The Price Of Fameā€¦

Summary; In a world of pain pleasure can be just the same as pain. Pain becomes pleasurable because it's the only thing attainable and known. And it seems to be just that way for our favorite family of Uchihas.

Disclaimer: I unfortunately do not own the yaoi filled potential that is Naruto, but if I did it'd be very scarring for young children and probably most adults. But I don't so children can watch it. They just can't read this.

A top a hill is a mansion famous in the city of Konohagakure. Not for anything particularly good. Generally it's a place known for grief and sadness, but aren't all of the best places?

Ignore the sad attempt at a pun. For I just wished you to have a smile upon your face before you entered the world that the Uchiha's live in.

It's a dreary world. Darkness is the choice. Ignorance bliss. But intelligence required. Admired. Many have said that a storm is always brewing inside of its walls. Violence is key in this family. Voices raised. Fists clenched. Words poised to strike with venom like a viper. Malice and hatred streaking through thoughts. It's a loveless world for these four.

Fugaku, the drunken abuser; Mikoto, the weakened and manipulated wife; Itachi, the first born and passive son; and finally, Sasuke, the rebellious and confrontational son.

Three pitted against one. Fugaku. That man. He used to be so good. A highly regarded police officer. Loving husband and father with the best track record. A model citizen. Until the recession hit and he was cut from the force. He'd been on the chopping block from the moment he started. His attitude frowned upon by the mayor and the police chief. He took up drinking. And somehow found a way to fault his wife and children for the loss of his dream. His dream of a picture perfect family. A picture perfect family stained by a decision made by Fugaku. This decision would haunt the man to his last drunken breath.

A top a hill is a mansion famous in the city of Konohagakure. Famous for its hostile aura and even more so for its brooding brothers, but a thousand times that for the scandals trapped in the thick stone walls. The price they pay for fame is high. Higher than first anticipatedā€¦