Behind His Quiet Lies: Epilogue

By: The Villain's Vindication

After long hours of thorough research and contemplation, Bruce had come to the conclusion that he must just be gay for Stark. He definitely wasn't interested in any other men, and before Tony he had only had eyes for women. His heart gave a painful twist at the thought of Betty, she would always have a special place in his heart. He still wore the same brand of heart monitors though it was now more out of practicality than sentiment.

It had been about half a year since he and Tony had made something more of their relationship. Things had been rough at times, but Bruce found that, for the first time, he was happy. So it was worth it when he was forced to endure the most embarrassing questions from his fellow teammates like: "have you two... you know... while you're in Hulk form before?"

Thankfully, no one said he had to answer said questions.

Because he so wasn't.

They hadn't been able to keep their relationship secret for very long, unconventional as it was. Especially now since the Hulk protected Ironman like a mother hen during the Avengers' battles. Once the creature went so far as to trap Ironman in his right arm for the entirety of a fight, not letting the metal Avenger join in the danger at all.

Bruce stepped out of the elevator into the residential floor of the tower. He was just returning from Canada. Not one of his more dangerous haunts, but he really loved the country. With the vast expanses of icy tundra, he could set free his controls on the Hulk and allow the creature to come and go as he pleased.

Bruce threw down his duffle on the couch and walked into the kitchen. He was starving, but upon opening the cabinets all he found were rows and rows of Lucky Charms. He shook his head, really he didn't know why he was surprised. Apparently Tony was on another one of his binges. Bruce pulled out the one open box and a bowl. He didn't pay much attention when he first poured the cereal but when adding the milk he noticed that ALL of the marshmallows were gone.

He actually began laughing at that. Tony was really something else.

Bruce walked quietly by Tony's open door and peered inside while munching on his cereal. Tony lay on his back snoring softly with another woman and a man sharing his messy bed. Bruce smiled with affection. He never begrudged Tony his affairs; he knew they were nothing more than entertainment for the Ironman. "Lucky bastard," he mumbled, walking on to the lab.

"Hey JARVIS, I guess you need to call Pepper about coming to 'take out the trash' again." The computers voice was soft when he replied, "I believe Miss Pots informed me after the last incident that such was now your duty to take care of." Bruce rolled his eyes, "alright."

The door to the labs whisked open and what Bruce saw inside made his spoon drop to the floor.

"Dr. Richards?"

Mr. Fantastic himself stood in the middle of the lab handling what was clearly a piece of the Ironman suit. Bruce could handle a couple of floozies in the bedroom, but the labs were supposed to be private and the suit especially so. The only people who were supposed to have access were Pepper, Rhodes, Tony, and himself. Not Mr. Fucking Fantastic, genius among geniuses.

Jealousy coiled in Bruce's stomach. He set down his breakfast, put off his apatite.

Reeds looked up when he heard his name and stood up in surprise, walking over to greet Bruce. "Dr. Banner! It's an honor to finally meet you. I've been riveted by your most recently published works, I have to say." Bruce forced an incredibly false smile to his face.

"Have you? That's too kind. I don't mean to be rude but um... what are you doing here? I haven't-"

"BIG GREEN! You're home!" the doctor turned just enough to see his inevitable doom running towards him. The two of them were knocked to the ground from the force of Tony's enthusiastic hug. Bruce smiled at the man crushing him, Tony was clearly only half awake. It was far to early for the rock star to be up.

"Good morning Tony," Bruce chuckled. The inventor beamed at the greeting but looked about to falls back asleep on his chest. "Why do you have to be awake so goddamn early all the time?"

"Because some of us actually work for a living Mr. Stark," came the voice from above them. Bruce pushed himself to his feet and pulled Tony up as well. He still wanted some answers.

Tony just teetered where he stood and pouted.

"It is fairly early Dr. Richards," Bruce looked pointedly at the other superhero. Reed easily picked up on the unfriendly tone of his voice, "I'm just here to help with finalizing the Astronaut Ironman project. You know Stark is almost useless with theoretical work, and he's already nearly died from trying to make a visit to the moon before finishing all the calculations."

"You WHAT?" Bruce turned back to see Tony trying guiltily to sneak out of the lab. The inventor scratched the back of his head, "aww, I wasn't in any real danger. I just fell for a little ways."

"He fell through three layers of the atmosphere."

Bruce's glare flared green and Tony laughed nervously, "but I'm fine! I'm fine. Right Reed?"

"I suppose..." Richards turned back to talk to Bruce, "so SHIELD brought me in on the project before Stark killed himself just for some fun." Banner sighed, he still couldn't let go of the jealousy he felt, unfounded as it was.

"Actually, I have something I'd like to discuss with you as well Dr. Banner."

The doctor was surprised and, from the look on Tony's face, the other man knew nothing about this either.

"You know I'm always working on a cure for Ben, the Thing, and it lead to a breakthrough concerning your own situation. The radiation events might have been very different, but the math is essentially the same, simpler even in your case since the radiation was man made. There still isn't anything to help Ben unfortunately, but we did make this serum that should work for you. We have a cure, Dr. Banner."

Tony was fully awake now. This was... great, right? He couldn't tell from Bruce's poker face.

Banner only paused for a moment before deciding, "I don't want it."

"What?" "No way?" the two voices came at him in disbelief.

Bruce blushed a bit at their incredulous stares. He looked over to Tony with s tiny smile, "yeah... you see there's this guy who's taught me that the Hulk has a place in this world, can do some real good. That I'm fine just the way I am. If you had approached me a year ago I would have taken you up on the offer in a second, but I'm happy with things they way there are now. Thank you though, Doctor."

Richards nodded, he seemed a bit impressed.

Tony's jaw was hanging open.

"Do you mean it?" he asked Bruce almost reverently, "because I remember... you once told me that you couldn't think of one single thing that made you happy."

Bruce's smile widened, "I mean it."

Tony looked sideways at Reed, "Dr. Richards? You have five seconds to get out. I'm about to fuck the life out of Dr. Banner."

Bruce's face went up in flames, a now familiar state around Stark. It took only a second for Mr. Fantastic to slip out the door. He heard it lock behind the other scientist.

"What was it that I s-said?" he stuttered backing away from the man stalking him. He back hit the edge of the cold metal table and then Tony was upon him.

"Are you kidding? You just refused what was most likely a sure fire cure for the Hulk. It's what you've worked towards your whole life, but now, because of me, none of that matters to you anymore?" Bruce bit his lip, unable to say anything. Tony leaned in a whispered hotly in his ear, "I'm so hot for you right now."

Bruce gasped as teeth quickly followed the words and Tony nipped his ear. "Umm... ahh... okay well- hngg -why don't you suit up then, Stark?"

A gleeful look took over Tony's face, "oh hell yes." He turned and vaulted over the table accross the room to where his Ironman suits were kept. Bruce wriggled out of his shirt while he waited for Tony to suit up, which he did in record time. The suit looked nearly identical to his normal suit but it was their own modified GR-33N model. The man literally rocketed back over into Bruce's arms, stealing his lips in an intense kiss.

He pulled back enough to flick his head forward, bringing down the final piece of Ironman into place over his face. Bruce's panting doubled over as he watched the erry blue glow light up the nearly evil looking eye slits.

Tony loved it when Bruce was feeling kinky.

"Give it to me Ironman," the quiet doctor growled.

"Oh hell yes."

-The End

AN: Thanks for reading and reviewing everyone! This whole Brony community of reader/writers is awesome, and I had a lot of fun writing this over the past week. If anyone has any further ideas for the pairing, let me know in the comments. you never know when I'll get bored and write another of these. ^.^