A/N: Hey everyone! So I'm back again, with a second Justice League story. This one's special, though - I wrote the whole thing in four days! I have never been so inspired about a fanfiction before as to write a complete multi-chapter fic in less than a week. So, here's hoping it turned out as well as I thought it did ;)

A Flash By Any Other Name


It is the year 2015. Much has changed in the world in the last few years, but one thing yet remains constant: the Justice League still keeps watch on the world from their space-based headquarters; the Watchtower remains in geosynchronous orbit over Earth. But the League, too, has undergone changes. New faces have appeared; the Watchtower has been upgraded; even a few old members have gone, whether because they succumbed to death or other circumstances. Still, the people of Earth remain secure, confident that the League which has become such an essential part of their lives will be around for many more years.

On this particular night – well, early morning, really (North American time) – best friends Fire and Ice are taking their turn at monitor duty on the Watchtower. Now, as everyone knows, there is nothing so dire or so awful that it will not be made more bearable by the presence of one's best friend at one's side. As such, Fire and Ice are actually enjoying their watch, talking and laughing with each other even as they keep one eye on the monitors at all times.

Which is just as well, because this happens to be one time when something actually happens on monitor duty.

It begins suddenly, with no warning save for the rapidly accelerating beeping coming from one of the screens.

"What is that?" Fire wonders in some trepidation as the beeping continues to increase.

"Problem?" Batman asks, having just entered the bridge and overheard Fire's statement.

"I'm not sure," Ice, the more technologically savvy of the two, admits with a frown. "The satellites are reporting a massive increase of movement in the infrared and ultraviolet zones just outside Central City."

"It's so great, the beeps have blended together," Fire adds, as the quick teet-teet's become so rapid, they do indeed evolve into a single, continuous whine.

Batman leans over the console to better inspect the phenomenon. He is puzzled and wary for a moment, as evidenced by the crease of his brow and the narrowed set of his lens-covered eyes – but then, to the great surprise of both Fire and Ice, the Dark Knight of Gotham actually smiles.

"He's back," he says; and with a swish of his dark cape, he exits, leaving two bewildered Leaguers in his wake.

A/N: Yep, I know it's short - but it's just the prologue. The chapters are much longer. Admit it, though - short as it was, it drew you in, didn't it? Don't you want to know more? ;) My update time for this particular fic will be rather tricky, depending on when I am able to get to the computer - but I will try to stick to my usual daily updates as far as possible. With any luck, Chapter One will post tomorrow. Until then, I look forward to hearing your opinions.