Author's notes – some of these idea's were taken from my other story in progress, "A New Dark Lord," though the plotline will be entirely different. This story assumes that Harry would have had a much different perspective on the muggle world coming from the Dursely's.

Chapter One

Walking out of Gringotts at the side of a giant of a man that had introduced himself as Rubeus Hagrid, a scrawny raven haired boy named Harry Potter was franticallyattempting to comprehend what had happened in the past three hours. Hagrid had told him of his fame by now and was just finishing his high praise of Hogwarts and their headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. However, Harry had already phased the burly oaf's words from his mind as he rambled on, hoping to find someone that seemed a bit shaper to introduce him to the wizarding world. It had seemed odd to him that the gamekeeper had been sent to retrieve him in the first place, particularly since he was informed that he a celebrity of sorts.

Reaching Madam Malkins, Hagrid paused for a moment as he opened the door for Harry and looked at his pocket watch. "Er…arry', go ahead and get watcha need ere'," he said hesitantly, "I've got some business to take care of next door. Just wait ere', I'll be back in a few, alright?"

Slightly confused as to what Hagrid could possibly have to take care of at what appeared to be a pub next door, Harry only nodded his head in consent while he walked into the store and took the letter from his pocket to see what he was required to purchase. Before he could even unfold the letter though, a small plump woman with rosy cheeks and a cheerful disposition approached him with a motherly smile spread across her face.

"First year Hogwarts!" the woman asked politlely.

Again, Harry simply replied with a nod and courteous 'Yes Ma'am' as he was lead to one of the platformsx to be fitted. As Madam Malkin started to take his measurements, he noticed a pale boy with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes observing him from the platform next to his.

"You're a first year at Hogwarts?" the boy asked enthusiastically.

"Yes…and yourself?" Harry inquired.

"Same….My father's across the street getting my books right now. My name's Malfoy, Draco Malfoy," he responded with noticeable pride in his tone as he stuck out his hand.

"Harrison," Harry replied cautiously as he shook the other boy's hand, "Harrison, Potter."

Pausing for a moment with widened eyes, the pale boy continued with a mixture of awe and curiosity, "You mean…. Harry Potter? The Harry Potter?"

"Yes..." Harry answered tirelessly. "But… Everyone's already made a fuss over me today. So if you don't mind, I would prefer Harrison in public."

Trying to conceal his face with a mask of indifference, Draco was taken aback at his response as he quickly apologized "Of course… My apologies, Harrison. So…Do you know what house you'll be sorted into? I know I'll be in Slytherin of course," he stated with a hint of aristocratic pride," just like my entire family. My father says it would be a crime to end up anywhere else, though I suppose Ravenclaw wouldn't be too bad."

"I haven't really thought about it much actually… I only found out I was a wizard just a few days ago when I got my letter from Hog-"

"You only found out a few days ago?" interruped Malfoy with a bewildered expression. "What do you mean? Where have you been all this time?"

"Well…I was raised by my aunt and uncle in Surrey. Today's my first day to even step foot in the wizarding world," Harry responded gloomily.

"Wow…. That must have been awful!" Draco exclaimed sincerely. "They're muggles, yes?"

Remembering what Hagrid had told him about non magical folks, he replied with a nod as Madam Malkin cut in. "All done with the measurements," she chimed. "Just the school robes for you my dear?"

"No Ma'am," Harry replied thoughtfully, thinking of his newfound wealth. He hadn't a pair of decent clothes in the wizarding world and by what the goblins had told him at Gringotts he was one of the wealthiest individuals in all of England. It was about time he threw away the raggedy hand-me-downs he was required to adorn every morning, he thought to himself.

"I'll need a completely new wardrobe as well. Whatever your finest boots are, along with casual and dress silk robes of…" Harry paused in thought for a brief moment, "black, silver, and green please."

"Of course," Madam Malkim replied delightedly. "Come back in about an hour and I should have everything ready for you dear."

Nodding courteously, the woman bustled off as Harry caught a barely noticeable grin on Malfoy's face. "I thought you said you hadn't decided what house you'll be in yet," Draco said slyly.

"I haven't… I don't even know anything about the houses," Harry stammered. "Hagrid said something but…well…I wasn't really listening to him at the time. He doesn't seem like the most reliable source of information anyway."

