The Jacob Chronicles
Project Freedom:
Chapter 14

6/28/2738 11:00
UNSC Calendar
Surface of Morain-3
MSPO: Jacob Romanov

He had his jet pack on. It had a full fuel cell along with the rest of his team. He looked at them they were beaten, sad, and downtrodden. Vanessa's visor was still crushed and broken. Tristen was still nowhere to be seen.
White team never rendezvoused. This mission is still on but it's failing. We lost Lemar and most of the ODSTs. None of the spartans have died... yet. Jacob couldn't help but feel lost.
He told Dalton to prepare the EMP missile. The larger spartan bent over and prepared the missile.
Even the fun loving Dalton was gloomy. Daltons voice remained calm and serious. Jacob knew what he was feeling. He knew what they were all feeling.
Would they fall. Would they fall like the other spartans. If so who would be the last. Would they fail. Know wanted to bear the thought.
Jacob was still deep in thought about the subject when the missile shot into the air.
"Missiles off, we have only a five minute window to get up there. Lets hurry." he ordered. He pushed a button on his control pad and he launched off. The others weren't short behind.
The ship had a open dock on the outside just next to them. The packs were fast but the purge saw this coming.
There was a loud bang noise. The noise sent a shudder through the spartans.
"Put on some heat we need to get into that gap." Jacob commanded. The door continued to close. Jacob looked to his left.
He saw a large black body flying toward the gap. Dalton. Dalton turned off his pack and was now hurtling toward the gap. He got there just before the door was too small to pass. He caught the door. Jacob saw X hurtling behind him. X started to hold the door as well. Jacob saw there armor straining to support the weight.
There was plasma blasting past the two spartans. Jacob had to hurry. He turned his jetpack off and dove into the gap. Jacob quickly got to his feet.
He looked around and saw nine purge. He took his knife and caught the one to him in the face just as a plasma blast downed his shield. He charged for the next one. The large gray alien pointed the gun at him. Jacob grabbed the weapon and crushed it and the hand holding it.
The alien gave a short scream before Jacobs knife embedded itself in the aliens throat.
A much larger alien started charging for Jacob before, a bullet blasted through the side of its gross twisted face.
Jacob turned to see Lilinette delivered the shot. Vanessa was shooting in another direction. Dalton and Xavier let go of the door when everyone got in. The door quickly slammed shut. Right on Daltons misplaced leg.
Dalton screamed in pain. He fell to the ground. Xavier was able to lift the door but, it was too late. His leg was obliterated. His shield kept it from destroying it for half a second but, not long enough.
Jacob saw an open door to the right. A way in. There wasn't anymore aliens inside but, a bay door opened revealing many many more.
"We need to go!" Xavier shouted.
"We can't leave Dalton." Lilinette responded.
"But, We can't move him." Vanessa stated.
"Then we need to stay!" Lilinette shouted.
"We stay we die." Xavier shouted back.
"We can't leave him." Lilinette commanded. Her voice cracking. Jacob could hear it. Jacob understood her. She lost Zac now Dalton.
"You have to." Dalton announced. "I got my gun I'll kill as many of them as can."
Lilinette was trying to disagree but, Xavier picked her up as he was running out the door. Too much to Lilinette's protest they had to continue.
They were running down the hallway when they heard an explosion behind them. They all stopped.
"No." Lilinette sighed collapsing to her knees after Xavier set her down. Jacob felt his heart drop. Dalton his best friend.
"Dalton's gone but we need to go." Marcus piped up.
"He's right let's go."Jacob said. His voice still tainted with sadness. They proceeded on slowly and quietly. Jacob's mind kept drifting off to Dalton. He couldn't believe that he was dead. He imagined Daltons face. When they were young boys, before he got shot, before he was augmented, before everything. His witty smile wouldn't leave his mind.
The group stopped when they got to a ward in the ship that looked like a prison there were cells everywhere. They looked around people were in each cell. Some were empty. Some had people who looked like they had just been put there. Some looked like old and mangled.
