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Summary: Hotch, Emily and JJ are captured by an unsub. JJ is held hostage and the unsub forces Hotch and Emily to do something they don't approve of yet… Rated M for complete smut…

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"We can't plan life. All we can do is be available for it" -Lauryn Hill


Chapter 1: Captured

Hotch's vision was blurry, his head was killing him and he felt like he had been buried alive. And why were his wrists and ankles hurting him so bad? He felt cold stone behind him and hard cement under his black shoes. Where was he?

Forcing his eyes open, Hotch looked around at tried to put the pieces together in his mind. Where in the world was he? He finally realized that he was in a basement. Not just any basement, but a cold, dark, depressing basement. He finally figured out why his wrists and ankles were hurting. It was because he was tied to iron hooks on the wall with tight ropes. His heart leaped when he spotted a female tied next to him on the wall.

He assumed that the figure had dark hair, yet the basement was dark and he couldn't really tell her hair color for sure. She was slim and looked to be about 5'6. Her eyes were closed and she had her head tipped back, so that it rested against the wall behind her. Her wrists and ankles were tied to hooks on the wall as well. Suddenly, he started to remember what had happened.


He had been going in on an unsub, who abducted a male and two females, put one female up for hostage and forced the other two to have sex in front of him, but ended up killing all three at the end.

Hotch had been with Emily when he had gone in. It had just been the two of them because the rest of the team was going to the unsub's house. This hadn't been the unsub's house though that him and Emily were at now. They had just stopped at an abandoned shack because they had both heard screams from inside. He remembered having his gun out in front of him and kicking down the front door. After that, everything was a blur.


Emily stirred next to him, but didn't wake up. Hotch tried to break free from the ropes that were tying him to the wall, but they were so tight, that he wasn't even able to budge. Suddenly, Hotch heard footsteps making their way down the large staircase that led to the basement. A man carrying another figure approached him.

"Hello Agent Hotchner" he purred as he set the figure, who was another woman, down on the floor. She was unconscious as he laid her down.

"Jeff Davis" Hotch muttered as he looked into the eyes ofthe unsub. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Doing what I enjoy, that's what" Jeff replied. "So you probably now know that I captured two of your little buddies: Agent Prentiss and lovely Agent Jareau here".

Hotch's eyes widened when he saw that the other woman that he had been carrying was JJ. "You had better let her go, you sick son of a-".

"Oh Agent Hotchner. As long as you cooperate with me, I'll let you all go. I caught this blonde chick sneaking around here. She's a little too pretty to be a badass agent like you. She's definitely hotter than that one" Jeff answered as he jabbed a finger at Emily. "That's why I'm saving her for you".

Hotch stared through the man. Emily had awoke next to him and was blinking uncertainly. Jeff slowly unbuttoned the buttons of JJ's top, placing wet kisses down her chest.

"It really is your choice" Jeff replied while massaging JJ's bra covered breasts in his palms.

"Don't you touch her" Hotch warned as Jeff grinned devilishly.

"Hotch, what's going on?" Emily asked as she looked from him to Jeff. "Somebody, tell me what's happening".

"Do you want me to tell you what's happening, sweet cheeks?" Jeff answered as he slowly unclasped JJ's bra. "I want you to have some fun with your boss or I kill your friend here". Jeff pulled a gun out of his pocket and held it up to JJ's head. "And then I kill the two of you, one by one". He had now finished undoing JJ's bra and was now rubbing each nipple, waiting for it to peak before he licked each one slowly.

"Leave JJ alone" Emily cried as she swore while attempting to tug on the binds around her wrists and ankles.

"Well then decide what you want to do" Jeff replied as he finally removed his mouth from JJ's breasts, smirking at the two agents in front of him. Hotch looked at Emily who stared back at him helplessly before slowly nodding. Finally after a long silence, Hotch spoke.

"We'll do it, but only for JJ".

"Nice choice" Jeff replied as he grabbed the gun and still held it up to JJ's head. "But if you don't listen to me, I kill her".

Emily and Hotch nodded slowly, refusing to look at the other.


"Prentiss, I'm so sorry" Hotch murmured as he glanced into her eyes. "I really don't want to hurt you or push you into something you don't want to do. I am your supervisor and I truly feel terrible about doing this to you".

"Hotch, its ok. It's for JJ". Emily whispered. The ropes loosened around her wrists and ankles before releasing her altogether as well as Hotch. Jeff closed the door and left. Emily spotted a speaker on the ceiling of the basement.

"Well what are you two waiting for?" Jeff called over the intercom. "Do it already".

Hotch exchanged a glance with Emily and then stood in front of her. Emily made the first move, lunging forward and pulling her boss into a passionate kiss. He responded by wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her back. He could feel the brunette slipping her hands under his suit jacket and moaning ever so lightly against his lips while he sucked on her tongue.

"We need to fool this guy" Emily whispered against his lips while shoving her tongue into his mouth.

"Yeah?" Hotch whispered against her lips while Emily moaned deeply into his mouth and grasped his face.

"Sorry for what I'm about to do" Emily murmured quietly, her hands dropping his suit jacket to the floor and then ripping his work shirt open, buttons flying everywhere. She peppered open mouth kisses down his chest.

Hotch stared at her, as if transfixed while her hands undid the zipper of his dress pants. He shivered lightly when she began undoing the belt buckle and pushing them down. Once his pants were removed, Emily then slid a hand down his boxers. She squeezed his cock roughly, feeling his length and rubbing up and down slowly.

"Prentiss" Hotch groaned out. Calling her last name would most likely convince the unsub that they weren't enjoying themselves, even though Hotch was somewhat enjoying himself. This was Prentiss who was stroking his cock and now removing his boxers, touching the very tip of her tongue to the very wet tip of his cock.

Hotch felt like thrusting into her as if his life depended on it. She was so very talented with her tongue, licking from the base to the very tip of his enormous penis. He groaned again, louder this time causing her to stuff his length into her mouth, sucking hard.

Hotch couldn't get over the fact that Emily Prentiss, his subordinate and agent, was on her knees in front of him and sucking on him. Her eyes were closed and her head was bobbing up and down, swallowing every mouthful of his orgasm eagerly. Hotch lost all control. He shoved himself further into her mouth, feeling his tip sliding down her throat. Emily gagged as Hotch pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Hotch pulled Emily up to stand in front of him. She was still dressed. Hotch tore the suit jacket and blouse from her body, unclipping the black lace bra and cupping her small breasts. Her lips glittered in the darkness, her mouth wet from sucking him. Hotch buried his face in between her breasts. He flicked his tongue out of his mouth to slowly lick the hardened tip of her nipple.

Emily closed her eyes and bit her lower lip to stop herself from crying out. She didn't want to give the unsub any satisfaction, but she wanted Hotch to know that she was enjoying what he was doing to her, even if they were being pressured into doing it.

Hotch than sucked her nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue around each one, and feeling her squirm. He decided that he definitely wanted to make her squirm even more. Hotch pulled away from her breasts and soon had her pants, panties and boots off of her. He leaned up to kiss her lips passionately.

Hotch began to kiss his way down Emily's body, starting at her lips and moving down her chin to her neck, breasts, down her stomach and finally kissing the area right above her clit. Now he was eye level with her blistering heat.

Both agents had just about forgotten that this was supposed to be a show for the unsub to save JJ. It had turned into something more than that. Neither cared if Jeff knew that they were enjoying themselves so much that they could barely breathe. Really, the only thing that was going through Emily's mind at the moment was the fact that Hotch, her serious yet sexy, supervisor was going to realize how much he turned her on.


"You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need" - Vernon Howard


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