Oh, wow guys. Just wow! I got so many responses to my one-shot! I decided, as a thank you, to make it a two-shot. This chapter will recount the story from Shizuo's POV. Hope you enjoy~!

Muddled Minds and Many Mushrooms, Monster Style.

Let's get something straight. I fucking hate school.

The only reason I come here is because I'm forced to. If I could stay home all day and sleep, I'd do it in a heartbeat. But Kasuka wakes me up every damn day to come to this hellhole they call a school. So, here I am.

I was just released from Chemistry. I really don't get half the shit we go over in there. I simply write things down whenever I see everyone else doing it. As I walk to my locker, I hear footsteps behind me.

"Shizuooooo!" Ah, it's Shinra Kishitani.

One of my only friends.

"What?" I ask grumpily. I'm not mad, I'm just irritated from Chemistry. We had a test.

We'll just say I probably failed the fucking thing.

"We need to go to the roof for lunch!" he says giddily. Dear God, now I know something is up.

We hardly ever get to eat on the roof anymore since the fucking flea ruined it for everyone by being a dick. He's always a thorn in my side.

Oh, right. I forget sometimes to explain things. This person isn't really a flea, he's a human. I think. Anyway, his name is Izaya Orihara. His favorite thing to do? Piss me off. Let's say he's damn good at it.

"Why?" I ask the spectacled man. He's not listening to me though. He's on his phone typing something. I look over his shoulder to see an incoming message.

New Message! From, Izaya.

[Stuck in Math. Dota-chin is trying to make a pass at me.]

Unable to contain it, I growl angrily.

Kadota is one of my friends. Okay, so he's just a guy who I see a lot, but I guess that makes us friends. A little. More often than not, he pals around with the flea. Those two have some sort of strange dynamic going. I've never seen Izaya act so social with anyone before. He fucking slept on Kadota'a lap once during lunch!

As for why this whole thing upsets me, I haven't figured out yet.

Fucking flea.

"There's no way Kadota is flirting with that louse." I say gruffly. Shinra laughs beside me and types down what I just said, sending it the flea.

As we start walking down the hall toward the stairs, his phone goes off again.

[Shizu-chan is just jealous that he's out there while Dota-chin is eye fucking me.]

I stare at the screen for a moment before I reach angrily for it. Honestly, I forgot that it belonged to someone. I just want to KILL that message.

"Shizuo, stop! I just got this phone!" Shinra squeaks, pulling it away from me and typing something else hurriedly.

Still irritated, I follow the shorter man out to the roof. It's peaceful up here. I really like being outside when I eat. In the lunchroom, too much can go wrong. I'm not very good at controlling my temper, so everything is a potential hazard for me social wise.

I've got issues, alright?

We walk over to the spot we always sit at, toward the edge of the roof. Izaya calls it 'Our Spot'. Dumbass louse.

Speaking of the little beast, he comes waltzing out onto the roof with Kadota close behind him. They're grinning stupidly and chatting about something. Unfortunately, he sits right beside me.

He always sits right beside me.

Pisses me OFF!

"I'm telling you, I'd never let you be on top!" he grins to Kadota. I immediately regret taking such a big bite of curry, because now I can't say anything with my mouth so full. I glare at him to show my distaste for this conversation.

"Well, you certainly wouldn't be on top of me." Kadota says playfully as he pokes the flea's forehead.

"You guys are so weird." Shinra laughs.

I hiss quietly and shove more food in my mouth to stop myself from saying something stupid. I'm careful to avoid eye contact with Izaya. Those ruby eyes of his are too much to take sometimes.

"Shizu-chan, have you ever seen a show called Pokémon?" he asks me in a forced sweet voice. I raise my eyebrow at him.

"The fuck?" I say. I've never seen that damn show. Kasuka used to watch it. I just couldn't get into it. The fact that there were so many of those little beasts to remember pissed me off!

"See, my little sisters were watching it the other day, and I became enthralled by it. I was wondering what's inside the Poké balls." he explains.

"What does this have to do with anything?" I huff.

"You remind me of the one that sits there and snores. Snorlax, I think is what his name is. Perhaps you could tell me what's in your Poké ball?"

Okay, now I'm pissed.

