And here's a fluffy one-shot like I promised! (With extra stuff…)The story is mine, the characters are not... (At least until I build my machine. Muahahaha.) Enjoy~!

Muddled Minds and Many Mushrooms

You know that boring period toward the end of class in which time starts to slow down? You know, like Father Time himself is the only thing in front of you and leaving the fucking classroom? That's what time frame I am currently in.

I'm in... Math I think. At least there's a bunch of numbers on the board. I'm not going to lie; I fucking hate Math. It's as monotonous as it is pathetic. And I really hate boring things.

Dota-chin is sitting near me. We have this class together, and though we're not necessarily friends, we do have a mutual understanding. He gets me, and I get him. Or at least he doesn't meddle in my affairs. Which, to me, is a big bonus for him. He's not really fun to hang around with on a regular basis though. He doesn't get mad or...well anything enough. He's like a wet blanket that decided to get up one day and go to school. An attractive one though.

He looks at me with questioning eyes, and I realize I was staring. Dota-chin never really says much to me; our eyes do the talking. I wink at him and smirk. He frowns. Then I shift my eyes toward the clock and pout. He nods, and pretends his fingers are a gun and he's pulling the trigger. I laugh. Then I'm broken from our wordless conversation by a vibration in my pocket.

[Are you guys not out yet? Meet us on the roof for lunch!]

It's a message from Shinra. Ah, my weird little nerd friend. I respond to his message.

[Stuck in Math. Dota-chin is trying to make a pass at me.]

A moment later, my phone is buzzing again.

[Shizuo read that one over my shoulder. He says there's no way.]

I pout at the screen. Shizu-chan is so mean sometimes. Of course, I've devoted my life to making his every breath a living Hell, but it's out of love! Well...ok, it's out of my desire to be obnoxious but at least we have fun together.

[Shizu-chan is just jealous that he's out there while Dota-chin is eye fucking me.]

Finally, the teacher announces that class is over and I practically jump on my desk with joy. Dota-chin walks over and points to my phone.

"Ah, it's Shinra. He wants us to go to the roof for lunch today." I explain.

We only eat on the roof when there's something important to talk about. We try not to risk it too much since last time. (I had put a 'I love gay sex' sticker on Shizu-chan, and he tried to throw me off the roof after some guy asked for his number.) Still, it was worth the bruises I'd received.

"Wonder what's up." he responds. I shrug, and my phone buzzes again. I'm well aware that Dota-chin is looking over my shoulder.

[Seriously, Izaya... He's trying to break my phone! Keep your love life with Kadota to yourself!]

I laugh and Dota-chin sighs.

"Izaya, we have no love life." he informs me.

"Like you wouldn't fuck me." I nudge him playfully.

"I never said that. It just wouldn't be love." he grins.

Man, my friends are great.

Dota-chin and I arrive to the roof to see Shizu-chan and Shinra sitting toward the edge. 'Our spot', we like to call it. I run over with my lunch box, Dota-chin close behind. We're still playfully bickering over who would fuck who.

"I'm telling you, I'd never let you be on top!" I tell him as I sit beside Shizu-chan. The brute glares at me because his mouth is too full to say anything.

"Well, you certainly wouldn't be on top of me." Dota-chin remarks, poking my forehead.

"You guys are so weird." Shinra laughs.

My favorite blonde shovels more food in his mouth, not making eye contact with me. Now this just won't do.

"Shizu-chan, have you ever seen a show called 'Pokémon'?" I ask him sweetly. He looks at me, confused.

"The fuck?" he says. Such class, my monster has. (Yoda kicks ass.)

"See, my little sisters were watching it the other day, and I became enthralled by it. I was wondering what's inside the Poké balls." I say.

"What does this have to do with anything?" he huffs.

"You remind me of the one that sits there and snores. Snorlax, I think is what his name is. Perhaps you could tell me what's in your Poké ball?"

"Izayyyaaaaaaaa~" he growls, snapping his chopstick in half.

"Izaya, don't start today! I need both of you to be civil!" Shinra whines, holding out an extra set of sticks for the brute.

"It was an honest question!" I pout. Dota-chin actually laughs. All eyes turn to him.

"Sorry, I was just imagining Shizuo as a Snorlax." he admits, still chuckling.

"Dota-chin watches Pokémon? Oh, I'm in love~!" I sing, throwing my arms over my head in mock passion.

Dota-chin laughs and continues eating. Shinra is fiddling with something in his pocket, not looking at any of us. glaring at Dota-chin.