Laughing at his statement, Draco put a friendly arm around his shoulder as he stepped down from the platform. "I think you should meet my father, Potter. You would like him. I'm sure he'd be glad to give you a proper introduction to the wizarding world."

"Well…" Harry hesitated, not sure if he should leave the shop without Hagrid. "I guess I could meet him just for a moment. But I have to meet Hagrid back here pretty soon and-"

Just then, as if on cue, a regal looking man with long blond hair and polished aristocratic features, accompanied with a stern countenance and sparkling hazel eyes, walked through the door with a beautiful blonde lady at his side.

"There you are!" Draco announced as the couple walked over to the two boys. "Father! I have someone you'd like to meet. This is Harry…er…Harrison Potter. Can he come shopping with us?"

For a fleeting moment, Harry could have sworn he noticed a glimpse of shock written on the man's face, but it quickly disappeared as the man collected himself and stuck out his hand. "Lucius Malfoy..." he spoke in a calculating manner. " It is an honor to finally meet your acquaintance….Harrison?"

"Only today in public… but yes. It's a pleasure to meet you too sir," Harry said as he shook Lucius's hand.

Staring at the boy for a moment as they shook hands, Lucius's eyes quickly turned into bright pools of curiosity as he scanned the child from head to toe. There were bruises covering much of his body, a relatively deep gash under his left eye that appeared to be fresh as well as a number of other minor cuts on his knees; baggy muggle clothing that could have been mistaken for rags along with a pair of glasses held together by duck tape at his nose. Not in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that he would meet the savior of the wizarding world in such a deplorable condition.

"Would you require a chaperone today, Harrison?" Lucius asked cordially, pretending to be blind to the boy's appearance for the time being.

"Well… Hagrid told me to stay here….but I suppose-"

"Rubeus Hagrid?" Lucius cut in as Harry was interrupted again.

"Yes sir….I think that's his name. He said he had business to take care of next door for a moment," Harry replied.

Trying to hide another puzzling expression, Lucius went on with a rather disgusted tenor. "Yes… Hagrid wouldhave business in a pub. And to think….Dumbledore leaving you in his care? How awful...I insist you come with us Mr. Potter!" Lucius offered magnanimously. "Don't worry about Rubeus, I'll notify Dumbledore on the matter later. It's an absolute disgrace that he endowed him with the responsibility of looking after you in the first place."

Before Harry could even get a word out in response, his hand was immediately grabbed by Mr. Malfoys's as he was lead out the door with Draco and Narcissa in tow. As they exited, Harry looked back to make sure Hagrid didn't see him before uttering a barely audible 'Thank you Mr. Malfoy.'

"Think nothing of it Harrsison," Lucius responded curtly. "This certainly isn't the first time I've had to correct Dumbledore's idiocy."

"Dumbledore…He's the headmaster of Hogwarts, yes?" Harry asked innocently, having heard his name a number of times already.

"Why…Of course he is," Lucius answered in a rather astonished tone as his eyes shot up again at the remark. "Do you not know who Albus Dumbledore is?"

"Father," Draco spoke up in sympathy, "Harrison only just found out he was a wizard a few days ago when his letter arrived. He was raised by his aunt and uncle…. muggles. He doesn't even know anything about the houses at Hogwarts yet."

At this, Narcissa let out an audible gasp as Lucius was unable to maintain his mask of indifference any longer. His head turned to Harry once again, but this time he was eyeing him as if an angel had just placed the savior of the wizarding world at his feet, a complete stranger to the world around him ready to be groomed for whatever he was destined for. For years Lucius had wondered where the-boy-who-lived had gone, always assuming the son of James Potter would be placed in the pampering care of some wealthy light wizarding family that only Dumbledore deemed appropriate.

"Muggles? Lucius asked rhetorically in a disgusted tone. "May I inquire to ask as to why…Mr. Potter… that you were placed with such filth?"

Harry, now thinking of his dead parents and the swelling hatred he carried for the Dursley's, slowly shook his head as his eyes began to tear up slightly. Lucius watched the boy with great interest as he slowed down and put his hand on Harry's shoulder. He wasn't a master of legillemency, but it didn't take a genius to deduce from the boy's appearance that he had been ill treated at home.