"Izayyyaaaaaaaa~" I growl, snapping my chopsticks in half.

I'll break his fucking face in!

"Izaya, don't start today! I need both of you to be civil!" Shinra whines, giving me an extra set of chopsticks. I'm amazed he keeps extra things for me sometimes. It's like he knows what I'll break.

"It was an honest question!" Izaya squeaks, poking out his bottom lip in a pout.

Fuck, he looks edible...

Wait, what? What did I say? No, I didn't say that...

I'm broken out of my reverie by Kadota chuckling. We all look at him since it's so rare for him to laugh.

"Sorry, I was just imagining Shizuo as a Snorlax." he grins.

"Dota-chin watches Pokémon? Oh, I'm in love~!" Izaya sings, throwing his arms over his head.

I look over at Kadota, who is still laughing. Why the FUCK does he get more attention from the little idiot than me?

And why the FUCK does it bother me so much? The whole thing pisses me OFF!

I look over to see Izaya watching me thoughtfully. Oh shit, was I glaring? I feel my face grow hot as I stuff more curry in my mouth.

"Anyway guys, I need to talk to you about something..." Shinra says suddenly. We all look at him.

"Yes, Shinra~?" Izaya asks too nicely. I send him another glare because his voice is never that nice to me.

"Um...Well, you know how I work with some questionable people sometimes..." Shinra begins.

Duh, we all know that. Even though I tell him constantly to stop fucking with those gang members, he has to keep helping them. He's far too good a person. Someday, that'll get him in a lot of trouble. Since he's my friend, I don't want that to happen to him. I'm nice every now and then.

"I treated a guy last week who couldn't pay me right away. He got stabbed, so I helped him out. It was really shallow, so I just did a few stitches. Anyway, he paid me today but...I didn't get paid with money..." the doctor continues.

I raise an eyebrow, not entirely sure by what he means. Kadota is looking at Izaya, and when I look over too, I see why. He has a Cheshire cat grin on his face. The kind inspired by dirty thoughts.

"Hahaha~! Shinra got a little action as payment? What will your headless wifey say?" he giggles, closing his red eyes in mirth.

"Gah! Izaya! It's not like that and you know it!" Shinra wails, his face hugely red.

"Damn perverted flea." I huff.

"Stupid protozoan." he counters, smirking at me. I feel a flip in my stomach because he's focused fully on me again.

"Guys! Anyway, he gave me these..." Shinra continues, pulling out a small bag of chocolate. Wait, chocolate?

"How is that payment?" Kadota asks, cocking his head to the side. "It looks like chocolate."

"Eh, well it is...It's what's in the chocolate that is my payment." the doctor grins sheepishly. Kadota and I look confused. Izaya's eyes widen as he uses his big fucking brain to put it all together.

"Drugs? You accepted drugs as a payment?" he asks, his voice high-pitched. I glance at him in surprise, and then turn back to Shinra.

"W-Well, yeah...But it's just shrooms! They're chocolate covered! I've got about $200 worth here..."

"Good luck with that." Izaya grins, shoving some fatty tuna in his mouth. The doctor is looking at him hopefully.

"Izaya, I was hoping you'd do them with me! Seeing as how you've been high before..."

Okay, wait, what? Izaya does drugs? Where the fuck have I been? I look over at the raven incredulously. Kadota is doing the same.

Izaya looks very angry that Shinra said anything. He has his tongue up against his lower lip, like he always does when he's displeased. I don't know why, but I notice these things he does when he's unhappy.

"Yeah, once. And it wasn't by choice. One of your little gang friends drugged me." he snaps at Shinra.

Drugged? One of Shinra's patients? Okay, suddenly I want a list of all his patients. And I'll find whoever did it and punch their face in! Why would they drug him anyway? It doesn't make any sense.

"I said I was sorry about that! Besides, just be glad he didn't get in your pants because his blood test was HIV positive!" Shinra says hurriedly.

...The guy was trying to rape him? Rape Izaya Orihara? The flea? My flea?

Now I have the urge to go find every man Shinra ever treated and kill all of them, just to make sure. The look of pure horror Izaya is giving us only makes me want to snap more necks. He never looks like that. His facial expression is one out of a scary movie when the monster eats a baby or something.

