities of any mutant that trains there. We use it to train as a team for senior and junior members but only senior members can train alone, except by permission from the Professor. I'm sure we'll show it to you soon, however we have much of the tour to complete." With that Ororo continued on, chatting animatedly about the construction of the mansion, and it's conversion to a school for mutants.

Rogue followed, eagerly taking in everything Ororo said while Logan trailed behind, his expression sullen as he watched Marie's enthusiasm.

After the tour was over Logan brought Marie to her new room. They'd run into Jean and Scott before they could escape to Logan's room. After explaining that they were going to choose Marie's room Jean had eagerly suggested that Marie should stay in the student's wing. Logan objected vehemently to that suggestion and Marie couldn't help but smile at the clear animosity between Scott and Logan. It was amusing to watch their posturing and she even shared an eye-roll with Jean, improving her originally poor opinion of the woman.

Logan had led her back to his room and pointed out her three choices. The door to his left, the door to his right or the door straight across. She hadn't minded that he wanted her so close. She still wished they could share a room but the reminder of the pain she'd suffered when he'd impaled her with his claws was enough to let the issue rest for the moment.

Her new room was empty except for a bed, wardrobe and desk with chair. She loved it. Perhaps the biggest surprise was the closet and wardrobe already filled with clothes, all in her size. Jeans and long-sleeved shirts with a small selection of gloves so she didn't have to worry about hurting anyone. Logan followed her into the room and started to prowl around her new room with a scowl.

He picked things up at random, rubbing the few knickknacks on her desk around in his hands before placing them back with a satisfied grunt. He'd taken one look at the blankets resting on her bed and shook his head. Marie watched in bewilderment as he stripped the bed and carried the blankets out of the room. She followed him as he entered his room and dropped her blankets on the floor beside his bed. He immediately stripped his own bed and brought them to her room.

"What are you doing, Logan?"

He didn't answer but it soon became clear that he was switching their bedding. But why?


"The scent is wrong. Should smell like us."

Marie wasn't completely sure what the significance was of scent, but her borrowed memories, her short period spent with feral instincts assured that what he was doing was right.

When Logan was done with her bed he motioned her towards him. She found herself wrapped in his arms, resting against the headboard. He rubbed his stubble-covered face against her cheeks, careful to keep their contact to a minimum but ensuring that she was covered in his scent. Marie still caught his surface emotions and was pleased to hear his possessive thoughts.

"You're mine Marie. Just making sure everyone knows it."

Marie pushed him back when she felt the weakness in his limbs and rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat as it raced and slowly calmed to a natural rhythm. She hoped that nothing would be able to tear them apart but a feeling of dread sat heavy in her stomach. She had a feeling that danger was coming. She just wasn't sure what it was yet.

Magneto's plan was already set in motion. Without Mystique it would be harder. He'd been relying on her to infiltrate Xavier's mansion and flush out the girl. It had been a simple plan but with an emotionally stunted teen, afraid of making connections it should have been easy. Sabretooth was nearly recovered from Wolverine's attack and he would be crucial. There were other ways to lure the Rogue from her safe haven. He just needed to plan his next move very carefully.

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