Eh? Did I miss something? Maybe the two were in a tiff over something?

He catches my stare and flushes, continuing his meal.

I'm officially confused. Damn monster always confuses me.

"Anyway guys, I need to talk to you about something..." Shinra says suddenly. I stop staring at the brute and turn my crimson gaze to the spectacled teen.

"Yes, Shinra~?" I ask him nicely. Shizuo directs another glare at me.

"Um...Well, you know how I work with some questionable people sometimes..." he says quietly.

Yes, we all know that. Shinra did underground work for anyone who needed a doctor and couldn't afford to go to one. Also, he dealt with the gang members in our school who couldn't let their parents know of their double lives. The little doctor was making quite a name for himself. I had already met some of his patients personally. They seemed nice enough.

"I treated a guy last week who couldn't pay me right away. He got stabbed, so I helped him out. It was really shallow so I just did a few stitches. Anyway, he paid me today but...I didn't get paid with money..." Shinra continues.

Shizu-chan cocks an eyebrow and Dota-chin immediately looks at me, knowing of my mind. He's got good instincts.

"Hahaha~! Shinra got a little action as payment? What will your headless wifey say?" I giggle.

"Gah! Izaya! It's not like that and you know it!" he wails, blushing furiously.

"Damn perverted flea." Shizu-chan huffs.

"Stupid protozoan." I counter.

"Guys! Anyway, he gave me these..." Shinra holds up a small baggie of what looks like chocolate.

"How is that payment?" Dota-chin asks. "It looks like chocolate."

"Eh, well it is...It's what's in the chocolate that is my payment." the doctor grins sheepishly. My eyes widen.

"Drugs? You accepted drugs as a payment?" I ask incredulously.

Shizu-chan glances at me in surprise before he looks back to Shinra.

"W-Well, yeah...But it's just shrooms! They're chocolate covered! I've got about $200 worth here..."

"Good luck with that." I grin, shoving ootoro in my mouth. The spectacled man looks at me pleadingly.

"Izaya, I was hoping you'd do them with me! Seeing as how you've been high before..." he whines.

Dota-chin and Shizu-chan look at me very alarmed. I'm actually kind of pleased they care about me so much.

"Yeah, once. And it wasn't by choice. One of your little gang friends drugged me." I reminded him stiffly.

One of the older patients Shinra was treating had a cup of tea in his hands when I went over to see what the doctor was up to. I asked Shinra if I could make a cup of tea too. Foolishly, I left my cup beside the questionable man, unattended. When I came back, he watched me like a hawk as I sipped the beverage. Everything got really fuzzy for a while, and when I was sober, Shinra was apologizing to me repeatedly.

Damn man tried to rape me. Luckily, Celty had been there. She scared the guy so bad, he almost ran off the ledge of the apartment balcony.

"I said I was sorry about that! Besides, just be glad he didn't get in your pants because his blood test was HIV positive!" Shinra informs me.

This time, the look of concern is clear on both Shizu-chan and Dota-chin's faces as they look over at me. I know my face resembles theirs, because I am shocked.

How close I had come to meeting an unfitting end for a God.

"I-I owe Celty a great debt..." I mutter, feeling my hands shake.

"Yes, you do. It was the date rape drug. Anyway, shrooms are safer than that stuff. I was actually hoping we could all do them together." Shinra says excitedly.

"Shrooms are still heavy if you've never been high before." Dota-chin says dryly. He knew random facts about things no one cared about. I know for a fact he's never been high before.

Shizu-chan is still looking at me like he thinks I'm about to burst into flames.

"First time for everything, right?" Shinra says happily. "Besides, I looked into it. No one has ever died doing shrooms. At least, I think...So, you guy's in?"

"I am." I say suddenly. I could feel the look I was getting from the brute, But, I needed to do this. I needed to get past what had happened with that guy from before.

"Me too." Dota-chin says, sending me a glance. Even if we're only acquaintances, he looks out for me.

"Shizuo? You in on this?" Shinra asks the monster, sending him a knowing smile. I know that smile too. We all knew that as soon as I said I was in, Shizu-chan would be too. He could never let me one-up him.

"Sure." he says stiffly, glancing at me again before he finishes his lunch in one gulp.

"The Snorlax can consume up to 5X its body weight to block the path of the Poké master." I comment in an announcer voice.


"The cry of the Snorlax reduces small children to ashes and makes old women lose their teeth in fear."

