Author's note: Yeah, yeah. Short, I know but it's a good read. Really conveys the emotion Blue/Gary feels towards Red/the main game character. Anyways, this fic was inspired by that picture floating around explaining why Blue/Gary was in Lavender town. Look it up, I'm sure you'll find it.

Raticate, my poor Raticate. I-I'm sorry you had to die. You shouldn't have died, you didn't deserve such a fate. could you do such a thing to my poor Pokemon? Why'd you let my Raticate get that hurt! Why'd you let the battle get out of hand! Why'd you kill my Raticate!

All the hard work, all the struggles, all torn to shreds by you. Beating me wasn't enough, you had to take the title of Pokemon Champion from me. My team had only just gotten that rank and you took it. Do you know what it's like to lose something you've worked so hard for? To have your life and dreams shatter? How about to live in the shadow of someone else and lose the love of your only family member because of that? What about to lose a dear friend? I...we...have nothing, Red. We only have each other.

There's no purpose for us. Nothing to work for, nothing to gain. We're all alone in the world. Just our little family minus Raticate. Gym leader? As if that meant anything to me. I've beaten the Elite Four, I've beaten Lance, a former champion. You're the only one standing in my way, Red, you're the only one stopping me.

Enjoy it, because there's no way I can get it. Step on me again, humiliate me, take me down, you seem to like it so much. Of course, to you, this is all just a game, something that you played as a child that you still enjoy. But to me, this is a nightmare, a sick world that feasts on my agony-on my family's agony. Life's a cruel world that likes to tear me to shreds. I only live to suffer and death won't be any better.

Will I ever be happy? Will anything ever go my way? Will something so glorious as a fantasy ever stop being an evanescent dream or a fading image? Mirage only build up hope just to annihilate it. No, I shan't recieve the pleasure of having these luxuries. If they were going to come, I would've gotten them already.

...Time to go back to the gym, Umbreon. Farewell, Raticate. May Arceus treat you well in Heaven. I'm sorry we couldn't keep our dream alive. It was a dying flame ever since we attained it. And may Red soon realize what I've had to go through. He's no friend of mine anymore.