"Of course you don't… I apologize Harrison. No magical child should ever have to be raised by muggles, it's an outrage that Dumbledore would have allowed such a thing. If it were up to me, it would be a crime," Lucius spoke firmly while Harry looked up in admiration. It had only been a few moments, but he was starting to like the Malfoy's more and more as they neared the Magical Managerie to select an owl.

As Draco was speaking with his mum behind them, Lucius was careful as he prodded on, seeing that he had caught the boy's attention. "Can you tell me Harrison… Did the muggles treat you well?"

At first, Lucius tensed slightly at asking this question, one which he already knew the answer to. He knew it wasn't proper to ask him such a question as he had only known the boy for ten minutes, but again he was astonished with the child's response. It sounded as the boy had no one to trust or empty his heart to, no one in the muggle world that cared for him at all. Yet, here he was ready to spill almost everything with just a few moments of affection by his own kind. Harry willingly, yet vaguely, explained his living conditions in a rather shaky voice to Mr. Malfoy. He left out a few of the more embarrassing details, but told him that the Dursley's hated magic and that he had been forced to sleep in a cupboard for years.

Needless to say, Lucius could hardly believe his ears by the time Harry had finished. How Dumbledore could have possibly let this happen to his golden boy, the 'savior' of the wizarding world, was an absolute enigma. He figured that maybe the old coot had finally gone off his rocker and somehow remained blind to the boy's upbringing, keeping his eyes averted from the situation with his ever sustaining faith in the goodness of humanity. Or another possibility, Lucius thought, was that the headmaster had a design of his own by leaving him with muggles. Either way, he planned on reporting him to the ministry at once, as well as using whatever mad scheme he had cooked up against him in any way possible.

Stopping at the entrance of the Magical Menagerie, he looked down at Harry with a sympathetic smile– Draco and Narcissa still behind him.

"Do you understand why they did this to you Harrison?" Mr. Malfoy asked calmly.

Seeing Harry shake his head as he stared at the ground with a miserable expression, Lucius quickly answered for him. "Because Harry… Muggles fear what they do not know. They are the lowest form of humanity the world has to offer. Like worms in the dirt, all muggles are the same….fearful, barbaric, greedy and senseless. You will find that some wizards…like Dumbeldore, do not see it this way. They label themselves as 'light' wizards," Lucius scoffed slightly, "and gladly accept muggle filth in our society without question. They even encourage it, unfortunately."

"W-Why?" Harry stutteredweakly. "If I hadn't thought I was some freak…. Or if I had known there was a world of my kind or…or-"

"It is because Dumbledore and his followers, or… the light," Lucius rolled his eyes this time, almost forgetting he was speaking to a child, "see themselves as the all knowing moral crusaders, destined to put an end to whatever theyconsider 'dark.'. In reality though…they speak of what they know little of, which is in part why you ended up with your wretched aunt and uncle… And never refer to yourself as a freak. You are just like Draco, Narcissa, and I. You are simply better. It is no more complicated than that Harrison. Muggles do not possess magic because they were created beneath us. Of all people, you should understand this after living with them for the past decade, no?"

Thinking of almost everyone he had ever met – as small a number as that was – Harry couldn't really think of anyone in particular that had ever really treated him well while living at the Dursely's. Even at school the other kids always believed whatever Dudley and his gang told them, accusing him of being a freak or even a demon at times. Then when his teachers found out exactly what his aunt and uncle really thought of him, they either paid no attention to him or berated him for causing wild and unexplainable occurrences in class, often referring to him as a'little devil." In all, his life in the muggle world had been a living hell. Sometimes he wished he had just been left at an orphanage where he would have at least been given proper sustenance and living arrangements. As it was though, he was very much compelled to agree with Mr. Malfoy's sentiments. 'Muggles' were responsible for his torments up until now, and their actions were very arguably derived from the elements Lucius spoke of: fear, barbarism, and sometimes blatant stupidity or greed. It seemed as if they were nothing like the Malfoy family, who seemed to be pretty decent human beings to Harry in their short time together.

"I guess I…I didn't know," Harry spoke softly. "I just don't understand why I was left with…with...muggles."

"Nor do I Harrison…Nor do I. But I can assure you I will find out at once. Dumbledore has a lot to answer to this time," Lucius said confidently, still attempting to draw the boy into his trust.