And our chase begins.

I arrived at Shinra's a little late. I went home to get clothes. I knew if I was going to trip tonight, I wasn't going to attempt to walk home. Not after last time when I wasn't sober. If Shinra had any reservations about me staying at his place tonight, he could get over them.

"Izaya!" the doctor greeted, running toward me when I entered his dwelling. Shizu-chan and Dota-chin were at the kitchen table, drinking from mugs.

"Shinra." I smirk. I turned when I felt a presence behind me.

"Celty~! Just the woman I wanted to see!" I sang, dropping my bag as I took her gloved hand in mine. I leaned close to her and whispered near her...helmet.

"You saved my life. I'll make it up to you."

She stiffens and cocks her helmet to the side as she pulls out her only means of communication.

[How?] The PDA reads.

"I'll think of something." I purr. I can feel the glare directed toward me from Shinra. He gets so jealous of everyone else when it comes to Celty.

"Easy there, doc. I'm simply making a promise." I inform the spectacled man simply. "I'm assuming Celty knows of your drugs?"

"Yes! She doesn't approve, but she'll be here if things get bad." Shinra grins.

Somehow...I know that he's going to use this state to get into Celty's pants tonight. I shake the image from my head.

"Well, let's get this over with." I say as I take a seat beside Shizu-chan.

"Right!" Shinra pulls the baggie from his pocket and sits it on the middle of the table. "So who's first?'

They all eye the bag like it's full of explosives. I know why though. Shizu-chan has a weird sense of taste. He's afraid they'll taste bad. I remind myself that it's probably a good thing that they're chocolate covered.

Dota-chin is very logical. He knew drugs were bad (M'kay) and he was reluctant to break his childhood mantra of "Drug Free, Way To Be."

Shinra just wanted someone else to go first, so he could make sure that person didn't die.

Poor Celty didn't even have the option of trying them. It must suck having no head, for her and Shinra. (Ba-zing!)\

Sighing, I plunge my hand in and take one of the chocolate masses in my mouth. I frown.

"Eh? Are you alright? Do you feel anything?" Shinra asks me frantically.

"I haven't even swallowed the damn thing yet." I inform him. "It just tastes bad. I hate milk chocolate."

Grinning, Shizu-chan takes one from the bag and eats it happily. He loves milk chocolate. He and I watch each other eat the shrooms.

Dota-chin takes one as well, chewing it thoughtfully. Finally, Shinra eats one too.

"Blegh!" I spit in disgust. "I never want to taste that again!"

"Baby. It tasted like stale Reese's cups. Not great, but not enough to fuss over." Shizu-chan barks.

"Snorlax wants to be a bitch today." I smirk.

"Guys, I want to have a pleasant trip. If you're going to fight, do it somewhere else." Shinra sighs.

Surprisingly, it takes a while to feel anything. We are sitting on the couch watching some mindless show about a half hour later. I'm right beside Shizu-chan. Our shoulders are touching, but he's awfully calm about it. Honestly, I think he's already tripping. His glance over at me just raises my suspicions. Especially when he gives me a lop-sided grin.

That's when it happened. I looked back toward the television, and suddenly felt like I weighed 100 pounds. I lifted my arms up and stared at them in confusion. What the fuck?

Laughing a little, I swing my arms in the air, loving how tingly I feel. Everyone looks at me in surprise.

"There goes Izaya." Dota-chin smirks, leaning back into his spot on the couch.

"Eh? Izaya is high now? That means it'll kick in on us soon too!" Shinra wails, suddenly looking scared.

"Wheeee! I'm so heavy!" I sing, waving my arms more frantically. I lean over a little into Shizu-chan, who looks just as lost as me. When our eyes meet, he bursts out laughing.

"The flea is tripping!" he says gleefully, slapping his knee in his fit of giggles. "His pupils are fucking huge!"

"No they're not! They're HEAVY!" I whine.

"Oh wow, they kind of are..." Dota-chin remarks, looking into my eyes. We're way too close to each other. Shizu-chan must think so too, because ne nudges me in the shoulder so I'm looking at him again.

"I kind of...feel a little something..." Shizu-chan says. It was then that I noticed how big his pupils were.

"Shizu-chan is hiiiiggggghhhhh~!" I say with glee.

"So are you!" he snaps.

I look over at Dota-chin, who is suddenly fascinated with his hands. Well, they were kind of big...