"I-I owe Celty a great debt..." he mutters. His hands are shaking. I want to reach out and comfort him...but I can't.

"Yes, you do. It was the date rape drug. Anyway, shrooms are safer than that stuff. I was actually hoping we could all do them together!" Shinra says excitedly.

"Shrooms are still heavy if you've never been high before." Kadota says dryly. I barely hear any of this... My face is glued to Izaya's.

"First time for everything, right? Besides, I looked into it. No one has ever died doing shrooms. At least I think...So, you guy's in?"

"I am." Izaya speaks up, shocking me from staring at him.

"Me too." Kadota says, looking at Izaya.

"Shizuo? You in on this?" Shinra asks with that fucking smile on his face. He knows I'll say yes because Izaya did. The flea is also looking at me, his red eyes gleaming. He...looks like he wants me to join them.

"Sure." I tell them, sending one last look to the flea before I gulp my curry in one bite.

"The Snorlax can consume up to 5X its body weight to block the path of the Poké master." Izaya says in a deep voice.


"The cry of the Snorlax reduces small children to ashes and makes old women lose their teeth in fear." he continues.

And I lunge for him, beginning our chase.

I arrive at Shinra's the same time Kadota does.

"Hey guys! Izaya will be here in a little bit. Come in, come in!" The doctor greets us excitedly. He leads us to his kitchen table and tells us to have a seat. Celty is at the counter, holding two mugs of something hot. She gives them to us.

"Hot chocolate!" I cheer. I love chocolate. Kadota bows slightly, and begins to sip his same as I do mine. The front door opens, and in walks the flea.

"Izaya!" Shinra greets and runs to him, Celty close beside him. Both are conversing with him (Celty with her PDA) but I'm not hearing any of it. I'm looking at his face.

Sometime ago, I noticed that his face doesn't piss me off nearly as bad as it used to. This realization confused me. So, I stare at him a lot more often now, just to try and figure out why exactly I can tolerate him so much better than before. Each time, I find myself staring longer.

He's slender. A little too thin, but it works for him. He's got perfect hips. Yeah, I said it. They're the kind that are too narrow to belong to a woman, but still too feminine to be manly. He's got pale skin, and there's not a mark on it. His hair is inky black, and it stands all over his head. I wonder if he styles it to be messy, or if he just has it that way naturally. Then, I see his eyes.

I used to be creeped out by that stare. His garnet gaze is the kind that if you stare at too long, you can practically feel them analyzing you. He's very analytical. Now, I look into their red depths and I can get lost. I know how fucking weird it sounds, alright? It's not like I like having these thoughts of him. I just can't help them. I can't control any part of me, why should my mind be any different?

He glances over at me, and I see his mouth. His fucking perfect mouth. How many times have I dreamed of it on mine now? Still, I have no idea why I'm even thinking of him this way. I hate him! ...Right?

"Well, let's get this over with." Izaya sighs as he takes a seat beside me.

"Right!" Shinra grins, pulling out the baggie and placing it on the table. "So, who's first?"

All of us sit there and look at the little chocolate pieces like they're a bomb or something. Really, what if they're disgusting? Like cough syrup mixed with...sadness? I'm not sure I wanna try them first...

Izaya sighs and grabs one from the bag, placing it in his mouth. We all observe him as he frowns.

"Eh? Are you alright? Do you feel anything?" Shinra asks frantically. Suddenly I feel uneasy at how scared the doctor looks. I thought he did his research!

"I haven't even swallowed the damn thing yet. It just tastes bad. I hate milk chocolate." Izaya informs us, his grimace still in place as he chews.

I grin like a madman and take one for myself. I fucking love chocolate! How the flea can hate it is beyond me. He likes dark chocolate though.

Don't ask me how I know that.

The shrooms taste...odd. Like someone left the chocolate in the sun too long and it melted and turned a little sour. It's not horrible though. It leaves a hell of an aftertaste though...

Apparently, our bravery affects everyone, because finally Kadota and Shinra take some themselves, chewing on them gingerly. Izaya and I keep our eyes locked as we chew.

"Blegh! I never want to taste that again!" Izaya spits, making a face by scrunching up his nose. It's kinda cute...

