CAPTER1- Handsome with a side of cold

Lets be honest here its not easy being around boys all the for sure,but i like im at now is much better then ware i before i get you confused let me tell you how i ended up with the curtis brothers.

It was a normal day...for me at least.I was walking to the dingo (and no im not a greaser and im not a soc im just...ME. And i like that people leave me alone.)When i saw a blue mustang pull over to the side of the road and i saw about 5 socs jump out. I peeked aournd the corner of the lot to see what was going on thats when i saw all of them beating on this kid! Beleive me i realy wanted to help him i did but i dident want to risk my saftey. For only beating him for one minute they got him pretty god. I heard someong yell out behind me then the socs jump back into the car and drove off. Ponyboy. Thats and odd name,i liked it thoe it was unique. I saw 2 guys come running towerd the kid on the ground but i beat them to him. (the boys were very differnt one was tall with dark hair and soild cold eyes. While the other was realy handsome he had light brown hair with..whats the word? Understanding eyes you could seen them before they work at the DX gas staion.) ''Hey,kid are you okay? ''Come on are you..." I never got to finish because i was interupated by the two guys who i asumed were his brother caus they all looked alike. "pony come on pone are you ok come on get up." the handsome one said. The tall one just kept looking at me i just stared at the ground. I sighed a sign of releif when i saw the boy on the ground sit up. I felt releif for his brothers.