Okay, so this is my first attempt at a Legend of Korra fanfiction…and I am ENTIRELY displeased with the way this turned out…I just don't like it…I don't know if I'm being too hard on myself or not, but BLAH I decided to post it anyways! Obviously this will be more than one chapter, but probably no more than 2 or 3. And yes, I know the name is very unoriginal

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Korra POV

There were a million voices in my head, screaming for my attention. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the voices to stop. They just kept building and building until, suddenly, a wall of blue was all I saw.

I didn't know what was happening.

I didn't know where I was.

I didn't know who I was.

All I knew was rage.

This pressure built up inside of me and it felt like I was going to explode. I saw Aang, Roku, Kiroshi, flashes of Avatar's past. I was seeing myself.

Swirling around at a frighteningly fast pace, I was hypnotized by the phantoms. I couldn't differentiate each of the many souls hovering around me. They all melted until they became one – until we became one.

Vaguely, we can remember seeing wind whip past us, water wind around us, fire flare above us, and earth enfold those below us. It felt as if we were flying. We were untouchable, unconquerable, indestructible.

I felt absolutely terrified.

Mako POV

I stood there transfixed. Never before had I seen such raw power. It was alarming and terrifying but beautiful at the same time.

I quickly looked towards Bolin, who was already throwing a panicked glance in my direction. For the first time in my life, I had no clue what to do.

Korra had mentioned something about this before – something about a connection with the past Avatars. She had said something about …about….gah! I can't remember!

Just looking at the scene had me frozen to the spot, despite the fire burning through my veins. Most of the Equalists had fled at the terrible sight before them. Those who were not quick enough were engulfed by blue fire or swallowed whole by the earth. She seemed to have no self-awareness or thought. I gasped when she turned around and I was met with glowing blue beams.

Korra was hovering a good five feet off the ground, all four elements at her disposal. Her hair was whipping all over in the vortex of wind surrounding her rigid form. Her back was arched; chest pushed forward as if there were a string attached to her heart and someone was trying to yank her soul out of her own body. Shuddering, I noticed her hands balled into fists at her sides, a result of the ire painted on her face. She looked so angry, her eyebrows forming a sharp 'V'.

I almost cried out her name then and there.

That was, until I heard her speak.

It wasn't Korra. This wasn't Korra. It might have been her body right in front of me, but this wasn't Korra. This was the Avatar.

Korra POV

We see the enemies, we need to attack.

More water to freeze.

More fire to burn.

More air to blow.

More earth to throw.

No one will take our bending away from us.

"No one will take our bending away from us!"

Mako POV

The air around me was charged with electricity, the pressure increasing, weighing me down more with every passing moment. The walls of water grew to what had to be at least 40 feet high and the wind was whipping every which direction. Fire was spreading over the land, columns of smoke billowing around, eating away at the fresh air. The earth was cracking and crumbling. It was complete and utter chaos.

By now, all of Amon's men had either fled or been rendered unconscious – at least he hoped they were only unconscious. There was no more threat, and yet Korra still hung in midair, those shockingly bright blue orbs still staring wide and unseeing. Blue streaks were running down her face now, in a constant stream of angry glowing tears.

I've never seen Korra cry before…

"Bolin!" I yelled. I tore my eyes away from the heart-wrenching sight for a moment and frantically looked for my brother, worried that he might have become a victim of Kor- no, the Avatar. A victim of the Avatar. Thankfully, I saw Bolin a few feet away with his eyes glued to the face of Korra. He seemed to snap out of his disbelief when he heard my voice call his name again, more urgently.

"Bolin! We have to calm her down! Before she kills us all!" I yelled, trying to have my voice reach his ears. The wind was strong, carrying the sound off course, but I think he heard me.

"How?" he mouthed soundlessly. The moment his question registered through my mind, however, a great blast of wind tore through the air and attacked my brother. I saw him hastily try and raise a wall of rock to protect himself, but he and I both knew that it was too late. Then he was blown 20 feet back, crashing into a mound of rocks. Faintly, I caught his scream as the wind blew the horrible sound in my direction, seemingly mocking me.