Jacob bodies everywhere. The purge was trying to find the best way to kill humans. The group wandered the halls trying to find the way the way to some kind of power source or control room. The wandered aimlessly through the halls. This prison ward never seemed to end. Halls and halls of test subjects everywhere.
Why was this place deserted. No purge anywhere. They came across a large room full of prisoners. They were in cryo sleeping tubes along the walls. They were looking at all the prisoners when...
"I found something." Vanessa said to the group. She was standing in front a cryo tube.
"What did you find?" Jacob asked approaching where she was standing. He stopped in his tracks when he saw what is was. "Tristan?"
"I don't think so." Vanessa answered. "His armor is aged. It's not even mark VIII. Hell, it's not even mark VI."
"But, No one has been using armor that old in two hundred years." Marcus stated.
"Who is he?" Xavier asked.
"Only one way to find out." Jacob answered. Jacob walked up to some kind of control panel. He looked at and started pushing some buttons. He hoped one of these would open the cryo-tube. He been tapping buttons for a few seconds. One apparently worked, the tube started warming up.
A few moments in silence later, man inside fell out. He fell on his hands and knees
and looked around. He jumped back to his feet, looking ready to kill someone.
"Who are you?" He shouted in a calm commanding voice. "How'd I get here."
He quickly bolted into action. He grabbed Vanessa pistol and grabbed Xavier by the neck pointing the pistol's barrel to Xavier's head.
"We are spartans." Jacob informed the man.
"I know all the spartans. I am a spartan and you aren't." He said angrily.
"We are spartans as well and we have no clue who you are." Jacob respond. Xavier didn't move and sat calmly.
"If your spartans prove it." The man commanded
"Okay." Xavier said. He quickly grabbed the man's gun. While holding the man's arm he threw him over his shoulder and all the way across the room. Slamming him into another cryo tube smashing the window. Nitrogen gas started pouring into the room.
"Xavier!" Vanessa shouted.
"Don't worry his shield should have taken the hit. He should be fine." he said.
"He doesn't have a shield. He's wearing mark IV armor." Vanessa answered back.
"If he's a spartan he won't be hurt either." Xavier replied.
"Die covenant." shouted the man from the smoke. The spartans were waiting for him to attack but, no one came out of the smoke.
"Turn on thermals." Jacob commanded. They saw a small thermal signature. Then a faded blue signature flashed across their huds. "Bravo Formation pattern 2-3-6."
The spartans organized themselves in a tight pattern Jacob in the front Xavier, Vanessa taking up the side and Lilinette shortly behind them.
They fanned through the smoke. Looking for the man or whatever had come out of that casing. The smoke was thick and was covering whatever kind of thermal signatures were in hidden deep in the smoke.
A flash of red, something is moving and fast. They paced slowly through the smoke. They proceeded like this for a few seconds before Jacobs foot came into contact with a lump. He looked down. He saw a faint heat signature.
"Cover me I've found the spartan." Jacob announced. He activated a vital scan on the man. He was alive but barely he had a major rupture in the breastplate of his armor. Piercing into one of his lungs. He would be okay if the air in here hadn't dropped to -25 Co.
"See anything?" Xavier asked the others in the group. "I'm not getting anything."
"Clear here too." Vanessa responded. Fanning back and forth.
"I've got a signature but it's faint." Lilinette informed over coms. "I've got a lock on it."
"I don't care. Move out." Jacob ordered picking up the spartan from the ground. The man's wound freshly bio foamed. "We must continue on to the objective. John run a scan of the ship and set an objective trail."
"Already done Jacob. Follow the blue objective markers." John informed the group.
"Let's get a move on." Jacob announced. Walking along the path holding the man in a firemans carry over his left shoulder his rifle in his right hand. Trouble is under foot.

I know dont say it took me a while sorry. Hope you enjoyed though. Ill try to get out another few chapters.