3 weeks later

Draco heard the door slam shut. "Harry?" There was no response. Draco frowned and walked to the entrance hall.

Harry was there, taking off his coat and shoes. There was an odd aura of tension around him. He looked up at Draco and smirked.


Draco raised an eyebrow at him.

Suddenly Harry had him by the shoulders and pushed him against the wall. Draco gasped as Harry's teeth clamped down on his throat. "Harry- what the-"

Harry stopped for a second to murmur, "Shut up," his teeth returned to the skin on Draco's neck, making him gasp. A shiver of arousal crept up his spine. Harry pressed against him, holding his wrists to the wall. Draco felt Harry's hardness against his thigh and trembled.

Draco could feel his cock swelling despite his confusion. Harry gripped his wrists tightly, pushing them behind his back. Draco's heartbeat started racing. Harry's hand darted to his pocket. Before Draco could draw another shaky breath, his wrists were bound together.

Draco gasped as he realized what Harry was doing. Harry pulled him away from the wall and pushed him down to his knees.

Harry unfastened his trousers, pushing them down. His thick cock bobbed in front of Draco's face. Draco bit his lip, wanting to lick the drop of precum from the tip. Harry growled out, "Suck me."

Draco looked up at him, smirking. "No."

Harry's teeth ground together. He gripped the back of Draco's head, pulling him forward. Draco kept his lips sealed, desperately wanting Harry to force him.

Harry obliged, pressing his cock to Draco's lips and shoving it inside. Draco's cock throbbed as he sucked on Harry's cock, the familiar weight on his tongue and the unfamiliar hand pushing on the back of his head sending shivers of arousal through his body. Harry thrust roughly into Draco's mouth, his breathing ragged. Draco worked his tongue on the underside of Harry's cock the way he knew he liked. Harry moaned appreciatively, gripping his hair. Draco's breath came in pants as he sucked harder.

Harry pulled his cock away from Draco's mouth, breathing heavy. Draco stared up at him, holding eye contact and smirking. He hoped Harry wouldn't lose his nerve.

"Stand up," Harry commanded. Draco lifted a disdainful eyebrow and didn't move. Harry leaned down and pulled Draco to his feet, spinning him to face the wall. Draco's cheek was pushed to press against the wall as Harry's hand on his back held him still. Draco's cock was uncomfortably rock hard in his trousers. Harry's other hand reached around and unfastened them, tugging them down Draco's hips. His boxers followed suit, pooling around his ankles. Harry pressed up against him, his cock resting in Draco's cleft. Draco barely bit back a moan and started struggling instinctively. Harry's hands gripped his hips, a low growl in his throat as he forced Draco to be still. One hand trailed down his side and gripped his arse. Draco arched against his touch, wanting to submit and wanting to fight at the same time. He trembled as Harry's fingers trailed down his arse and between his legs. He thrashed as Harry's finger brushed against his entrance, his movements knocking Harry's hand away. Harry gripped his hair tightly, keeping his head still against the wall. Harry bit into Draco's shoulder as his fingers started wandering again. When Draco started thrashing, Harry's bite became deeper, only releasing when Draco was still again. Harry licked the bruise rapidly rising to the surface of Draco's pale skin. Harry's fingers were back, gently stroking around Draco's entrance again. Draco's body twitched in response, giving Harry the excuse to latch on again.

Draco heard Harry mutter against his neck and felt the probing finger become slicked with lube. His body trembled in anticipation. Harry's finger slowly pressed inside. Draco held still, biting his lip to stop the whine of impatience from escaping. Another finger joined the first, shallowly thrusting. Draco couldn't help but thrust back, pushing himself onto Harry's fingers.

"You like that, Malfoy?" Harry growled out.

"Fuck you, Potter," Draco responded breathlessly, his hips moving on their own to meet Harry's thrusting fingers.

"Not quite," Harry said in his ear, smirking. He added a third, watching Draco's eyes flutter shut. He twisted his fingers, pressing against Draco's prostate. Draco moaned, his back arching, pressing back as much as he was able.

Harry's pulse raced as he pulled his fingers out. He whispered another lubrication charm, spreading it over his cock. Draco started thrashing under his hold, setting his blood on fire. He gripped Draco's bound wrists with one hand, holding him against the wall. The blond still moved underneath his grip. He guided his cock to Draco's entrance, then held both Draco's hips in a vice grip and sank his teeth into the other side of Draco's neck at the same time.

Draco cried out as he was held down and penetrated, desperately trying not to come. He had fantasized about Harry doing this to him for years, and knowing Harry had been wanting the same thing for all this time was beyond arousing.

Harry groaned into his neck, sliding in deeper in quick, careful thrusts. Once Harry was fulled sheathed Draco started struggling again, wanting Harry to hold him down. Harry obliged, the fingertips curling around Draco's hipbones becoming almost painful as his pace increased. Draco moaned as Harry's cock pressed against his prostate. "More," he gasped, "please."

Harry hummed into his ear. "What was that, Malfoy?"

"Please, harder, fuck, Potter-"

Harry groaned, his hips shooting forward, pounding into Draco without mercy. Draco bit back a screamed as Harry fucked him, arching his back as his toes curled in pleasure. Harry gripped his hair, turning his head to invade his mouth with Harry's own. Draco abandoned pretense, allowing him. Even with his neck pulled to an uncomfortable angle and saliva on his cheek, he was more aroused than he could ever remember being. His whole body was tense and shaking as he tried to hold back his orgasm. He could feel Harry's rhythm start to falter. Draco struggled in his arms, thrusting back as hard as he was able. The pressure on his prostate was too much, and he screamed as his untouched cock exploded. Harry gasped as he felt Draco tightening around him, the unmistakeable feeling of Draco's muscles gripping his cock in orgasm. He was able to manage two, three more thrusts before he exploded into Draco's body.

Harry held Draco tightly, unwilling to let go yet. He buried his face in Draco's hair for a minute, taking deep, shuddering breaths. Draco whimpered softly as Harry recaptured his mouth. Harry was surprisingly tender as he kissed Draco, slowly pulling out. Harry broke the kiss, stepping back a little. A firm hand between Draco's shoulder blades pushed him down.

Draco felt come dripping down his thighs, his cheeks flushing. He remembered Harry's description of this fantasy and knew this image was what Harry was after. He arched his back, his arse raising in the air, and heard Harry take a shaky breath. He could feel the heat of Harry's gaze behind him and his face burned in response. He bit his lip.

Harry's hands ran over his back and arse. He spun Draco around, pushing his back to the wall and devouring his mouth. Draco's knees buckled.

Harry murmured and his wrists were free again. He gripped Harry's shoulders, holding each other tightly, panting.

"Fuck," Harry gasped, beads of sweat on his forehead. Draco nodded, his body still trembling.

"So," Harry started hesitantly, "Should I have asked..?"

Draco let out a surprised laugh. "You're ridiculous, Harry."

Harry grinned crookedly. "I hoped you would say that," he whispered, pressing his forehead to Draco's own. His vivid green eyes stared into his, pinning him to the wall. Draco trembled under the gaze, his limbs quivering from orgasm. Harry pulled him away from the wall, holding him steady. He led him to their bedroom, pulling Draco onto the bed with him. They lay panting for a few moments, gripping each other closely. Harry cupped his cheek, his touch gentle.

"I still can't believe you let me do that," he murmured.

Draco smiled. "I still can't believe you wanted it as much as I did."

Harry grinned crookedly, looking for a moment like a first year that had gotten away with something. He leaned forward, kissing Draco gently. Draco slid his fingers into Harry's hair, pulling him closer. They kissed softly for a few minutes before breaking apart.

To be continued...