Chapter13:Still got the power?

My cheeks felt like they were on fire and i but it looked it to. They just stood their looking at me,but the strange part was when one by one they just walked back to their got Ange so mad.''AHH HELLO DO YOU NOT SEE THAT? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT?'' she yelled to Derry even thoe he was standing right next to they figure ''Us'' out? ''Just go to bed.'' Derry this point Angela had enought she rasied her voice to Der and NO one i mean no does know better.''NO I WONT YOU KNOW IF THAT WERE ME YOU WOULD BE YELLING AT ME AND...'' ''HEY WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT RAISEING YOUR VOICE? I SAID GO TO YOUR ROOM KNOW!'' Derry said ''But..'' ''YOUR GROUNDED FOR A WEEK NOW UNLESS YOU WANT TO MAKE IT TWO GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!'' Angela knew she was storming away she looked at me with the most evil stare ever.I tell you if looks could kill i would have died a long time i do still have the still felt awkwerd with Derry just standing their stareing.''Out.'' he said to Pone did as he was told cause he knew Derry was still he left Der slamed the door shut and it was nice while it tell the truth i think the only reason why he never yelled at me was that my parents had died less than 10 hours ago.I never went back to sleep i just stared at the celling til i heard someone get was going to be a veary long day.