Nodding with a polite 'thank you' as they entered the shop, Draco took his side by him as they perused the store. He was beginning to feel quite comfortable with the Malfoy's now for only having known them a short time and it was starting to show as Draco put a hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Sorry mate….I didn't know you had it that rough. Filthy muggles…." Draco sympathized, trying to console his new acquaintance as he abruptly changed topics. "I told you that you'd like him though," the pale boy spoke proudly with a childish air. "Father knows what he's talking about. He's really important at the ministry as one of the leading Wizengamot members and all. He can tell you pretty much anything if you want to know the truth."

"Thanks Draco," Harry replied back with a grin. "Why are we here at the Magical Menagerie anyway? It says on the supply list you're supposed to pick up your owl at Owl's Emporium."

"The owls over there are all the same," Draco said in a mundane tone. "Common birds you can find just about anywhere in the magical world. These," he pointed in front of him at some exotic looking owls that almost looked as if they had been bread with eagles, "are much rarer species of owls. Most people don't even bother looking at them because they're so expensive, but father says their worth the extra galleons because they're so much quicker at carrying the post…. And quite difficult to intercept."

Looking over at Harry for a reply, Draco suddenly noticed that he had slowly begun to drift off into another section of the store a few feet from him and where the reptiles were held, only receiving a 'Yeah… that's interesting," in response.

"Harrison!" Draco raised his voice a tad, slightly annoyed at being ignored. "Why are you over there? I already asked father if I could get a snake. I hear a lot of people in Slytherin want one, but… they aren't allowed."

"Yeah..." Harry responded absentmindedly again as he was instinctively drawn towards the glass aquariums holding the snakes. Draco regarded him with curiosity for a moment as he watched Harry being lured to the serpents like a zombie.

"A human approachesss…" Harry heard one of the snakes hiss as he snapped out of his trance and noticed he was only a few feet away from some rather large snakes.

Remembering the boa constrictor that had spoken to him at the zoo with Dursely's, Harry wasn't exactly surprised to hear a voice this time. He figured that perhaps some snakes could speak with wizards.

"I don't mean you any harm…" Harry unknowingly hissed as if he was speaking to a puppy. "I was just noticed how beautiful you were and had to sssee you for myssself."

At that instant every snake in the store shot up from its' coiled positions and put their head against the glass, staring intently at the boy who had just spoken.

"A ssspeaker!" one of the serpents exclaimed.

"And ssso polite too!" another one hissed in a delighted fashion.

"There hassn't been a ssspeaker in ages!" a dark green rattlesnake hissed excitedly.

As the hissing grew louder and louder, Harry heard Lucius and Narcissa walk over towards him to see what the commotion was all about. Draco was already standing behind him with his mouth wide open, almost rendered speechless.

"F-Father!" Draco shouted with detectable fear in his voice as his dad stared at the hissing snakes with a suspicious eye. "It's Harrison! He was just talking with them! He's a…a parselmouth!"

Taking his eyes off the snakes and resting them on Harry with a raised eyebrow, Lucius opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out; Narcissa was now covering her own open mouth with her right hand. If anyone had ever told Lucius that Harry Potter – the hailed savior of the wizarding world - was a parselmouth who lived with two abusive muggles that treated him like a house-elf, he would have believed that person to be out of their mind. But here before him he started to recognize a grand opportunity that any Slytherin would deem foolish to deny. The boy-who-lived, ritually abused at the hands of muggles and now the world's only living parselmouth, needed just a fair bit of guidance to see the dark's cause as he and the rest of the young dark heirs did. Whatever made Dumbledore think he could just swoop in and take the lost and abused child under his wing the moment he arrived in the wizarding world with absolutely no interference, he did not know. However, it was clear to him the old man had made it all too easy for another to do the same, and it was here and now that Lucius's eyes were fully open to the miracle that had presented itself.

"Ah! This is wonderful news!" Lucius calmly congratulated Harry as he patted him on the back, leaving Draco a bit confused at his father's casual reaction. "It is quite the honor to possess such a unique ability in the wizarding world Harrison, also extremely rare. In fact…" Lucius let on a fake pause of thought, "Why don't you go ahead and get yourself a snake, Harrison. Hogwarts usually doesn't allow them… but, as governor of the school board I think I might be able to pull a few strings for you… if its' kept as a familiar of course," Lucius finished with a sly wink.

