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Dean slung his duffel bag over his shoulder and headed towards his beloved Impala, parked back in the evidence garage as if it had never left. Sam had already dumped his in the trunk and was leaning against it calmly. Gibbs had already ordered the few probies working on that floor to clear out so they would have privacy.

"So, run this by me again," said Dean, amused, as he walked back over to Gibbs, Ziva, McGee and Abby. "How did we escape the infamous NCIS?"

McGee explained. "Well, you told us the clue to finding Sergeant Mills was in your car, and that you would show it to us for a deal."

"And you were stupid enough to fall for it?" asked Dean smugly. Sam nudged his brother with a serious look.

"Unfortunately," replied McGee. "We had taken the weapons out of the car but there was a 45. between the seats that Abby missed."

Abby scoffed, looking offended. "Like I'd ever miss that."

"You pulled it on us and told us to handcuff ourselves to the fence," Tim pointed to the fenced area that held boxes of files and small pieces of evidence from cold cases. "Then you drove right through that door and escaped."

Dean suddenly looked mortified. "I have to smash my baby through a garage door?"

Gibbs smirked. "It's just sheet iron, pretty flimsy stuff. It shouldn't do too much damage to the car."

"Would keep out vengeful spirits though," laughed Sam. Dean started grumbling.

"I don't like this," he muttered angrily, "I fixed her up good as new and she's about to get dented all over ag-" Gibbs smacked him upside the head. "Hey!" Dean cried out indignantly. "What the hell do you keep doing that for?"

"You're getting off easy," assured Gibbs seriously.

"He's right, Dean," said Sam pointedly.

"Yeah, I dunno about that," Dean grumbled. Ziva glared at him.

"We are all jeopardising our careers here," she said. "We'll be in enough trouble as it is for doing such sloppy work, but if we get caught? That's all our lives down sink." Sam looked confused.

"Toilet," supplied McGee, "she means toilet."

Ziva waved her hands as if trying to shoo away a fly. "Whatever, we will be in trouble."

"So you two should get moving," said Gibbs, checking his watch. The two brothers nodded and turned to the car, but Abby stepped forward looking distressed.

"Wait," she said loudly. They looked back at her and she bit her lip. "What if - what if we get something, you know, weird, again. I mean, I've been hearing scratching sounds in my lab, and - "

"Abby, that was your faulty computer, remember? I fixed it for you last week." said McGee, earning a glare from the scientist. She turned back to the brothers.

"Well, it might not be a faulty computer next time, and I want to be prepared, but there's only so much research you can do online, and maybe if I had a number or something - "

"We can't make friends with them Abby," sighed Gibbs. She always got so attached. "We don't need any clues to make the FBI any more suspicious then they already will be."

Abby looked down at the ground, disheartened. "Geeze, you guys." Sam laughed slightly. Abby tried not to smile - she really liked his laugh. The Winchesters raised a hand goodbye in unison before walking to their car.

"Tony will be sorry he didn't get another look at his 'classic'" said Ziva, smiling.

"Eh, he'll get over it," said Gibbs. He watched as Sam talked to Dean over the roof of the car, gesturing though his words couldn't be heard from there. Dean grimaced in response and shook his head. There was a few more minutes of light arguing before Gibbs checked his watch again.

"Hey! Shouldn't you be leaving?" he called out to them impatiently. Instead Sam walked back over to them, Dean slightly behind, looking disgruntled. Sam was carrying what looked to be a faded old book, with loose pages sticking out at all sides.

"Take this," he said to Abby, who's eyes immediately widened, her mouth forming a small 'o' shape. "It should keep you prepared for anything that might show up." Abby took the book from him gently and opened it up, her eyes going even wider as she studied the scrawled writing and roughly drawn pictures. "It was our dad's. Anything you need to know will be in there."

Abby's face lit up like never before. "This is amazing! I'll have this read in, like, a day!"

"I still don't like this," muttered Dean, his eyes dark.

"Come on Dean, we know the thing off by heart anyway," said Sam. He looked back to Abby, adding "besides, we'll be back for it." Abby looked up at him and, if possible, her smile got wider.

"Right! I'll take great care of this thing, I swear!" she said seriously. "I'll keep it under lock and key, I'll use gloves when I'm handling it, the works!" Sam smirked, making up for Dean's continuing sulky look.

"Great. See you around then." The brothers walked back to their car. Sam waved before getting in the passenger seat and Dean patted the roof, his eyes gleaming like a kid with a new - or, in this case, old - toy. He was just about to get in when his face contorted into anger and he looked back at the agents.

"Hey!" he yelled. "What did you do to my upholstery?" Abby suddenly looked mortified. She had forgotten to fix up the back seat after finding the initials carved there.

