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Chapter 50 Pawns

Binns woke up from a dream smiling. Not a dream but a summons By the Lord of Darkness. He always knew he was a perfect vessel of darkness

He found himself prostate in front of the blackest throne he ever seen, flicking firelight from the scones in the dark room glistened making the throne seem as on fire. What the hell? He bowed to no man.

A cold voice boomed out causing him to shiver. "I'm pleased to hear that for I am not a man Voldemort. Do you know where you are?"

"Lord of Darkness you have called your servant?" He stuttered out and cursed. "I am not a weak knee boy!"

A cold chuckled sounded out. "I've not called many to me as most are pitiful and uses the guise of Dark for their own gain and eventually fall when the Light rises up to fight them. Much like you but this time around you are my perfect vessel."

Voldemort looked up to the throne and found a scaly green hand revealed on the arm of the glistening black throne.

"I have information to pass to you." The cold voice whispered and watched the bowed mortal shudder in pleasure. "Come to me."

Voldemort stood and watched a green finger curl and beckoned to him. Moving to the throne he leaned in and felt the hand pull him down. "You are in danger. The Order knows of you."

"My Lord I know every member of the Order of the Phoenix. My plans to eliminate them will be completed in time." Voldemort spoke respectfully.

"Foolish mortal there is more than one. I talk of the Order of the Light. They have been watching you because of your assassin. The leader of that group has thwarted me for centuries. If you do not address them you will fail." Pushing the mortal away from him and stood up.

"Kill all of the Light save her and turn her to me." Darkness whispered and pulled the mortal to him and kissed him, holding tightly to the man and his forked tongue snake down, holding tightly at the resistance before feeling acceptance.

Voldemort fell to the floor shaking and found the Lord of the Dark seated once gain in the throne.

"You have command of all the dark forces of your world. Do not disappoint me."

And that was why he found himself smiling before frowning. His assassin was working on his own and he would address it.

No sense to call the wizard to him as he knew his true form and in his house in the Wizarding world.


Slighlty groaned out feeling his Mark burn. After the fiasco at Felicia's he went back to the witch Mundungus introduced for him after a few hours at his safehouse.

Julia lay in the bed and heard him groan out holding his hand, watching him move from the bed and dressed. "I have business to attend to witch."

Julia pouted. "You are the most interesting I've had in a while. Please come back soon."

Slightly leaned down and kissed the witch, feeling connected for the first time in his life. "I'll be back Julia as long as you promise I am yours and exclusive to me until whatever we have ends."

Julia giggled. "I promise because I am rich because of my ex-husband. I only do this to have fun."

She watched the wizard leave and moved to the bed stand next to the bed and pulled the drawer open and picked up a coin. In the past Mundungus only brought members of the Outer Circle of Voldemort in the past. She turned the coin and thought for a moment. The message would go to the leader of the Order of the Phoenix, whoever it was this time. It was Dumbledore in the past but who knew who it was this time.


Harry felt his coin burn and pulled it out of his pocket. He watched the message flare out. "Jonathan has left, rubbing his left hand. Julia"

"I have a message from a member of the Order that I do not know of." Harry growled out holding the coin up. "It says Jonathan is leaving rubbing his left hand. Anyone have an idea?"

The room went silent and Mundungus chuckled. "Aye Harry. I took the assassin of Voldemort to Julia. Albus tasked me in the past to provide those loyal to Voldemort to her in the past o to use her particular skill to gather information. I have not contacted her in years and she thinks the man I presented is part of that. The coin she has leads to the current Leader of the Phoenix. No one knew of it because Albus made me swear not to reveal her. "

Harry smiled. "Mundungus you are a gift as we have an unknown spy. The man rubbing his hand indicates a different Mark from what we are used to."

He thought for a moment and turned the coin. "I'll not keep secrets from you. I told her to contact us if he returns to her."


Slightly Aparrated to Binns cottage and looked to his master. "You have need of me My Lord."

Binns pulled his wand out . "Kneel Slightly!" Binns demanded coldly.

He did as he was told and looked into ice cold blue cold eyes void of emotion. The man was angry and yet different.

"Did you lose something Slightly? Something you did not tell me about?" High cold voice sounding out.

Sightly shivered. "My Lord I have been followed after the debates and suspected it was the Order of the Phoenix. A wizard was not as attentive as he should have been and caught him unaware. It took twelve hours but I found out there is a new Order my Lord. One that is centuries old that watches for the Dark."

Binns chuckled. "The Order of the Light."