Though he didn't exactly understand what Mr. Malfoy meant by 'familiar,' Harrison's eyes lit up like they never had before as he thanked Mr. Malfoy over and over again. No one had ever gone out of their way just to make him happy before, and few things made him happier than another friend he could communicate with. Naturally, Lucius brushed off the boy's thanks and insisted on paying for the snake himself, as some of the magical species tended to be awfully expensive.

It took almost one half hour for Harry to finally choose his familiar, which resulted in an episode of jealousy and furious hissing from the other snakes. Still, the Malfoy's waited patiently and looked on with fascination throughout every minute, thanking Merlin that they were the only customers in the shop. In the end, Harry chose a horned water asp - an extremely rare species of snake in the wizarding world that was renowned for its mastery of camouflage and ability to prey on animals nearly ten times its size. Lucius also took the liberty of gifting him with the most expensive owl on display, the Egyptian Sand Owl. The Sand Owl was said to be nearly undetectable by the human eye at the heights and speed at which it flew, and though Harry still hadn't any idea why he might need such a bird simply to deliver his post, he was grateful nonetheless.

After they left the shop and headed towards Flourish and Botts for their school books, Harry put Aralias – the name his familiar was given at birth - over his shoulders, allowing his familiar to be seen in full view without his robes. Mr. Malfoy had told him that while a few people might be frightened of him at first for being a parselmouth, it would be almost impossible to hide if he wished to have a familiar or actually hone such an extraordinary ability. And though Lucius knew this was true to some degree, which was a genuine part of his motive in telling him to keep his familiar in plain view, he was also intrigued by the idea of the 'light' finding out that their savior was a parselmouth. Furthermore, he also knew most of the houses at Hogwarts would be bound to shun him even before the sorting took place, making it much easier for him to embrace Slytherin.

Lucius nearly chuckled to himself as they entered the bookstore. Dumbledore had made it too easy for him, he thought. All he had to do was report his findings on Harry's living arrangements to the Wizengamot and threaten that he would go public with the information if Dumbledore wasn't reprimanded immediately. Then, with any luck at all he could take Harry under his wing and encourage him to see eye to eye with the dark's cause as he grew up at Hogwarts– which the Dursley's had already helped ensure. If he was successful, he knew it would only be a matter of time before the hopes and dreams for the boy-who-lived - the light's very savior and beacon of hope - would be whisked away by the dark. Just as he started to wonder again if the old man had finally gone senile by allowing his golden child to endure a very similar childhood that Tom Riddle himself had, he felt Draco release his hand while the two boys ran off ahead of him.

"Don't worry about your school books boys, I'll take care of that," Mr. Malfoy shouted after them, before lifting an eyebrow and speaking directly to Draco in a rather calculating manner. "Why don't you go show Harrison some books that might help him get better acquainted with the wizarding world Draco? Quiditch can wait for a little while, we wouldn't want Harrison getting mixed up with the wrong sort at Hogwarts now would we?"

"Of course not father," Draco replied, immediately understanding what his father was telling him. He was only eleven, but was keen to the magical world around him and he knew that people chose political factions at a very early age, meaning Harrison would have to learn very soon before being fed lies by Dumbledore or one of his many passionate followers.

"Come on Harrison. Father's right, there's definitely a few things you need to know before leaving for school," Draco stated in his usual aristocratic manner as he lead him to a section called Etiquette, Tradition, and Politics. "You see… most kids already know where they stand before they get their Hogwarts letter. It's a big deal in the wizarding world. Family alliances, your friends at school, who you have connections to… It's not just blood that determines whether you're a light or dark wizard either."

Taking a deep breath of air before he continued, Draco went on hesitantly as he tried to think what his father might say. "It's what you believe. Take Sirius Black for example…pureblood, generations of ancestors possessing all sorts of dark magic, yet he fought for Dumbledore and ended up a blood traitor. The Potters too…Ancient pureblood line, directly related to one of the Perevell brothers in fact, can't remember which one… but they were said to be some of the most powerful dark wizards in history. Still, the last Potter, your father, ended up fighting against the dark. Father says your dad would have even rivaled Dumbledore if he hadn't been brainwashed and joined him, but…. Anyway, look…. knowing what you believe in is going to be important before you leave for school. No one is going to give you a second chance once you get there."

