Chapter 1: A New Enemy

A/N: I've changed my writing style for this story.

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Learning that in order to get to Fishman Island at the bottom of the ocean, the Straw Hat Pirates landed in Sabaody. While there, Camie, the mermaid and a friend of theirs and Hatchan, was captured and put on sale at the Human Auction. Nami tries to buy Camie's freedom but she was bought by one of the celestial dragons. Enraged, Luffy struck the man that bought Camie, knowing that the navy should send an admiral to hunt him and his crew down. With help from the other pirate captains, Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid, and "Dark King" Rayleigh, first mate of Gold Roger, Luffy fought off the navy forces. On their way to their own ships, Kid and Law, with their crews, encountered Kuma and engaged in battle. When it seemed like Kuma was defeated, there was another one to take his place. Elsewhere, Luffy and his crew are to a place to hide when the admiral arrives, until…

"Who are you," Luffy asked the figure in front of him.

The other Straw Hats knew the man was. His name is Kuma.

"Watch out, Luffy," Usopp warned, "He's a warlord of the sea."

"How do you guys know that?"

"Be careful," Sanji said, "Don't get hit by his attacks, it's a shockwave."

Kuma removed his gloves and form a strange yellow ball with his palm. After the ball was completed, he fired it like a beam. The Straw Hats were shocked at what they saw.

"What is this," Franky asked.

"He could do that, too," Usopp said surprised.

"Hey, you guys said that it was a shockwave," Luffy stated.

"That was…" Chopper started.

"…A beam," Luffy and Chopper said with stars in their eyes.

"This isn't the time to be excited, idiots," Usopp shouted, "So calm down."

"Bartholomew Kuma," Robin said, "Why is he back?"

"Bastard," Zoro said under his breath.

"Hold on a second," said Luffy, "This is the guy that showed up in Thriller Bark?"

"Yeah," Usopp replied, "He uses the paws on his palms and he almost killed us with that explosion he caused."

"He thought he got rid of us back then," Chopper said, "He's back after finding out we survived."

"So this is payback for last time," said Franky, "Coup de Vent"

Franky fired an air blast to push Kuma back to the mangrove behind him. Luffy squatted down with one of his fist on the ground and said, "Gear Second."

"I know you're strong," Luffy said, "That's why I'm going all out from the start."

"What choice do we have but to fight," Sanji asked, "We were too tired to beat him last time. But now, we're at 100% and ready to fight."

"Something's off here," Zoro thought while putting one of his swords in his mouth, "Is it just me or is he different than before."

From one part of the island, a man with a giant axe is sitting on the roof of one of the buildings.

"The battleships should be here already," the man said, "Why hasn't he contacted me? Old man Kizaru! I need to hurry or they'll finish off those rookies.

Meanwhile on another part of the island, two mysterious figures arrived.

"Bubbles surrounding the area and the giant mangroves with numbers," one of the figures said, "So this is Sabaody Archipelago. We're here. Now, where are the Straw Hat Pirates."