Slightly did not react at the words. "I went to inform you but you were not here. I went back to Felicia's where I held him and found the door locked. A thief told me that the Madame holds special nights and the establishment and not free for six hours. I came back after that time and found the entrance warded. It took little time to break them and was in. The entire establishment was empty of patrons and her girls. I found a parchment informing me that Harry Potter purchased the establishment. I went to my special room and my captive was not there. Based on the parchment Harry Potter rescued him."

"Rise Slightly!" Binns commanded.

Slightly rose and waited for the expected torture. "Because of your indiscretion I am more powerful than I was before. I will not punish you tonight but you will tell me before you act in your personal interest."

"Your will my Lord." Slightly murmured out.

Binns held out his hand. "It is time to recruit and you will accompany me."

Slightly grasped Binns's hand and felt himself melt away and found himself at the gates of Hogwarts.

He watched his Lord enter the gates in shock for Hogwarts held the highest wards that he could not break.

Binns looked to his minion and chuckled, motioning him to follow. He followed and found himself deep into the Forbiddden Forest and felt a silky cold iciness envelope him.

"For your protection Slightly." Binns murmured and motioned to him to follow.

Soon they entered a clearing and arrows shot out and bounced harmlessly away.

Banes, the leader of the heard of Centaurs of the forest rushed forward holding a bow armed with anarrow in his hand, pulled pack and ready to strike. "I do not recognize you wizard. You welcome death for treading on my herd's land!"

"Spare the theatrics Bane!" Binns' demanded and held up his hand watching the half man- half horse snarl and bow down to him.

"You know what I am horse?"

Banes snorted out in anger at the slur and looked back to his herd finding all bowed snorting in disgust. "You are the Dark predicted for centuries." He snorted out.

"I am and if you want your herd to live you will do as I command." Binns whispered out in a silky, hypnotizing voice.

Banes remained bowed, snorting in anger. "Dark does not affect us Prince of Dark. My herd will not hinder you to those you seek in this forest for the stars have predicted you!" Ignoring the snorts of fear from his herd forced to bow down to the wizard, feeling the darkness of the majiks

Binns chuckled. "I might let your herd live Banes. I am undecided at this time and will address it later. Do not confront me and those of mine when we enter here." Turning and motioned Slightly to follow him deeper into the forest.

The herd remained bowed and felt the magiks release when the wizard was away.

Firenze picked himself up and snorted before trotting up to his leader. "I warned you of the stars Bane."

Bane snorted out. "You did. Move our herd deep into the forest so I can council the stars."

Firenze nodded and moved to the herd, whispering for them to pack up.


Two months passed and it was time for the election for the Minister of Magic and Harry waited at 12 Grimuald place for the results along with Ginny, Luna, Neville, Severus, and Hermione as the Wizarding Radio presented the votes village by village.

Hours passed and Temporary Minister Weasley's voice sounded out. "The votes have been gathered and I wish to announce that the next Minister of Magic is Thomas Binns. His swearing in will be in one month."

Ginny moved and turned the radio off and looked to her husband. "The vote went exactly as we expected Harry. We have one year to prepare."

Harry looked to those gathered and whispered. "That we do."

Hermione looked to her husband and whispered. "Severus, I need to talk to you."

Severus wrapped his arms around Hermione. "I'll be taking my wife away Harry. Begin to plan for we do not know how Binns will come out now that he has power."

Harry absently nodded and watched the couple leave.

Seveurs Apparated them back to her house pleased that Donovan and Erin was not up. Leading her up the stairs he opened the door to their bedroom and allowed her to enter first and followed behind her.

Hermione turned to him. "One year to plan Severus."

He watched her eyes and fond them sad and moved to her. "Yes but why are you sad Hermione? The vote was not unexpected.'" He murmured out, pulling her closely to him and breathed in the jasmine scent of her hair.

Hermione pulled his right hand and placed it on her stomach. "Severus, I will bear you a child. I hate to bring him into a world uncertain. How will I explain it?"

Severus smiled. "I never thought there would be one to carry on my name. Let's celebrate." Moving to kiss her gently as he laid her down on their bed.

Outside the closed door Erin and Donovan listened as Hermione cry out her husband's name.

Erin whispered out. "The stage is set then."

"For better or ill Erin." Donovan whispered to her and led her to the opposite door and led her in and kissed her passionately.


Deep within the bowels of the Department of Mystery a globe pulsed in a bright blue light with the name of Hermione and Severus Snape revealed on the gold plate

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