Harry let what Draco said sink if for a minute as he saw him reach for a book titled Pureblood Standards and Reasoning. "Hagrid really didn't tell me very much," Harry said. "I think he said something about pureblood….What is it mean?"

"Blimey Harry…" Draco sighed, "you really don't know anything about the wizarding world do you?"

"Well… like I said, I didn't even know I was a wizard until I got my Hogwarts letter. My aunt and uncle told me that my parents died in a car crash," Harry replied almost defensively.

"A car crash!" exclaimed Draco before he calmed down a bit and continued in a collected manner. "I know it's not your fault…. Pureblood means you don't have a drop of muggle blood in your veins, and that both your parents were magical."

"Well… I'm not pureblood then. Hagrid says my mum was a muggleborn," Harry said in an almost fearful manner.

"Well…" Draco began as he thought of a way to articulate himself. "That's where it gets a bit hazy. Technically, as long as you have two magical parents and either your mum or dad is pureblood, and you don't have any muggles or muggleborns in your family tree before their marriage, you are considered pureblood…legally at least. They're called a first generation purebloods…though people often don't pay them that respect, we would have died out a while ago if that wasn't the case. For you though…. It's a bit different Harrison."

"What do you mean? Why is it any different for me?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow, following along intently to what the Malfoy heir had to say.

"Because," Draco started quickly, "most new purebloods come from less known or irrelative pureblood lines and an unknown muggleborn or half-blood. You on the other hand, come from one of the oldest pure bloodlines in history, plusyour mother was the first Charms Master in over a century. Father doesn't even believe your mother's muggleborn anyway, and since she apparently has no official record at the ministry, no one really knows for sure…which is also why most people consider you pureblood. Either way, she was a down right powerful witch Harry – er - Harrison… Everyone knows that much. You come from good blood, power and wealth just like me. You won't be treated any differently if you know your place."

"So power means more than blood," Harry asked curiously.

"Not exactly…. But in a way… sure. We just don't want dirty or weak blood mixing with our bloodlines. A lot of its' about marriage, and I'm sure a ton of pureblood families will be lining up to wed their daughter to the all powerful Harry Potter," Draco said jokingly before returning to his serious demeanor. "Anyway…. You'll find out soon enough, the important thing is that you know your heritage. Pureblood, first generation pureblood… whatever…Just make sure you don't get mixed up with the wrong crowd. Father's right… there are too many mudbloods and blood-traitors nowadays, you definitely don't want any part of them."

Harry, looking at Draco pick up another book titled Purebloods and the Dark Arts throughout History, thought about his words for a moment. He understood why Draco would hate muggles, as he too was starting to hate them more and more at seeing the wizarding world. Still, he could venture to guess what blood traitor or mudblood was by now and still didn't understand why he couldn't associate with them.

Speaking up, Harry asked softly, "Why does being muggleborn matter? Or…. Why does it actually matter if you're friends with one?"

Trying not to let an astonished expression overcome his face, Draco reminded himself once again that Harry was brand new to the wizarding world. "Because…" Draco began patiently, attempting explain rationally, "First, most muggleborns are weak. Don't think of your mother, she was one in a billion Harrison….If we married into muggleborn families our magic would diminish more than it already has and our heirs would become weaker and weaker. We want to keep our blood purity and the power that comes with it," Draco finished with an arrogant tenor.

"Second..." the Malfoy heir continued, gaining more confidence himself as he went on, "the more muggleborns that are admitted to school and the more that become part of our world, the greater chance there is of the muggles finding out about us. And if the muggles find out about it….well, you might as well start hiding now because it would the witch hunts all over again. Father says we'd be captured and dissected; the muggles would try and steal our magic or enslave us in order to harness it, or they'd try and kill us off out of fear. Nothing good can come from muggles, Harrison…. Surely you know that by now."