"Baby. It tasted like stale Reese's cups. Not great, but not enough to fuss over." I inform him. He smirks at me.

"Snorlax wants to be a bitch today."

Again with the Snorlax? What the FUCK is a Snorlax?

"Guys, I want to have a pleasant trip. If you're going to fight, do it somewhere else." Shinra sighs.

I forget whose idea it was to go watch a movie. We all pile on the couch, save for Celty, who's on her laptop in the kitchen. Izaya is beside me, slightly leaning on me. This fills me with a strange feeling...He looks up at me and I grin at him lopsidedly. He smirks at me, obviously confused by my friendliness.

Then, he turns away from me and frowns. He lifts his arms in the air and moves them slowly back and forth. He starts to laugh as he waves them frantically like a madman.

"There goes Izaya." Kadota grins, leaning back in his spot, waiting for his own high to kick in.

"Eh? Izaya is high now? That means it'll kick in on us soon too!" Shinra wails, looking scared.

"Wheeee! I'm so heavy!" Izaya sings, still smiling more widely than I've ever seen him smile. He leans more into me, sighing happily. When he looks up at me, I notice there is no red in his gaze anymore. It's entirely black.

"Bahahaha! The flea is tripping! His pupils are fucking huge!" I laugh in his face. He pouts up at me.

'No they're not! They're HEAVY!" he whines, turning away from me in mock disgust.

"Oh wow, they kind of are..." Kadota remarks, leaning in to observe. He's way too close to Izaya...it pisses me off! Angrily, I nudge the flea so he looks back up at me.

The way it should be.

"I kind of...feel a little something..." I say as I notice Izaya's face is leaving a trail. By that, I mean that even though he's over here, I see him EVERYWHERE. Like a trail is following his every movement. I get what he means by 'heavy' now. I can barely lift myself.

"Shizu-chan is hiiiiggggghhhhh~!" he sings gleefully.

"So are you!" I remind him.

Kadota is awfully quiet, staring at his hands. I notice then how HUGE his hands are. How have I missed that all these years?

"Dota-chin~. Did you bring enough hands for the rest of the class?" Izaya asks him.

"Yeah...they could feed an entire third world country. I know how to save Ethiopia!" he says loudly, waving his hands in our faces. Izaya looks at him strangely and then bursts into a fit of laughter. Seeing them act this way...makes me laugh madly too.

In my mind I can see Kadota bitch slapping someone so hard they explode. And for whatever reason, it's fucking hilarious.

"Fuck, Kadota! You could smother the world with those things!" I laugh so hard I'm wheezing for air. In my peripheral vision, I see Shinra flop into the floor.

"Guys...I'm freaking out!" he yells, making Izaya whip around to look at him in alarm.

"Everything is one with everything else and it all combines into something big and obnoxious and I can't handle knowing it!" he spits out so quick that it has my mind reeling.

"Hahaha! Shinra, you're going to melt!" Izaya giggles. I see what he means. Shinra's body is looking a little...fluid like. Like he can ooze all over the hardwood.

"Don't say that! I feel it!" the doctor wails.

"You need to chill the fuck out." Kadota remarks. Why the hell is he so calm? He falls over on the vacant space Shinra left, his legs falling in Izaya's lap.

"Dota-chin~! I'm going to sample you before we feed you to Ethiopian children!" he says as he lifts the brunette's pants leg and tries to bite the skin.

"Noooo! You're not starving!" he cries playfully, kicking around.

"He won't taste good. There are reports that if humans eat other humans, they go mad. Like, there's a theory that that's what causes Mad Cow Disease." Shinra remarks from the floor, still oozing around.

"Wait...so cows go over to other cows and suddenly decide to eat them?" Izaya asks, glancing over at me as he speaks.

"What...No! Wait...maybe. What was I saying?" the puddle asks.

The flea and I burst into laughter again. I love how his laugh harmonizes with mine.

"I bet they taste good..." Kadota remarks, swinging his feet into my lap as his whole lower half rests in Izaya's.

"Kadota, I'm not a foot rest." I inform him.,

"Well, Izaya is." the brunette replies, placing his feet back in the raven's lap. Izaya smiles sweetly down at him, before nibbling at his skin as promised.