"Bolin!" I screamed. I tried to take a step towards him, but the wind was too strong - it took all my strength to even stay upright. Panic jolted through me when I didn't see him move. He can't be dead – he's been through worse…I tried to reason with myself. There! You see? He's breathing! The thought ran through my head a moment too soon, for that was when I noticed a growing red halo slowly forming around Bolin's head. A pool of blood. My brother was hurt. And I hadn't been there to protect him. How could I have let this happen?

Inhaling deeply, I tried to analyze the situation with as much rational thought I had left. Get to Bolin or get to Korra? The blood flow had already stopped, which was definitely a good thing, but his wound could be – probably was – serious…but If Korra didn't stop, she could injure him further and create even more damage. Debating with myself for a few seconds I threw myself around and brought my glare upon the Avatar. My best chance would be to get to Korra.

"Korra!" Anger fueled my voice, "I know you're in there!"

There was no indication that she had heard me. Pushing myself, I took a hard-earned step forward. "Korra! Listen to me! You're going to kill us all!"

She made no physical movement, but the wind seemed to die down just a bit. Emboldened, I took another few steps forward, the effort of walking against the erratically flowing air was quickly sapping at my remaining strength. "Korra." I yelled again, this time noting a noticeable change in pressure. She seemed to lower to the ground a bit, only a few inches. It's working!

Another three steps and I was there. "Korra, I need you to snap out of it. I need you to come back to yourself." I reached out hesitantly and grabbed her wrist. I flinched, expecting to be burned or thrown back. Nothing happened though. "Korra please," I begged, "I know you can do this! Don't let it control you!"

Korra POV

That boy, what is he saying?

That boy, he is not a threat.

That boy, what does he want?

That boy, he wants us to stop…

That boy…Mako

Mako wants us to stop.

Mako wants me to stop.

Mako POV

Korra's eyes seemed to dim, her forehead scrunching as if she were having an inner conflict with herself. Slowly, her form started descending towards the ground. The walls of water crashed back into the ocean, the earth falling back into place. The air died down almost completely, except for a small breeze blowing past. Without the roaring winds blowing in my ear, the place seemed eerily quiet.

As Korra descended, I pulled her body towards mine, guiding her to the ground faster. As her feet touched the floor, I looked at her face and noticed the glowing tracks of water fade to normal, glistening tear tracks and her eyes slowly change back to her regular blue eyes.

"Mako?" she whispered, her eyes unfocused and drooping, as I grabbed onto her upper arm to steady her as she wobbled. It's Korra! She's back, she's herself again. I thought, solaced by the sound of her own voice.

Before I could respond and tell her as such, Korra's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she collapsed. On her way down, I caught her under the arms and we both fell to the ground. I sat there on my knees, awkwardly holding an unconscious Korra on my lap, desperately looking around for Bolin. When I spotted his form a ways away, sitting up and rubbing his temple, I wasn't sure whether to feel relief at his being alive or worry at his recent bout of unconsciousness. I need to get help.

I racked my brain for a solution, but my mind was too unfocused to create any reasonable answers. All I was sure about at the moment was that Bolin needed help, and so did Korra.

As I was about call out to Bolin and ask if he was alright (just to hear him speak would ensure me that he wasn't going to suddenly drop dead), Korra stirred. I glanced down quickly as she gasped. "Korra, it's okay. It's all over." I tried to explain to her. She still had her head pressed against my neck and I could feel the heat rising off her. "I-I…wha-" Her breathing hitched and I became aware of hot tears spilling down her cheek and onto my skin. At first they were silent hiccups, but grew in intensity as her crying turned into silent sobs.

Shocked, I didn't move until she buried her face into my scarf, clutching at my jacket as if it was her lifeline to the physical world. In a way, I'm sure it was.

Korra POV

I couldn't hold in my tears. What did I do? What had I become?

I had always dreamed of power. Ever since I had first learned of its existence, I had always longed to enter the Avatar state and gain the absolute strength that came with it. Maybe then I would be able to make a difference. Maybe then I'd be able to do something noteworthy of the title Avatar, like earthbend the land powerful enough to create an entire new island or prevent a volcano from erupting like previous Avatars.