Harry had to agree with Malfoy's second point as he nodded his head in slow realization. If muggles ever found out they would stop at no length at trying to capture or harness the magic they possessed, or simply kill them off out of fear - a genocide of the magical community. He knew it was naïve to think that there would actually be a peaceful coexistence. As to Draco's first point though, he wasn't quite sure if the premise to his argument was true as he had no way of finding out if muggleborns were inherently weaker or not – at least until school started. However, both Lucius and Draco seemed to be very proper and gracious towards him, which only encouraged him to believe the pale faced boy. Moreover, Arelius had been whispering such things as "mudbloodsss are no good for my massster…. The blonde hatchling isss wissse beyond hiss years…" and so on the moment Draco had started speaking, which also made him consider the boy's words.

"And third…" Draco went on boyishly, "they're arrogant prats. They think just because they're the first ones in their family with magic that they're something special. Trust me, you'll find out sooner or later, but they're obnoxious good for nothing gits."

Silently laughing at Draco's third explanation, he reciprocated his explanations by overwhelmingly agreeing with his second point. As to his first and third, he figured he would just have to find out himself.

Looking rather pleased that his new friend seemed to agree with him, Draco selected a third book called The Rise and Fall of the Greatest Dark Lords before making their way back to Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy. Now that Harry's attention was free to wander, he noticed that just about everyone in the store was constantly peering at him and his familiar, hardly believing their eyes. Feeling a little bit uncomfortable with all the attention, he decided to go pick his robes up as soon as possible so that he could conceal his pearly horned familiar.

When they reached Draco's parents he saw Lucius purchasing two heavy stacks of books along with a few that he and Narcissa had carefully selected for Harry in a separate stack.

"There you two are," Mrs. Malfoy spoke with a motherly charm. "I hope you don't mind Harrison…we've selected a few books we think might be able to help you before you go off to Hogwarts."

"Not at all Mrs. Malfoy… I look forward to reading to them," Harry responded curtiously as Mr. Malfoy gave Draco an approving nod.

As they purchased their books, the shop owner greeted the Malfoy's in a rather frightened tone as he stared at Harry for a few moments, wondering who the boy with a deadly snake wrapped around his shoulders could possibly be.

"And who do we have here….?" the shop owner asked curiously after saying hello to Draco.

Knowing the shop owner to be good friends with Rita Skeeter, Lucius was quite glad the man had the nerve to ask and quickly cut in before anybody else could answer.

"You don't know?" Lucius asked as if it were obvious. "Why… this is Harry Potter of course."

The man's eyes instantly lit up at hearing this. However, Lucius simply took Harry's hand as he shrank the books on the counter and began to lead his family out the store, kindly telling the man to send his regards to Rita as he opened to the door.

Draco abruptly changed the subject to quidditch as they went about their way to wards Ollivanders to get their wands, though it wasn't long before they were interrupted. Just outside Ollivanders was Hagrid, almost stumbling over himself as he paced back and forth.

"Oi! Arry!" Hagrid exclaimed as he rushed over to him. "What ya doin with da Malfoy's? I-I…I told ya to stay where ya were…Madam Malkins," Hagrid finished with a hiccup as he was barely able to finish the sentence.

Before Harry could say a word, Mr. Malfoy saved him.

"You're drunk man!" he exclaimed in a nasty tone. "Do you really think I'm going to sit here and allow the savior of the wizarding world to wander off with some miserable oaf?"

"Now…" (hiccup), "you see ere' Malfoy! Dumble…" (hiccup), "Dumbledore left me in charge of da boy! And I won't have em wanderin off with a buncha slimy gits either! Not on my watch he won't!"

"Why Albus would leave you in charge of so much as a toadstool is beyond me… Rubeus," Lucius stated venomously, barely above a whisper. "But, I will have you know that be I will reporting your conduct to the board of governors if you do not remove yourself from our presence at once…You'll be lucky to keep your miserable job."

Fuming, Hagrid glared at Mr. Malfoy for a few seconds before storming off, muttering threats of telling Dumbledore that he had kidnapped the boy from him as he left. Harry, who didn't really care for the giant oaf one way or the other, started to wonder who this Albus Dumbledore character really was. Draco, now snickering at the giant as he nearly tripped over himself again, had told him that his father – James Potter – had been brainwashed by him. Though he wasn't exactly sure what to believe, he was starting to feel that the Malfoy's knew what they were talking about, encouraging him to feel a festering hatred for the old man.

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