"Gahh! What the hell?" Kadota whines, pulling his leg away.

"Blegh, you're worse than the shrooms." Izaya remarks, leaning into me again. I tug him closer into me. I doubt he even noticed.

"I bet Ethiopian kids will love my gross tasting skin!" Kadota spits, falling beside Shinra on the floor.

Really, what the fuck is his fascination with Ethiopian kids?

Celty is watching us, her body shaking in laughter. I wonder what's funny...

"The sky is falling!" Shinra exclaims as Kadota falls beside him.

"No, it's just Kadota's fat ass." I tell him, making Izaya giggle again.

Suddenly, the raven falls against my chest. I blink in surprise, before I growl in agreement, pulling him closer. He's halfway in my lap. That's where I want him to be. He sighs, and nuzzles into my shirt.

Fuck, he smells good.

Shinra stands up quickly and runs toward Celty. They are conversing about something, but I'm focused on Izaya. I'm always focused on him.

I'm high, shut up.

We three are left alone as Shinra and Celty disappear. I'm thinking of the curry I ate earlier. Man, it was good. Wait, what the fuck? It wasn't that good.

Was it?

What does 'good' mean? Shit! I'm forgetting everything!

The next thing I know, I look up and everyone is gone. It's just me and Izaya. My heart speeds up instantly at this realization.

"Shizu-chaaaaaaan~. Are you going to hold me all night?" he asks, still in my grasp.

"Thinking about it." I grin. Fuck, I'm thinking about things he would KILL me for if he knew.

"Hmm...well, I need a more comfortable position." he sighs.

Position? Shit, Izaya...bad choice of words...

I lift him up, throwing my legs haphazardly on the couch. I place him directly on top of me, and place my arms around his torso.

I'm cuddling the flea.

"Better?" I ask him, my voice deep.

Do I always talk like that?

"Much." he says in a breathy voice that makes my head spin.

Fuck, the things I want to do to this man.

I'm really an awful person...

I wish I had some curry again.


What the FUCK is wrong with me?

Sighing, I look down at Izaya. His face is thoughtful. He looks...delicious...like always but more now. Maybe it's the shrooms...He looks up at me, his red eyes gleaming.

I want him to kiss me. That's all I need for him to do.

If he initiates it, I won't feel so bad. He grins at me.

"Shizu-chan... Do you feel hot?" he asks me in a quiet voice.

"Yeah..." I tell him, equally quiet.

"Is it because of me, or the drugs?" he asks, his tongue poking out to run along his lips.

Oh fuck.

"Both...No, you." I say, my mouth suddenly dry. I want him to lick his lips again...then he does it. He runs his tongue slowly over his bottom lip, his crimson eyes darkening with an expression I can't fathom right now. I subconsciously lick my own lips, making him smirk down at me...

Then his mouth is on mine.

I growl in a fierce voice, the purring in my chest turning into a loud roar. I shove my tongue in his mouth, making his wrap around mine.

He tastes...Fuck, there aren't words for how he tastes...

When he releases a soft moan, I lose all grip on reality. He's trying to fight me for dominance, thrusting his tongue in my mouth every now and then. Whenever he does, I force mine back into his, and he mewls in anticipation. He stops trying to fight me.

I shove my heated muscle so far into his mouth, I feel it hit the back of his throat. I'm fucking ravishing him, and he's moaning like he loves it.

He better fucking love it.

I decide if I can pin him down, I can get a better angle, so that's what I do. As I'm lifting him I hear a soft


Then, I'm slamming him into the couch cushions, forcing myself on top of him and my knee between his legs. I immediately connect our mouth again. I need to taste him again. I have to. His nimble fingers are tugging at my hair as he releases little noises into our kiss.

I love his noises.

"Fuck, flea...so good..." I purr as I trail my tongue across his jawline.

"Nnnn, Shizu-chan..." he groans as I trail toward his ear.

"That's right Izaya...Say my name again..." I command against the shell of his ear.

"Hahhh~. Shizu-chan..." he gives in, arching against me as my hands decide to trail up his red shirt.

Continuously, I lick at his skin. Fuck, he tastes good. Really good. He lets out the loudest lewd moan yet when my knee accidentally brushes against his crotch.

