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an. right. i set out planning to write some good ol' zelette. and what do i end up with? nothing of the sort, of course. this is from colette's point of view (in case it isn't clear enough) and, you know. it's not exactly top-notch, because it's spur of the moment, but oh well. :) this is a pairing i enjoy.

Raine and Regal are in love.

I know, believe me. It sounds crazy. I've tried telling Lloyd, but he doesn't understand. And Sheena just rolls her eyes. She thinks I'm seeing things that aren't there. Ever the optimist, she says. Sheena doesn't believe in love, not really. Which is understandable. She's had some pretty awful things happen to her.

Then again, who hasn't?

Right. Anyway. Raine and Regal, and the story of how I realized.

Well, I always wondered, back when Kratos was travelling with us, if maybe they had something going on. They'd have these long conversations in the middle of the night while everyone else slept. Except for me. But, you know. I kept that secret for as long as I could.

Then, after Kratos left and all of that happened, Raine was so angry. She really was, even though the others were a bit too caught up in their anger. Even when I was gone, I could tell. I haven't told them yet, but I can remember most of what went on around me. It comes back in pieces. I was, after all, physically there.

When Regal joined us, Raine was really wary. He reminded her of Kratos rather a lot, I think. They're both intelligent, haunted, kind of detached. But there are differences. They're just subtle, that's all. Eventually Raine saw them. I think it was when we found out about Alicia, actually, that Raine saw just how different. With Kratos, there was nothing but shame left. He burned away anything else. But with Regal, there was still love. And a lot of it.

After that day, it was different. I could just feel it, in the air. And I could see it every time they spoke to each other. I remember this one time, Regal got Raine started on evolutionary differences between similar creatures in Tethe'alla and Sylvarant. She was nearly in Ruins Mode, and he just went with it. They carried on that conversation for ages. In the end, Zelos was the one who made them stop. He started teasing them about something or other until they were too annoyed to go on.

That's another thing - they both get annoyed. I've never really seen Regal angry. Even Raine is usually only angry at Lloyd or Genis.

So maybe that doesn't mean anything. But the fact is, I know. I can see how much they care about each other every time they're together. He blushes every time she brushes his arm or compliments his cooking. She is sometimes speechless when he dares argue her points.

It's kind of beautiful, I think. Yeah. It's really kind of beautiful.