The Jacob Chronicles:

Project Freedom:

Chapter 1:

4/20/2725 9:00

USMC Calendar

Corona Colony

Cpt. Carlos Ramirez

Cpt. Ramirez was standing in front of large tanks full of a gelatinous green goo. He had read the file he was given but didn't remember it saying anything about these. Code name S.P.A.R.T.A.N. was being being re-initiated. He heard the stories about a project that consisted of a group of heroes. These heroes were the best of the best and stood against an enemy that no other would or could take on. They were all slaughtered and killed in a war against a set of Alien races called the Covenant and eventually the Forerunners. Before now he thought they were just stories passed down generation by generation originally told to give people hope. Now, he knew they existed and they were killed defending a planet lost to a once great enemy. He wondered why the USMC had briefed him on this project.

"Greetings Cpt. Ramirez." said a voice from behind him. He nearly jumped out of his boots at the sound of the cold voice. He turned around to see a stern looking woman in a lab coat. "I'm Dr. Hunter. I'll be your be handler for this mission. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am what is my mission exactly ma'am?" he questioned her. She laughed a little then she seemed softer.

"No need for that ma'am stuff call me Rue but, none of things said in this room will ever leave. Understood?"

"Understood ma'...Rue." he answered.

"Your mission is to collect subjects for the S.P.A.R.T.A.N. program. If you are to leak any of this information to the public you will be...well erased. Understood?"


"Your first subject is Jacob Romanov. Your file is on the table over there.

5/02/2725 21:00

USMC Calendar

Corona Colony

Sub:Jacob Romanov

When Jacob went to bed he had know idea what was going to happen to him. He was about to go to sleep when he heard a loud banging at the door. He heard his father get up to answer the door.

"Can I help you?" He heard his father's deep voice say. He had always looked up to his father he was a marine. He didn't really understand what that meant all he knew was that he was a hero. His father's arm was a nub but, he had a metal prosthetic.

"Sorry to do disturb you ,Sgt. Romanov, but, your son has been called to take some vaccines for several diseases. I'll collect him and have him returned by tomorrow night." said an unfamiliar voice. It had an accent that he didn't recognize.

"Understood. Come in...?" His father questioned.

"Cpt. Ramirez" said the stranger.

"Captain? Seems pretty high rank for a collection job." Said he father again with a questioning voice.

"Yeah we're a little short-handed at the base so they sent me." explained Cpt. Ramirez.

"Well, I just put him to bed I'll go get him." His father was about to go retrieve him but, Jacob met him at the stairs.

"Hello Cpt. Ramirez" greeted Jacob.

"Hello Jacob. Ready to go?" said Cpt. Ramirez in a voice you use to talk to a child. Jacob was not a child he was six years old he thought to himself. He walked up to Cpt. Ramirez took his hand and said.


5/03/2725 5:00

USMC Calendar

S.P.A.R.T.A.N. 4 Project HQ

Dr. Rue Hunter

She looked up from her desk to see here second in command ,Dr. Miranda Martin.

"The subjects have arrived ,Rue." the shorter woman stated.

"Good, are they in the auditorium?" said Rue.

"Yes ma'am along with their handlers." said Miranda.

"Let's go then." said Rue.

When they got there the boys and girls were lined up with their handlers. They all seemed confused about where they were and how they got there. She was a little nervous about their reactions to what she's about to say to them. One was emotionless. It made her wonder who he was. There was a one way mirror between them but he seemed to be staring right at her.

"Who is that boy?" she asked pointing at him.

"That's Jacob 636." Said Dr. Martin looking at her clipboard. "Why do you ask?"

"Nothing. Just something about him seems different. I see the future of this program in him."

Authors Note: So that's Chapter 1. I could use some ideas for the other spartans remember this is over 100 years after the fall of reach and the end of the Covenant VS Humans war. So there can be some descendants of some main characters in there to (please no joking around trying to make a serious story) Also there is only three hundred subjects #601-900. So include numbers, name and future specialties. Facial Characteristics and Personality traits should be in there too. Jacob is going to be part of black team. Teams have specialties. Here is the teams.









These teams do not dictate armor color. There MJOLNIR armor has an auto camo system. So armor color and design depends on specialty and personal preference.