So he wants attention there?

"Fuck..." I hiss, aroused by his voice. I place my own groin where my knee was before.

Gently, I rock forward, grinding our clothed members together.

"Hahhhhh~! Ohhh..." he purrs, thrusting to meet me in the air. I look down at him...his hazy, half closed eyes. His abused lips. His tousled hair.

He's looking up at me through his bangs...

He's everything to me right now.

There's a light show in my brain. I keep forgetting that we're both high. Or maybe I just don't want to think about it. Every time I grind against him, the lights flicker.

We find a rhythm, and I'm grabbing his narrow hips and forcing them into mine roughly. He throws his head back and wraps his legs around my waist, crying passionately.

Why is he so fucking sexy?

He gets louder when I'm rougher. Damn masochist flea. I snarl as I pound him into the sofa.

"Hmmmmmmmm~...Shizu-ahhhh..." he gargles, inhaling air violently. I nip at his neck and hum my agreement at his voice. He needs to keep making those noises.

I want them louder.

"Izaya...Izaya...Izaya..." I chant against his white neck. He grabs my shoulders and digs his nails into them like claws. Oh shit, it feels incredible...This makes me go even faster against him.

"Shizu...Shizuo...Hahhhhhh..." he mewls, using my real name. My REAL name. It makes me realize how real this all is...

I purr loudly, the lights behind my eyes turning into damn tie-dye or some shit. He starts to shake against me as I connect our mouths again. I swallow his little whimpers as he thrusts up against me desperately. Izaya just came. Fuck, I made him come...

"Mmmmmm...Iza-ahhhhhh~." I sigh happily as I ride him roughly. Honestly, I wish I could do this forever. But my body is already too worn out and drunk on this man. I come hard, hissing loudly as the tremors consume me too. The lights are like a fireworks show, exploding in neon colors behind my lids as I clench my eyes shut. His arms and legs are wrapped around me in a vice grip, and he's still moving against me to help me ride out my orgasm.


Lazily, I connect our mouths again, slipping my tongue inside to taste him one last time before the darkness consumes me.

I'm more tired than I've ever been...

"Shizu-chaaaaaan~." a breathy moan fills my head. Oh God, I know that delicious voice.

"Shizu-chan~. Nnn, I want you to fuck me..." the voice purrs in my brain. Suddenly, I look down and Izaya is under me.

He's looking up at me again, his eyes begging me to take him.

"Izayaaaaaa~...Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you..." I say quietly. I'm a monster after all.

"Ne, Shizu-chan. I want this." he sighs, trying to maneuver his body to get me inside him faster.

"Stop! You'll hurt yourself!" I say, positioning myself against his entrance. Our eyes meet and he nods, letting me know he wants this.

I push in slowly, the velvet heat wrapping around me. Fuck, it's Heaven...

"Ahhhh~ So good...so goo-ahhhh..." he moans as I fill him.

I have to resist the urge to pound him into the mattress.

Slowly, I pull out and push back in. The noises he's making are driving me crazy. He opens his mouth wide and...

"Shizuo Heiwajima! Wake the fuck up!"

The hell?

"Shinra?" I ask groggily, unsure of why he's here when I'm fucking Izaya.

It can't be healthy for him to watch us have sex.

"Yes, Shinra! Wake up! You need to take a shower and get some clothes for school!" he informs me, still leaning over me.

I realize then that the space beside me is empty. Izaya isn't here.

Suddenly...I feel really cold...

"He left, Shizuo. Kadota must have gone with him because it's just us here." Shinra says sadly. I wonder idly how much he knows, but I'm too upset about being left here to ask him.

"Okay. I'm going to go get some clothes..." I sigh, rising from the couch.

I'm immediately glad that I chose to wear dark pants here last night. If I was wearing those light blue pants from my school uniform, the cum stain would be obvious. As is, you can't see it.

But I can feel it. It's uncomfortable as fuck too.

I make my way home, the light hurting my eyes. I know it's impossible to be hungover from shrooms, but I feel like shit.

What did last night mean? Was it just because he was high? It seemed like he wanted it too...What if his pleas were for me to stop? What if I'm a rapist?

Shit, fuck, FUCK!