"Dota-chin~. Did you bring enough hands for the rest of the class?" I ask like it makes sense.

"Yeah...they could feed an entire third world country." he says sternly, waving the appendages in my face. "I know how to save Ethiopia!"

That did it. I couldn't restrain the laughter that burst from my mouth. I just got a mental image of Dota-chin trying to force feed some poor Ethiopian child his hands.

"EAT MAH HANDS!" he would scream.

I realize there is a hearty laugh mixing with mine. Shizu-chan is hunched over like I am, trying to catch his breath.

"Fuck, Kadota! You could smother the world with those things!" he was wheezing.

"Guys...I'm freaking out!" Shinra suddenly yells from the floor. the fuck did he get down there?

"Everything is one with everything else and it all combines into something big and obnoxious and I can't handle knowing it!" he says very quickly as he tries to melt into the floor.

"Hahaha! Shinra, you're going to melt!" I laugh like it's hilarious.

"Don't say that! I feel it!"

"You need to chill the fuck out." Dota-chin said seriously, falling over in Shinra's vacant spot on the couch. His legs go in my lap.

"Dota-chin~! I'm going to sample you before we feed you to Ethiopian children!" I say as I lift his leg to my mouth, rolling up the pants leg.

"Noooo! You're not starving!" he plays along, pretending to try to get free.

"He won't taste good. There are reports that if humans eat other humans, they go mad. Like, there's a theory that that's what causes Mad Cow Disease." Shinra informs us from his melted puddle on the floor.

"Wait...So cows go over to other cows and suddenly decide to eat them?" I ask, picturing a black and white cow biting another one like it was a hamburger already.

"What...No! Wait...maybe. What was I saying?" the doctor sighs.

This causes Shizu-chan and I to burst into hysterics again.

"I bet they taste good..." Dota-chin remarked from nowhere. His legs lift a little off my lap before he slams them down again. Now his feet are in Shizu-chan's lap.

"Kadota, I'm not a foot rest." Shizu-chan says dryly.

"Well, Izaya is." the brunette says simply, moving his whole legs to rest in my lap again. I smirk down at him before I make good on my promise and bite his skin.

"Gahh! What the hell?" he whines, yanking his leg from my grip.

"Blegh. You're worse than the shrooms." I spit, nonchalantly moving closer to Shizu-chan.

Not like the blonde minds. I think he actually pulled me closer. Fuck, I must be baked.

"I bet Ethiopian kids will love my gross tasting skin!" he hisses, suddenly flopping in the floor beside Shinra.

Celty is still at the kitchen table, her shoulders shaking with the laughter we can't hear.

"The sky is falling!" Shinra yelps when he hears the thud from Dota-chin falling.

"No, it's just Kadota's fat ass." Shizu-chan grins.

I realize, with the best logic a high man can come up with, that there's no longer any reason to be sitting so close to the brute. Yet, moving just seems ridiculous. I mean, that's SO much effort...I probably should move though...

Sighing, I shift my body over to the side. When my head hits the blonde's chest, I realized I went the wrong way.

Fuck you, Mother Gravity!

Shizu-chan makes a growling noise and this time I feel him pulling me closer. Wait, am I still high? Maybe I'm just asleep. I don't know anymore. I really don't.

Shinra stands up so fast it makes all of us jump (including himself). He makes a beeline toward Celty.

"Celty~! Let's go to beeeeeed! I don't wanna be high anymore, I wanna sleep it offfffff." he slurs. The Dullahan places her hands on her hips and lifts her PDA. Damn, I can't see it from here.

"Of course~!" Shinra grins at her. They head for the end of the hall. "Goodnight guys!' he calls to us.

Dota-chin is still mumbling incoherent things about Ethiopian children. Shizu-chan is absentmindedly humming.

I don't even know what the fuck I'm doing. All I can tell you is, I'm practically in the blonde's lap.

Dota-chin lifts his head to stare at us. He looks sleepy. Of course, he can't stay up late. He's never been able to. Damn guy is like a toddler. Not that anyone knows that except me. What can I say? I know everything about everybody. Except Shizu-chan.

"You guys look comfy." he grins, rolling around on the floor. I realize he's going toward the guest room.

"Hey!" I snarl, "What makes you think you get the guest room?"

"Because I thought of it first." he says simply. Before I can ever retaliate, he has the door closed and I hear the lock click. Fuck.

And then there were two.

Shizu-chan is quiet. I can hear his heart beating because it's so quiet. Oh wait, maybe it's because I'm right next to it...Or because it's beating so fast.

