5/20/2012: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first-ever public release of one of my nonfiction works! Rejoice in the fact that my friends have finally convinced me to write up transcripts of my "Elements of Fiction" writers guide, so that they can benefit a wider audience of people.

To introduce myself, my name is Aard Rinn, and I am a long time fiction writer and reader. Over the years, I have learned lots about fiction, and about fan fiction, as well. For the benefit of my classmates and friends, I began to compose a audio-series in about 2009 of "lessons" for budding authors. Those early lessons are now to become the framework for this, my "Elements of Fan Fiction" essay series.

Now, don't be intimidated! I plan to do my best to make this accessible to you, the fanfiction author, by revising all of my essays so that they use real sections of actual fanfictions. Each lesson will be based around a particular series, with examples from that series' fanfiction, as well as from the work itself.

Now, here it is, by popular demand:

Elements of Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction 101

Prologue: For God's Sake, That is not a Proper Title

Lesson 1: Establishing a Plot - Our Hero Departs

Introducing A Concept: Spellcheck - Because You Don't.

Lesson 2: The Plot Thickens - You Are Likely to be Eaten by a Grue

Lesson 3: Resolution Nears - The Author Promptly Writes Herself into a Corner

Lesson 4: The End - Fuck.

Fan Fiction Special! - The Harry Potter Prophecy Guide

Fan Fiction 102

Lesson 5: Killing a Character - Why not Zoidberg?

Lesson 6: Memes and Inside Jokes and Why they Make Me Hate You

Lesson 7: Point of View - Sit Down, Shut Up, It's Billy's Turn to Talk

Lesson 8: Your Sex Scene and You - An Introspective

Lesson 9: Your Sex Scene and You - A Practical

Lesson 10: I Took An Arrow to the Knee and Other Shit Back-stories for Side Characters

Fan Fiction Special! - Up For Grabs - Send in a topic!

Be warned, updates will take a while, as I must transcribe, translate, and find examples for each Lesson. The first chapter should be out in the next few days. That's
Prologue: For God's Sake, That is not a Proper Title for those of you who don't want to scroll back up, by the way.

AN: I will be posting this under the series that the latest chapter is in to avoid confusion. First up is FF7.