A white robe clutched to her slender form, as Zoey held the jug of Magic against the sacred pool. She hummed ancient words against the sweetly caressing wind and smiled. The water rippled as she poured it in. It sizzled; she stood back casually and clicked his fingers. The water gushed upwards, reminiscent of the letter 'T'. Reflexively, her arms shot to the air, parallel to the skyward jet of water.

"Reduceify" Zoey shouted against the riveting wind, interlocked her hands and pushed outwards. This caused the water to reduce, side so that it was a thin, but long, blue and purple staff with a core of water that swelled like the reflection of a prism refracting beneath the moonlight. As her hand reached forwards to claim the staff of magic, the air around it pulsated, sparks fluttered like majestic butterflies as Zoey lifted her head, allowing the magic to bond them together.

"My child, you have done well…" a gentle harmonious voice whispered to her, as her hand retracted. "… Use my gift wisely chosen one." She finished amiably. It was Nyx, the goddess of the night.