Chapter 1

Somewhere in Kauai, Hawaii, a young Hawaiian girl and a blue alien were sleeping in their bedroom. The little girl was named Lilo, and the alien was named Stitch. They were sleeping peacefully, dreaming pleasant dreams, until a loud voice woke them up.

"Lilo! Stitch! Time for breakfast!" shouted the loud voice. The loud voice belonged to Lilo's big sister, Nani. Nani was ten years older than Lilo, and has been watching over her ever since their parents died in a car accident. As Stitch heard Nani's voice, he got his little, blue, furry body out of bed. After Stitch got out of bed, he walked over to Lilo's bed to wake her up. He smiled as he began to stare at her. He couldn't tell anyone, but he was in love with Lilo. Ever since he saved her from Gantu, he had been slowly falling in love with her. He couldn't tell anyone because others wouldn't allow it. And also, because he was worried that Lilo didn't love him back. He let out a sigh of depression, knowing that they could never be together. That must have woken up Lilo, because as soon as Stitch let out a sigh, Lilo slowly opened her eyes. As Lilo opened her eyes, she looked at Stitch.

"Good morning, Stitch" said Lilo to the little blue alien. Stitch's depression had vanished when he saw the awakening face of his love. Stitch waited outside of the bedroom, as Lilo got dressed for the day. Stitch smiled as he saw the angel known as Lilo, coming out looking beautiful as always. As Lilo went down the elevator, Stitch was wishing to kiss his crush.

He followed Lilo to the kitchen, and sat at the table. When they sat at the table, they found Jumba Jookiba sitting at the table, reading the newspaper. In the kitchen with Nani, was Pleakley. Like Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley were aliens. Jumba was a purple fat alien with four eyes, and had a Russian accent. He had three little hairs on the top of his head, and wore blue shirt and a Hawaiian shirt. Pleakley was a light green alien with one big eye, and had a feminine personality. He wore an orange dress with the same design as Lilo's outfit, and wore an apron over it. Nani set Lilo's and Stitch's breakfast in front of them. Stitch was just staring at his breakfast, lost in thought. Lilo noticed Stitch not eating his food, and got worried.

"Stitch? Are you okay?" asked Lilo. Stitch jumped a bit in his seat, having been startled by Lilo. He looked up at Lilo, as his blue furry cheeks became red.

"Eh. Stitch okay" responded the little blue alien to the Hawaiian girl's question. As Jumba looked up from his newspaper, he noticed Stitch blushing as he was staring at Lilo. He was confused, but ignored it as he went back to reading the newspaper. Stitch quickly ate his breakfast, and went back to his room. The little alien sat on his bed, cheeks still burning red.

"Naga bootifa..." Stitch said to himself, as he hopped up onto his bed and hung his head in shame. He waited patiently until his cheeks returned to their normal blue color, before he headed back downstairs using the lift.