Man, I wish things made sense again.

"Shizu-chaaaaaaaan~. Are you going to hold me all night?" I say seductively. He grins.

"Thinking about it."

"Hmm...well, I need a more comfortable position." I sigh.

My world shifts. Everything spins for a second as I'm pulled into the air. Now I'm lying on top of the brute, like it's the most natural thing in the world.

Never mind the fact that he always tries to kill me; he's fucking cuddling with me.

"Better?" he asks, his voice a husky tone I had never heard before.

"Much." I say, my own voice breathier than I ever remember it being.

We stay in silence for a bit. I see lights whenever I close my eyes. It's really fucking neat. I was about to tell Shizu-chan about it, but when I met his eyes, I froze.

He was looking up at me with a look in his eyes I'd never seen directed at myself before. That's how he looked at milk. That's how I looked at ootoro. That's how Ethiopian children looked at Dota-chin's hands.

I find myself transfixed by his mocha orbs, unable to look away. We're silently communicating. I know what he wants me to do.

"Shizu-chan...Do you feel hot?" I ask him quietly.

"Yeah..." he answers.

"Is it because of me, or the drugs?" I say, licking my lips.

"Both." he says so truthfully it has my mind reeling. He's staring at my lips.

Slowly, I lick my lips again. I watch how his eyes darken even more (if that was possible) and how he mimics my action subconsciously, licking his own lips.

That's where the sense part of it ended.

Smirking, I flick my tongue against his lips, tasting his saliva instantly. It's pretty good for a monster. He growls again and forces my mouth against his harder, prying his tongue between my lips. I moan a little, an action that makes him kiss me harder. I feel like he's trying to eat my face.

Our heated muscles battle for dominance, sometimes going in my mouth and sometimes going in his. Mostly, they just meet in mid-air and dance together like they're conjoined already.

Everything is out of my mind except how fucking good he tastes. And how I wouldn't mind if he won this dominance business. Just this once.

Giving in, I allow him to ravish me. God, it feels incredible. His tongue is almost at the back of my throat by this point.

"S-Shizu-chan..." I purr into his mouth. Then my world turns again.

When I open my eyes, I realize two things:

1. He's on top of me.

2. His knee is between my legs.

He connects our lips again, snarling like a feral animal. I gasp and grab at his hair, trying to make sense of any of this. Let's face it, I was too far gone to give a shit by this point.

Lust is a drug all its own. Mixed with the shrooms, I had no chance.

"Fuck, good..." he murmurs as his lips leave mine to attack my jawline.

"Nnnn, Shizu-chan..." I groan, loving how his tongue is licking toward my ear.

"That's right, Izaya...Say my name again..." he growls against the shell of my ear.

Why did that send all the blood rushing to my groin?

"Hahhh~. Shizu-chan..." I comply, arching into his hold as his hands move to go under my shirt.

I can't remember why this is weird or why it's wrong. Right now, this man is my world. His scent is invading me and his tongue is still on me like I'm candy. I clutch him tighter and arch again, letting out a lewd moan.

"Fuck..." he hisses, moving his knee and replacing it with his own groin.

When his rock against mine, the lights in my mind explode. I see colors that I didn't even know existed behind my eyelids.

I cling to this sanity he has provided me with, and I thrust my own hips in the air against his. He looks down at me, panting like he's running a mile. Then the lights danced again.

He was holding my hips, angling them to thrust against his own. Our bodies easily find a rhythm, and we grind together again and again. I'm unable to speak by this point. I wrap my legs around his waist and let him control me.

God, I love when he gets violent with me.

He snarls again, grabbing my hips roughly and slamming them with his own. I throw my head back in ecstasy.

"Hmmmmmm~...Shizu-ahhhh..." I gargle, my voice coming out as one big intake of air. He obviously approves because he hums lightly and continues to pound against me. It takes every fiber of my being not to scream. I bite my lip and gasp loudly as the light show in my head combines with the tingling of my skin and his mouth on my neck.

"Izaya...Izaya...Izaya..." he begins a steady chant and it invades my mind like a catchy song. I grab his shoulders and begin to claw at them, digging my nails into his skin. He gasps and increases his pace against my hips.

"Shizu...Shizuo...Hahhhhhh..." I mewl, letting his real name grace my lips for the first time in ages. Fuck, he's earned it.