I had always looked forward to the day when I would finally overcome the spiritual side of my problems and experience what it was meant to truly be who I am; the Avatar, master of all four elements.

Now that the day had come, I can't wish hard enough that I'd never gone through it.

I wasn't myself in the Avatar state. I couldn't control my actions. All I knew were the thousands of screaming voices yelling for my attention. Each voice sounded familiar, and each voice I knew belonged to me. I didn't think that I would end up being terrified of my own past selves, but I was. I distinctively remember the feeling of myself melting away and mixing with every other soul that was trapped inside my mind. I became myself in my truest form, and I absolutely hated who I had turned into.

What got me the most, however, was the panic that seeped through my bones during the entire process. Somewhere, deep, deep in the recesses of my own mind, I was aware that I had no clue how to stop this thing. I remember thinking that I'd be stuck like that forever.

If anyone knows me at all, they know that I like to be in control. I like to be a part of what's happening and guide it and prove my leadership. It upset me greatly every time an Equalist would block my chi, temporarily taking away my bending. But this - not being able to control my own actions because of myself - how do I even begin to describe the feelings this created? I had spent my entire life learning to be a master of my own body, learning how to fight and defend and react and evade. And now, it seemed, all of that training had been destroyed.

In the Avatar state, the Avatar is supposed to be at his or her most powerful. Yet I couldn't even protect my own mind from myself? I couldn't even control the rage that flowed through me? How did this make me powerful?

All of this was running through my mind as I allowed the tears to soak into Mako's red scarf. I knew I shouldn't be crying, especially in front of Mako, but I felt like I had no control over my actions anymore. I knew crying made me look weak, but I couldn't find it within myself to care.

So, I buried my face deeper into Mako's neck and tried my hardest to silence my sobs as much as I could, attempting to retain as much of my dignity as I could. I may not care now, but I knew I would later. I felt Mako stiffen under me, then slowly place his arms around me. The simple action brought warmth to my cold limbs and I pressed myself harder against him, knowing that he was real and here and that he had somehow been able to achieve what I had not; guiding me back to myself.

Mako POV

I put my arms around her shaking shoulders and tried to soothe her, but I wasn't really sure what to do. How do I comfort a teenage girl who had just experienced a traumatic part of every Avatars life? Not that I would know, but it sure seemed traumatic from my perspective. So, I can only guess it was even more so from hers - if her current state was anything to say about it.

"Korra, it's okay. No one is going to hurt you – please stop crying." I tried to sound calm, "cool under fire", but I'm not sure I succeeded. Even to my own ears I sounded kind of alarmed. I knew how to get through to Bolin if he was upset – he's my little brother. But this was Korra. From what I can infer, all Korra wanted was some sort of physical contact, to know someone was there. I was more than happy to oblige, but I also had an obligation to Bolin who was now clutching his head in his hands and looking dizzily in our direction.

"Korra, shhh. I know you're upset, but Korra, I need you to stop. Bolin's hurt and-" Before I could even finish my sentence, a big gust of wind appeared and a flash of orange touched the ground. Tenzin. Thank Agni.

"Korra! Korra, are you okay?" he yelled desperately as dozens of metal benders arrived on the scene.

Korra looked up when she heard Tenzin's voice, and when he reached her he ripped Korra away from me, placing her into his own arms. "Thank god you're okay Korra! What happened? Are you hurt?" The concern in his voice was unmistakable. In response to his questions, Korra threw her arms around his waist and clutched at Tenzin's robes.

"Tenzin! Yes, Korra's fine!" I answered for her. "But Bolin – please you have to help him!"

The air bender looked at me from over Korra's head. "He is being tended to." he said in his rich, deep voice. Confused, I looked back towards my brother and saw four of the metal benders loading him into some contraption that would most likely haul him into the sky blimp above my head. How had I not noticed?

Angry with myself, I quickly got to my feet - intending to go follow Bolin - when a sudden pain ripped through my body. Jerking, I clutched at my side as a pained hiss escaped through my gritted teeth. Warmth poured through my fingers and another stab of pain burned through my system. The pain was unexpected. It was too much. My eyesight went fuzzy and I remember falling…