"Brother." Kasuka remarks dryly as I enter our house.

"Hey." I reply, shoving past him to get to my room.

I gather my clean uniform and head to the bathroom. I wash off the shame left from the flea. I guess it's good that it felt so amazing, because I doubt I'll ever get to feel it again.

"Sorry I didn't come home last night. I got tied up." I say quietly as I enter the kitchen, freshly clean. Kasuka looks at me thoughtfully.

"You're upset." he says.


"About Izaya?"

"How did you-"

"Brother. You're always upset about Izaya." he sighs.


There's a moment of silence in which we both stand awkwardly, not knowing what else there is to say.

"Um...Kasuka? What's Snorlax?" I ask him seriously. He stares at me like I'm insane.

"He's a big, fat, Pokémon that usually sleeps and blocks paths and stuff." he shrugs.


"Here." he says suddenly, giving me a glass bottle of milk. He always does this when I'm upset.

"Thanks." I grin, taking it from him.

Despite everything, it makes me feel better.

In homeroom, I receive a text from Shinra,

[Come to the roof for lunch. Izaya is going to talk to you.]

Really? He is? Does that mean I'm not a rapist?

Wait...what the hell do I say to him?

I don't even fully understand why I did what I did, aside from the fact that I'm a hormonal teenage guy.

[I don't know what to say.] I send back.

[Shizuo. Seriously? Think about it.]

Think about what? Izaya? What about him?

Ever since I can remember, he's been a little thorn in my side. He always tries to get me in trouble. He fucking sliced my chest open at our first meeting! He constantly provokes my temper. He never wears the school uniform, which pisses me off for some reason. He looks at me like I'm stupid, which pisses me off for a LOT of reasons.

He's really smart. He's observant. He's adorable. (sometimes) He tastes really good...

He's always there for me. I realize this with a start. When has he not been there? Usually, it's to my chagrin that he's there, but he's there.

He knows more about me than anyone, including Kasuka. He makes me happy that I have this strength, because it means I get to throw shit at him. He makes me feel...complete.

That's a good way to put it.

It hits me like a fucking bus that I'm in love with the little bastard. I've always been.


I make my way to the roof again after my classes are over. Shinra is beside me.

"Did you think of what to say?" he asks me brightly.

"Yeah. No...Not really..." I sigh.

"Shizuo, it'll be fine."

"I know."

We sit down in 'Our Spot'. I look up as I hear the door open.

Izaya walks over to us and sits down beside me as usual. Kadota shoots me a grin, and sits on the other side of the raven. I look away from all of them, choosing to observe my food. I feel cold, slim, fingers under my chin. They bring my face up to look into shining crimson orbs.

"Shizu-chan, do you know what 'orgasm' means in French?" he asks me, using his low voice from last night. I flush when I hear it. All I can think of is pounding against him again.

"It means 'little death'. So I guess you killed me after all." he purrs, tickling his fingers under my chin. I lean into his hold and stare at him like he's a figment of my imagination. Distantly, I hear Shinra and Kadota make their exit. My eyes are locked on Izaya's.

"Why did you leave?" I ask stiffly.

"I didn't want to wait until you woke up and got angry with me for what happened."

I glare at him.

"Did you really think I didn't know what I was doing? It's not like I was on Heroin or something. It was just shrooms. Besides, you were practically begging for it, looking up at me like you were." I roll my eyes at him.

"Eh? I didn't look at you any differently than I always look at you." he blinks.

"That's the fucking problem." I huff, looking away from him.

Does he not realize that how he looks at me is what caused this problem?

"Shizu-chan, is there something wrong with how I look at you?" he asks.

"Yes. No... I don't know..."

"Are you still high?"


"Shizu-chan~." he mimics me. I want to bash his skull in.

I stare at the ground, avoiding his gaze. Why is this so fucking difficult? It's only Izaya...

"How long have you...felt this way for me?" he asks.

"What makes you think I feel anything at all?" I counter.

Okay, with the stare he's giving me, I know he thinks I'm an idiot...

"I don't know...awhile..." I sigh.

"Longer than you've hated me?"

I never hated you... "Yeah."