He purrs in agreement and connects our mouths again as the light show in my mind suddenly caught fire. My eyes roll back in my head as something amazing consumed my body. The tremors rack through me, and I'm shaking as I cry out his name again. It's like someone just shoved a fucking kaleidoscope gun in my brain and pulled the trigger. I just came. Shizuo Heiwajima made me come. And he's still fucking riding me.

"Mmmmm...Iza...ahhhhh~." he sighs as he too starts to shake in my hold. I realize then that I'm wrapped around him like a sleeping bag. Making no motions to get up, I allow him to kiss my lips again, out tongues intertwining as we come down from our cloud. He collapses on top of me, draped over my body completely.

I realize then that I'm incredibly tired. At least, I think I'm tired. Oh fuck, did I forget how to sleep? Shizu-chan obviously didn't. He was already snoring against my neck.

Fucking Snorlax.

The first thing I notice in the morning is how early it is. I still see fog outside the windows of Shinra's apartment. It takes me a moment to remember everything...but then it rushes back. Shizu-chan is still on top of me, his body so pressed into mine that he couldn't even breathe without me feeling it.

What the fuck did I do? I let him kiss me...I let him dry hump me into oblivion. I moaned for him and practically begged for him. Shit.

His serene face is angled up toward mine. His lips are parted and he's breathing steadily, his arms around my waist. I can't help but marvel at him. He's really adorable. I'd known that for a long time. But, damn. I never thought he was lusting after me in that way!

I never knew the brute had it in him!

Slowly, I untangle myself from him. I have to fall in the floor a little to gain enough leverage to escape his crushing hold. He groans and rolls over, curling into himself. I smirk at him.

"Shizu-chaaaaaan~." I release a breathy moan into his ear and watch as his face lights up in his sleep. This whole thought fills me with glee and I do it again.

"Shizu-chan~. Nnn, I want you to fuck me..." I purr quietly. He squirms in his slumber and bites his lip.

"Izayaaaaaaa..." he slurs. I can't help but place a gentle kiss on the side of his head.

Rising from the floor, I stretch. My joints pop loudly. Ah, that's what I get for being squished all night. I frown at the stiffness in my pants. So I really did have an orgasm because of Shizu-chan. Damn brute. Deciding on a course of action, I gathered my clothes and went to Shinra's shower.

We had school today, but I knew it was still too early to be getting ready. Still, I had to. I had to stay busy.

I scrub myself clean, and I'm immensely grateful that I had enough sense to pack extra clothes. When I step out of the steamy shower, I notice a few things in the mirror. I had many red blotches on my skin, especially around my neck. Damn protozoan marked me!

Luckily, the collar of my black jacket covered up the damage. I fixed my hair by running my hand through it, and exited the bathroom. Dota-chin was awake now too.

"Izaya. Up early are we?" he asks from the end of the couch that Shizu-chan's not occupying.

"Mmm, yes. The damn floor was uncomfortable. Shizu-chan wouldn't let me have the couch." I lie smoothly.

He looks at me skeptically. I swear I think sometimes that he just knows what I'm thinking. I hastily make an escape plan.

"Well, I'm off to get my books. Tell everyone 'Good Morning' for me, will you?" I sing as I head for the door. He stops me by standing up.

"Wait, I'll walk with you. I need to go change." he says. It was true; he was still wearing the clothes from the night before. I sigh quietly and wait for him to catch up with me.

We make our way down the street, keeping in stride with each other. I realize how out of character I'm being by not talking to him about nonsense like I normally do.

"You know, he'll feel pretty shitty when he wakes up and you're not there." Dota-chin says out of the blue.

"I don't know what you mean." I lie, averting my eyes.

"Izaya. I was high, not dead. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole building heard you. 'Ooooh, Shizu-chan~! More!'" he mimics my voice.

"I do NOT sound like that. Besides, we were both high. Neither of us can be held accountable for our actions." I inform him.

"For a smart guy, you're really dumb sometimes." He sighs loudly. "It's not like it's a secret or something. Shizuo has liked you for ages."

Well, that stops me in my tracks.

"Haha, I think you must have him confused with someone else, Dota-chin. Have you not noticed how he likes to try and kill me all the time? Or how mean he is to me on a regular basis? Shizu-chan loves me like a dog loves a cat." I say, unable to keep the sadness from my voice.

I'm saying I'm hungover, and blaming it on the shrooms.