"You should really get going!" she called back nervously, holding tightly onto the worn journal. McGee and Ziva smirked, Gibbs laughing slightly as Dean shook his head, looking furious, and got into the Impala. Without any more words exchanged, the car revved powerfully and tore right through the garage door with a sickening screech, gliding away and out of sight. Gibbs shook his head, suddenly feeling exhausted, and turned to his team.

"Abby, you'd better get back to your lab before we're found."

"Ok. Good luck guys!" With that Abby headed for the elevator, already reading the first page of her gift from Sam. The others got out their handcuffs and walked over to the fence, Gibbs pulling out his phone and preparing to make a distress call.

"This is so demeaning," said Ziva unhappily, chaining herself to the fence.

An hour later they were walking back to the squadroom, having been 'found and rescued'. Palmer was standing nervously by the plasma, shifting from foot to foot.

"There you are! I've been looking for you guys!" he said with relief. "Listen, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but you've got two of the most dangerous men in America in custody." He looked determined and slightly scared.

"And who would that be Palmer?" asked Gibbs.

Jimmy grinned slightly as if he thought Gibbs might be joking. "Well - Sam and Dean Winchester! Haven't you heard the stories? They're wanted by the FBI! They dig up graves! I heard they sacrifice cows and dogs for Satan!" Ziva tried to hide her smile.

"And where do you hear these things Palmer?" asked Gibbs suspiciously. The young man grinded to a halt.

"Oh - well, you know - they were on the news, and I, see I might have seen them mentioned in blogs and stuff online," he stuttered. Gibbs just looked him up and down.


Palmer blushed.

"We did have them Palmer, but they escaped," explained Tim with a grimace. "Seems it's their specialty." Jimmy looked shocked.

"You - you let them escape?" he asked looking from McGee back to Gibbs, who glared up at him from his desk. "Well, I mean - not that you let them escape, but - oh man, Director Vance is going to be so - "

"Pissed? You're damn right he will be." Everyone turned to see Leon Vance at the corner of Ziva's desk, looking mad. Behind him were Agents Fornell and Henricksen, looking doubly angry.

"Well hey there, Leon," said Gibbs casually. "I guess you heard, huh?"

"My office, now," was his only reply. Gibbs shrugged and left his desk to follow Vance and the two FBI agents upstairs.

"Hate to be a part of that conversation," said McGee. He looked nervous. "How much trouble you think we're in?" Before Ziva could answer a new voice was heard from the elevator.

"Hey guys!" called Tony with a small cough, walking up to them happily.

"You were let out already?" asked Ziva with surprise.

"Well, not - not exact - " Tony broke into a slight coughing fit, cutting off his words. Ziva sighed. By the time Tony had finished his spluttering McGee and Ziva were sharing a look of exasperation.

"What?" he asked, sitting down at his desk. "I didn't want to miss them." Silence greeted this statement as the other agents avoided his gaze. "Aw dammit, I missed them didn't I? I guess that would explain why Agent Sucks was so sour in the elevator. The guy looked constipated." Tony coughed again.

"You should go back to the hospital," said McGee matter-of-factly.

"Yeah, yeah, I will," Tony answered nonchalantly. He looked over to Jimmy, who had been standing in the background with his mouth slightly open since Vance had shown up.

"What's up with Autopsy Gremlin?"

Dean gripped the wheel of his car tightly, enjoying the familiar feel of leather and the low rumbling sound his baby emitted. Sam leaned back, looking exhausted.

"I still don't agree with giving them Dad's journal," commented Dean after a moment.

"Then why'd you let me?"

Dean contemplated his answer. "Well, I guess it would help if someone in law enforcement had an idea about the crap we do." Sam looked at his brother, skeptical. Dean grinned slyly. "Besides, like you said, we'll be back for it soon enough. Don't want that Goth chick forgetting about you, aye Sammy?"

"Dude, come on."

Dean laughed as his brother looked away slightly, suddenly turning shy.

"I think that was the best run in with the law we've ever had," said Sam. Dean shrugged.

"Yeah, they weren't bad." Sam looked out the window before turning back to Dean as the older Winchester veered onto another road.

"We're in deep crap now, though, you realise that Dean?"

Dean nodded. "Well, with the Demon taking the Colt and us most likely having our faces splashed all over the 6 o clock news tonight, yep, I'd say we're up the creek."

Sam sighed. "It's never going to get easier, is it?"

Dean looked across at his younger brother, expertly hiding the concern he suddenly felt well up within him. He slapped on a trademark smirk instead.

"But then it wouldn't be any fun Sammy!"


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