He runs his hands through his hair and breathes heavily. I don't blame him. This is a difficult transition for all. Even I can't believe we're sitting here and not trying to kill each other.

I look over at him. He's biting his lip, staring into space. I know he's more into thought than I am. He's always thinking. He overthinks. That's his problem. He meets my stare and his eyes darken a little.

What's turning him on?

He leans forward and touches our foreheads together. I don't know why, but this makes me immensely happier than I was earlier...His crimson eyes are dark with lust.

I can tell mine are probably that way too.

"Shizu-chan~ I need you to kiss me." he whispers in a voice I can only describe as velvet. This makes me crazy with want as I grab his face and force it against mine.

He gasps, and turns his head, opening his mouth. I waste no time in devouring him. I've been craving him all day.

Fuck the shrooms, he's my drug.

He's making those little breathless noises again as he moves his tongue with mine. Our lips are moving together perfectly and our teeth are nipping in all the right places. He groans and moves forward to straddle me, connecting our mouths again.

Fuck, I'm getting hard...

I place my hands on the back of his thighs and pull him forward. Our hips touch a little, and we're both groaning in unison.

I'm about to not care where we are.

He pulls away from me though. He looks at me thoughtfully, his expression unreadable as he looks me over. I hate when he does this. I never know what the hell he's thinking.

"Mmm, Shizu-chan tastes really good for a monster." he whispers.

"You taste good for a flea." I counter.

"Just good?" he sighs, moaning a little in my ear.

"Fuck, really good..." I snarl, yanking him to my mouth again.

I want to force him down and MAKE him call me by my real name again.

I want to make it where I'm the only one he ever lets touch him this way.

Reluctantly, I pull away again, lifting my hands to cup his ass.

That's right. I'm being a pervert. I don't fucking care.

"Louse...would you maybe...want to get some coffee or something later? Just...the two of us?" I inquire.

This whole thing is scary as shit. I've never put myself out there so much before. And all for Izaya of all people.

"Should I bring the shrooms?" he jokes.

"Nah. I wanna be sober this time." I grin, licking his mouth again.

I guess if he's joking that means I'm golden, right?

"Hmmm~...That sounds good, Shizu-chan..." he moans, attacking my mouth again.

I guess he wants this as bad as I do.

We're so wrapped up in each other that we don't notice Shinra and Kadota walking toward us. Izaya is licking the back of my teeth, his hands in my hair, his groin perfectly angled against mine...

"Ahem..." the voice of Kadota sounds. They look awkward as fuck. I keep my hands where they are and eye them steadily.

"May we help you?"

"If you guys are done eye fucking each other, it's almost time for class to begin." Kadota grins, draping an arm over Shinra's shoulders. I don't blame them for feeling awkward. It's not every day you walk up on two men having a make out session.

"Ne, Shinra, are you getting aroused by watching me and Shizu-chan together?" Izaya teases.

Damn perverted flea.

"Wha- No! I'm not a pervert! Are you getting off on the fact that you're in public and doing inappropriate things?" he bites back.

"I'm not suffering from martymachlia." Izaya smirks, rising away from me.

Marty what now? I'm going to have to Google that later...

We all head back downstairs. None of us have the next class together, so we're going to have to part ways. We're laughing and joking...like always. I wonder if it's only me that notices how close Izaya is walking beside me. How his eyes glance up at me every now and then. How he's trying to walk away? What the fuck?

I grab him forcefully and push him back a little, into the wall. I connect our mouths and don't wait for permission to move my tongue with his.

"Nnnnnghh...Shizu~..." he groans as I bite his lips a little.

"Later~" I grin at him, his flushed face making me almost giddy.

"Make it worth my while, brute." he smirks back at me, winking.

I laugh to myself and walk away, feeling immensely better about things. I have a plan for how I want things to go.

For once, I want to think this through. I don't want to mess this up by being so fucking impulsive.

I walk into my classroom, hearing whispers. No one would dare say anything negative to me or Izaya about our relationship. We're the scariest guys in school.

As I prepare to sit in the class and do nothing because I just don't want to, I plan how my afternoon is going to go.

1. I'm going to Google 'Martymachlia'.

2. I'm telling Izaya I'm in love with him.

After all, Snorlax gets what Snorlax wants.

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