Wait, do shrooms cause hangovers? Damn, I'm definitely hungover…

"That's only because you're a prick to him half of the time. Besides, I said 'like' not 'love'. If you think about it, I'm sure you'll figure it out." He says as he walks inside his house.

I hadn't even realized we made it this far yet. Fuck, I need more sleep…

I arrive in my homeroom, and I'm one of the first to enter. I sit at my desk and place my face in my folded arms.

Shizu-chan? Love me? It was too farfetched to be true. He hates me! But Dota-chin said to think about it…so that's what I'll do.

Okay, he was very possessive of me. I realize he gets jealous if I talk to someone else too long, especially Dota-chin. Suddenly, his glares at Dota-chin make more sense…

Then, there was his actions yesterday when Shinra was telling of my close call with getting HIV from the crazy man. Shizu-chan had given me a look of pure terror, one that an enemy wouldn't give another enemy.

Not to mention, he always tagged along if I said I was going somewhere. Like yesterday with Shinra. I always chalked it up to him competing with me. Maybe that wasn't the case? Maybe he just wanted to be with me?

Also, he tried the shrooms at the same time I did. He allowed me to lean into him. He allowed me to kiss him first…


I smack my head against the table with the realization that the brute is in love with me…and I probably fucked it all up by running away.

Shinra walks into the class. We have homeroom together. He looks at me sternly, and takes a seat.

"Rough night?" he asks.

"Very." I reply.

"Shizuo seemed kind of down this morning." He remarks like it's just common knowledge.

"I bet."

"Izaya…You guys need to talk to each other." He sighs.

"I won't see him till lunch. I'll think of something by then…hopefully…" I put my head down again.

Was school always so complicated?

Same as yesterday, I'm in Math again. This is the last class before lunch. Before my makeshift talk to the blonde. I feel really nervous…I hate it! I'm too confident to feel this way! I tune the teacher out and try to think of things to say…

Dota-chin is shaking his head at me. Obviously my fear is showing on my face. I frown at him and we start silently communicating again.

"It'll be okay." His face said.

"It won't. I'll make an idiot of myself." I reply.

"Well, you feel the same as he does?"

"I…I don't know how I feel…"

"I know how you feel. It'll be fine." He gives me a small smirk. Damn Dota-chin and his optimism.

If I ever drown him, it'll be in a half-full bathtub.

My phone vibrates toward the end of class, like yesterday.

[Roof for lunch?] Shinra's message reads.

So this is it…I can run away again, or I can at least try to find out what the hell is up with Shizu-chan. I bite my lip as I respond.

[Yeah. I'll be there.]

I just hope this will be alright. Somehow…now he's more than just a monster.

He's my monster.

The teacher dismissed our class and Dota-chin and I exited the room. My mind is buzzing like a bee is in my brain.

We walk to the roof, and he's casting me sideways glances the whole time. I guess he wants to ask if I'm okay, but doesn't want to seem too mushy.

He's so funny sometimes.

We arrive, and Shizu-chan and Shinra are sitting in 'Our Spot'. Shinra greets us cheerfully, but Shizu-chan is looking away from us. I see the expression he's wearing and I decide I don't like it at all. I reach up and place my finger under his chin, making him look at me.

"Shizu-chan, do you know what 'orgasm' means in French?" I ask him quietly. His face flushes, but he doesn't try to pull away.

"It means 'little death'. So I guess you killed me after all." I purr and tickle under his jaw. His eyes darken and he leans into my touch.

"Um…Kadota, would you mind going to the lunchroom with me again? I need to get a spoon and maybe more rice…" Shinra says cheerfully and tugs the larger teen away with him. Now it's just me and the brute.

"Why did you leave?" he asks.

"I didn't want to wait until you woke up and got angry with me for what happened." I reply. He glares.

"Did you really think I didn't know what I was doing? It's not like I was on Heroine or something. It was just shrooms." He rolls his eyes at me. "Besides, you were practically begging for it, looking up at me like you were."

I blink in confusion.

"Eh? I didn't look at you any differently than I always look at you."

"That's the fucking problem…" he huffs, looking at anything except me.

"Shizu-chan, is there something wrong with how I look at you?"

"Yes. No… I don't know…"

"Are you still high?"


"Shizu-chan~" I mimic his deep voice.

He glares, and then looks at the ground. I can tell this is really hard for him. How often had we actually sat together like this without trying to murder one another? This was a difficult transition for all of us…

"How long have you…felt this way for me?" I ask.

"What makes you think I feel anything at all?"

