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Chapter 1 Back

Hermione knocked on the door of 12 Grimuald and found Harry at the door smiling when he recognized the untamed brown curls of his best friend Hermione Granger.

"Harry we need to talk." She hissed urgently. He had not heard that tone of voice since their days fighting Voldemort two years ago.

Harry Potter opened the door wide motioning for her to enter.

Hermione moved past him and found Ginny in the hall holding their two month old son James. "Hello Ginny. James looks adorable as ever." Smiling as Ginny looked back with a smile. "I need to talk to Harry privately and hope you don't mind?"

Ginny chuckled sensing her friend's request to be alone with her husband. "Of course not Hermione. Besides its time for me to feed James."

Harry watched his wife move up the stairs before turning to his friend. "What has you worried Hermione? Don't lie because I remember your tone from school."

Hermione glanced at the covered portrait of Mrs. Black. "Can we talk somewhere private?"

Harry motioned here down the hall and led her out of his house and into the small garden in the backyard. "No prying portraits and safe enough here." Looking through his round glasses in concern.

Hermione looked around noticing the quiet of a summer evening. "Harry, Ron has been missing for a week. Have you heard from him?"

Harry looked at her surprised. "No but he requested time off for a month to Madame Marchbanks last week. I did not think of it, figuring you guys were going on vacation."

"Ron's been acting strange since that Auoror assignment to Albania three weeks ago Harry. He stopped talking and always watched me."

"Have you been having marital problems Hermione? He's been the same old Ron around me." Watching her eyes brighten in anger for a moment before going back to normal.

"No Harry. We've been happy for the last four years. We've actually talked of starting a family now that I have passed my Potions apprenticeship and now a Master of Potions. He's been very understanding of me."

Hermione pulled Harry close to her. "I know the Department of Magical Law Enforcement has ways of tracking wizards Harry."

Harry sighed. "I'll talk to Madame Marchbank Hermione. She is the only one that can approve the tracking of citizens. I can't guarantee she'll approve as Ron does not have a criminal record. I'll talk to Minister Shacklebot about your concerns as well. Can you pull your memories of the last three weeks with Ron? It will help with things."

Hermione smiled and pulled out an empty phial and her wand with Harry watching her pull silver tendrils and placed it in a phial and capped it before handing it to him. "Thanks Harry you're the best."


Ron arrived at the remote Albanian village of Teth feeling pulled to it. He walked past a river and made his way into the village. He felt the promise whispered when he was here before of success and to stand and be recognized in his own right. Then Hermione would not visit Harry. Despite the four years of marriage he was not sure remembering Hermione kissing Harry in the locket.

But being here promised him something more. The promise that she would realize what she had with him.

A voice whispered in his head. "Come to me Ronald Weasley and you will have all that you have ever desired."

He smiled and made his way further into the village and found himself in front of an inn. Walking in he stated his name and the old woman grunted out in English. "You have a room Mr. Weasley." Sliding a key to him. "Room 8 and enjoy your stay in Teth."

Ron thanked her not noticing the faraway look in the muggle's eyes and took the key and made his way up to the room.

Opening the door with his key he walked in and froze as an icy feeling enveloped him.

A blue pulsating orb rushed toward him and entered his chest causing the red headed wizard to fall on the floor panting.

A cold voice sounded in his head. "You listened to me when last here Ronald Weasley. Do not fight me and I will take you to what you desire. Success? Done. Despite being married to you you continue to worry of her and Harry Potter. You can have another more worthy of your affection. Someone who is easily controlled and will be owned by you.. Yes Ronald Weasley I can do that for you.

"Hand me down clothes, last son ignored and not thought of by the parent. No success to claim as your own as you ride on the coat tails of Potter as an Aurour. Nothing for yourself, not even your wife."

"That's not true!" Ron shouted out in the empty room.

A cold chuckle sounded. "You know that it is young wizard. Feel my weavening. I know your desire. Do not fight me." Fighting the intrusion and cursed himself for coming back to Albania.

Ron panted out fighting the intrusion and his resolve weakened. He was weak. He should have moved forward from his insecurities but could not. He fleetingly thought of his wife. Hermione I'm sorry.

His body began to shake uncontrollably and felt his skin morph and screamed out before moaning.

"Who are you?" He spoke weakly feeling his life slip away.

Ron heard himself chuckle. "Oh you know me Ronald Weasley. After all you and your friends defeated me four years ago."

"Oh my Gods! Harry killed you!"

"You are such a fool Ronald Weasley. You have given me life and I thank you for that."

Ron felt his soul pushed out of his body and found DEATH looking at him.

"DEATH! You know who he is. I must warn them!"

DEATH looked to the form standing beside him. "The affairs of the world are no longer yours Ronald Weasley. It is time for you to go." Holding his bony hand out to the whispery form.

They looked at the body on the floor with Ron noticing it was not him but a brown haired younger wizard.

"Please DEATH! You know what he is capable of." Ron pleaded.

DEATH grabbed his hand. "It matters not young wizard. You are dead and have no imprint or input to the living. The Veil awaits you."

DEATH escorted the crying wizard to the entrance to the Veil and let go of his hand. "Go Ronald Bilius Weasley and find peace."

Ron looked to DEATH. "I failed her."

DEATH moved the curtain of the Veil aside and a bright light spilled out. "I do not judge Ronald Bilius Weasley. That is what the Veil does as I merely escort."

Ron wiped his eyes and looked to the dark specter for a moment before moving to the light.


Severus Snape paused for a moment feeling the Mark burn on his left arm and rubbed it garnering the notice of his class. Pain flared from it off and on for the last four years and he ignored it knowing the Dark lord was dead.

He looked to his Second year Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw class. "Get back to work!" He snarled out.