Dominating the Wolf

Pulling back, I watched your trembling body slowly recover from your orgasm. I hadn't wanted to do things this way, but you'd left me no choice.

I picked up the small box off the chair by the door, and looked at it in my hand. I knew you had seen it buy the look in your eyes when I told you to shut the door behind you.

I was tired of sharing you with her. I wanted you for myself. Selfish? Yes. But my feelings for you had grown considerably since we were kids, and after today, I'd know exactly who you wanted.

Setting the box on the table next to you, I reached up and untied your hands from their restraints, pressing my finger lightly to your lips as you open them in an attempt to speak. I wanted to hear your voice, but even more I needed to know what your choice was; and if I let myself listen now, I'd cave in and let you come and go.

"Shhh. Not now. We can talk later. Right now, you have one hour to make up your mind Jake." I kept my voice soft, but firm.

Picking up the box again, I set it in your hands without looking at you, turned and walked out the door closing it behind me.

AN: I know this is very short, like a tidbit, a taste, but it's a feeler type thing as this is a new area for me to write about. This is a slash fic, Embry dom/Jake sub. Leave a review and let me know what you think.