Tokyo Mew Mew (3) Episode 1: The Aliens Return And The First Anti-Mew!

It is now a year after the last threat, the Saint Rose Crusaders. Secretly the Cyniclons, returned, to try to once again take the earth back. This time though, they have plan. Pai had found out that somewhere in Tokyo, Japan are five teens, who LOVE the Cynaclons, each one compatible with an animal. This time four Cynaclons are on earth, Kisshu, Pai, Taruto, and Hyper. Hyper's hair is dark dark orange, his eyes are as black as the night sky. Hyper's shirt is like Taruto's exept longer, the red part is grey, and the ribbon part is black, he has grey versions of Pai's pants, the ribbons jutting out from behind him are black, the bandages on him are like Taruto's but are black . Kisshu teleported to the school that the first girl goes to, and waited in a tree. After a few hours, the girl he was waiting for came out of the school, he followed her, and when she got home, he waited in a tree, and after a while the girl came into her room, and sat in a black chair with wheels, and turned it to a dark green desk, with a red mini laptop. Kisshu silently teleported behind the girl, and watched the girl as she got onto something called Myspace, and began listening to music on a playlist. After doing this, she began singing along to a song called 'Monster' by Skillet then she pulled out a piece of paper and began drawing while singing. When she finished with the drawing and had colored it, it looked like Kisshu Taruto and Pai floating over passed out mews. Kisshu thought it was pretty good. Kisshu looked at the screen to see what the girl was singing and it said, 'Complicated' by Avril Lavigne. Kisshu was floating behind the girl for quite some time. The girl stood up and turned around, she covered her mouth and her eyes widened as she seen Kisshu. "Ummm... H-hi. I'm Ayame... Kisshu-sama? Is that you?" the girl whose name, is Ayame began the conversation and Kisshu nodded. Ayame has dirty blonde hair, hazel green eyes, skin as pale as Kisshu's, a black noodle strap,
a grey jacket tied to her waist, amber-ish knee-shorts, and black gym shoes. "Right. Now, I heard you would like to be on the Cynaclon's side. Get your stuff together. Your coming with me." Kisshu told Ayame, who just nodded and grabbed a backpack and a shoe box. Ayame quickly shut her computer off, and gently set it in the army green backpack, also put in that backpack, a bunch of paper, four school boxes, a black wallet with spikes on it, a small stuffed husky, and a bunch of notebooks. In the shoe box she put a box of colored pencils, a picture, a few stretched out bobby pins, and an Amber and Forest green cell phone. Looking up to Kisshu, Ayame said, "I'm uh ready, Kisshu-sama." Kisshu looked at her funny for a moment and then said, "Wwwhhhyyy are you calling me 'sama'?". "Cause, I'm willing to do ANYTHING for you... Your a lord to me..." Ayame replied looking at the floor. Kisshu's ears twitched and he said, "Oh crap! Your parents are coming." Ayame smirked and replied, "Ok. Can we teleport outta here when they open the door and see me with you?" Kisshu nodded, grabbed her backpack, held onto her, all just as the door opened. Ayame's mom shrieked and passed out, but her dad just simply fainted. Then Kisshu teleported them away and the two were suddenly standing in front of Pai and Taruto. "Wow... Now I'm dizzy..." Ayame mumbled, then she saw Pai and Taruto and almost had a heart attack. "Uh hi! I'm Ayame... So um what do you guys want me for?" Ayame asked the two, Taruto raised an eye brow at Ayame and kinda squinted at her. Pai just remained emotionless and said, "You are going to become an Anti-Mew. Seeing as you are the first one we found on our computer, you are the leader of the Anti-Mews." Pai then held up a needle with a black and grey substance in it. Ayame looked like she AGAIN were about to have a heart attack. Kisshu took the needle from Pai and said, "Let me do this one! Besides she calls ME 'sama'" Kisshu stuck his tongue out at his companiun and kneeled down because Ayame was on the floor. Ayame stopped shaking a little and looked at him. "Don't worry. You'll be fine. Just infused with something or somethings I honestly don't know." Ayame nodded and held out her arm. Kisshu injected the needle quickly and Ayame squinted slightly but not much. She had stopped shaking and carefully stood up as did Kisshu who handed the needle back to Pai. "See? No problem at all!" Kisshu said to the Indigo haired Cyniclon who merely rolled his eyes. Suddenly Hyper came into the room. True to his name- Hyper is VERY hyper, he immidatally went over to Ayame and practically scared the life out of her since he did TELEPORT infront of her. Ayame kind of clung to Kisshu while she was scared and Kisshu hit Hyper on the head. "YOU MORON! Don't scare her! Now, Hyper this is Ayame she is the leader of the Anti-mews. Ayame, this is OVERLY hyper, Hyper. And YES his name IS Hyper."
Kisshu said, Pai then said, "Kisshu we ALL need to get some rest, tomorrow Ayame will meet the second member of her team." Kisshu nodded and teleported himself, Ayame, and her stuff to a room. Kisshu slept down on the floor, and Ayame slept on the bed.