Instead of a response, I just look at him with my eyebrows raised.

"I don't know…awhile…"

"Longer than you've hated me?"


I sigh, and run my hands through my hair. Really, this is a shock. Here I thought we were in a mutual hatred understanding. When did the brute start possessing feelings?

This was the moment when I noticed him glancing over at me, the same as he always does when we're together. Now it has a different meaning though. I always thought he just wanted to look and make sure I wasn't planning something. Now it's like he's…staring at me like he wants to eat me.

In the most delicious way possible.

How the fuck had I ever missed that look in his eyes?

Maybe I can work with this new side of the monster. It's interesting to say the least.

And he is pretty sexy.

It's on this sudden realization that I lean forward and place my forehead on his. I feel like his lustful stare must be mirrored on my own face, because I can see my own reflection in his coffee eyes.

"Shizu-chan~" I say in my most velvet voice, "I need you to kiss me…"

To say his eyes turned black would be a fucking understatement. Literally, there was NO brown in that gaze anymore. He growls, and forces our mouths together roughly.

I gasp a little, and turn my head to search for a better angle. I find it and then open my mouth for him. He immediately shoves his tongue inside and starts to force mine to move with his.

It was sloppy as hell.

Yet, it was passionate in the most delicious way.

We easily find a perfect pace, and our lips move in a silent rhythm only we can hear. Irritated by the lack of contact, I move to his lap and place my legs on either side of his. I'm straddling him, and he's not even trying to push me off.

Yeah, definitely hungover…

He places his large hands on my thighs and pulls me closer. I can feel his breath hitch when my groin moves a little too close to his. I was about to do it again but…

We're at school…

Reluctantly, I pull away and observe his face. His lips are swollen. His eyes are dark. His cheeks are pink. He's panting.

And I realize it's all because of me that he looks this way. Because he wants me so badly.

"Mmm, Shizu-chan tastes really good for a monster…" I whisper.

"You taste good for a flea." He counters.

"Just good?" I say, lowering my voice to a breathy moan.

"Fuck…really good…" he snarls, yanking me back down to harass my mouth again.

I really like this side of him. Had he always been so forceful?

Wait, what the fuck? Of course he has! This is Shizu-chan! He screams of forcefulness!

He pulls away again, and raises his hands to cup my ass. Really? He's got some nerve, I'll give him that much.

"Louse…Would you maybe…want to get some coffee or something later? Just…the two of us?" he asks lowly, his eyes looking terrified.

It's because we're hungover, I swear to Valhalla.

"Should I bring the shrooms?" I inquire.

"Nah. I wanna be sober this time." He grins, licking my mouth.

Fuck, he's making me forget why exactly I should say 'no'… I had all this figured out until he tried to eat my face…

"Hmmm~…That sounds good, Shizu-chan…" I reply, forcing my mouth on his again.

Honestly, I like his saliva better than mine right now.

"Ahem…" a voice sounds from behind us and Dota-chin and Shinra are standing there, looking very awkward. I'm scared for a moment that the brute will shove me off of him, but he pulls me even closer.

"May we help you?" he asks smoothly, his hands still on my ass.

Mother fuck…

"If you guys are done eye fucking each other, it's almost time for class again." Dota-chin grins, hooking an arm around Shinra's shoulders to comfort the red faced man. Poor doctor looks like he's watching a porno or something. Maybe he's a voyeur?

"Ne, Shinra, are you getting aroused by watching me and Shizu-chan together?" I tease.

"Wha- No! I'm not a pervert! Are you getting off on the fact that you're in public and doing inappropriate things?" he shoots back.

"I'm not suffering from martymachlia." I smirk, rising from the brute's lap.

We make our way downstairs, laughing and joking as always. It's almost like nothing has changed. But when we reach the bottom floor, and I have to walk away from the group to go to my next class, the blonde grabs me, and reminds me with his mouth just how much things have changed.

"Later~" he grins, biting my lip before he pulls away.

"Make it worth my while, brute." I smirk, winking at him a little.

As I take my seat up front, feeling my classmate's eyes on me, I can't help but think of where this will go, where I want it to go, and where I hope we end up.

The answers are unclear, but that's alright.

What's the fun in knowing everything all the time? I'd rather take a step back and see where we end up. Just this once.

As the teacher walks in, and tells us to open our books, I realize two things very quickly:

1. Shrooms are officially my favorite bad habit.

2. Snorlax is so my favorite Pokémon.

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