The Wedding

"Come dance with me, Em," JJ said, offering out her hand.

Emily sighed. She would miss this. Her family. But it just didn't feel right here. Emily vowed that she would still visit them, keep in contact, send emails and phone them every now and again. They had helped her so much, helped her conquer Doyle, helped her keep Declan safe… The list was endless.

"Sure," Emily smiled, taking the hand JJ had offered to her.

JJ entwined their hands together, her other hand wrapping itself around Emily's neck. Emily placed her free hand on the small of JJ's back, pulling her closer. If this was going to be one of the last memories of herself and JJ she would ever have, then she was going to make the most of it. Her attraction to the blonde was as strong as ever and leaving Will to blow up in the train station was an option that had crossed her mind a few times. But JJ loved him and Emily knew she would never be able to hurt JJ. So she did what was right, she saved him.

"Relax, Em," JJ whispered, resting her head on Emily's shoulder.

JJ could feel how tense Emily was at that particular moment, but she knew why. She knew Emily was attracted to her, she was attracted to Emily… But she did what was expected of her. She married the son of her child. JJ also knew Emily was planning on leaving to go back to Interpol. Nobody has told her but she had over heard Emily telling Hotch a few minutes earlier. Why Emily would want to go back there after all the mess with Doyle it put her in, JJ would never understand.

"Sorry," Emily apologised, resting her chin lightly on top of JJ's head.

Their bodies were now flush together so JJ decided to place both her arms around Emily's neck. Emily hesitated for a moment, not too sure what to do with her now free hand, but opting to place it with her other hand around JJ's waist. They gently swayed to the music, both wondering how much time they had left to make memories, but they both knew it wasn't long. Although Emily wanted to stay with the team, she couldn't help the gut feeling she had. She needed to go back.

Suddenly, Emily felt soft lips press against her neck. Then it was gone. Thinking she might not have felt it, Emily carried on dancing slowly to the music. Wait… There it was again.

"Jennifer, what are you doing?" Emily asked, her breaths already quickening.

"What does it look like I'm doing, Em? It's not like you're going to make the first move," JJ comment.

"Jennifer! You're married to Will. He's your husband!" Emily hissed, looking around to make sure no one was watching them.

JJ pulled away from Emily and took hold of her hand, dragging her through the dancing people. She excused herself from everyone and everyone guessed Emily had now told JJ that she was leaving, although she still hadn't. Dragging her up the stairs behind her, she pushed Emily into one of the bedrooms. Closing the door, she looked at Emily who was now standing awkwardly in the middle of the room.

"Emily… I know you're leaving," JJ put her hand up to stop Emily interrupting, needing to get all of this out first. "Just hear me out. I know you're attracted to me, I've been attracted to you for years now as well. Unfortunately, I had to do what my parents expected off of me. I had to marry the father of my son. I don't love Will, but I'm sure you could tell I do care for him a lot, and he loves me. I want to do this just once Emily… Once before you go. Please," JJ pleaded.

"We can't. Your married now, JJ," Emily explained her obvious hesitation in this situation.

JJ took four long strides to Emily and gently pushed her up against the back wall.

"J-Jennifer, no. W-we ca-can't," Emily stuttered out, JJ's face so close to hers she could feel JJ's breath against her lips.

"Once Emily, just once," JJ begged.

"Damn it!" Emily hissed as she spun around, pushing JJ against the wall she was against moments earlier.

JJ's arms silently slipped around Emily's neck again. Emily placed one hand on JJ's hip, one hand reaching to trace all the features of JJ's face. She wanted to remember this and no doubt she would. They had both wanted this for so long and if this was the only way they were going to get it, they were willing enough to risk getting caught if someone bothered to come looking for them.

Emily's fingers finally reached slightly parted lips. "Can I kiss you?" Emily asked, although it was a question that didn't really need asking. JJ nodded, using her grip on Emily's neck to bring the older woman's lips to her own.

Emily revelled in the feeling of JJ's soft lips moving against her own, no doubt JJ doing the same. Softly swiping her tongue against JJ's lips evoking a moan from the younger woman, Emily slipped her tongue into JJ's mouth. Their tongues created an intimate dance, entwining into each other, exploring each others mouths. Eventually Emily pulled away and let her forehead rest against JJ's, pulling in ragged breaths.

"Take my dress off," JJ demanded, looking up into Emily's eyes.

Emily stood slightly shocked. She didn't think that JJ had meant go all the way. Maybe she had miss interpreted what JJ had said.

"I can't do that," Emily shook her head. "That's Will's honour, not mine."

"But I want you too, Emily. I want you to, not Will. You deserve it more," JJ persuaded.

Emily slipped her hands around JJ's back, bringing them between JJ's shoulder blades to the zip fastened high on her back. "Are you sure?" Emily asked.

"Yes," JJ whispered, ushering Emily on.

Swallowing hard, Emily slowly pulled the zipper down, letting the dress slowly fall to the ground. Emily stood back to look at JJ and her breath caught in her throat. She knew JJ was beautiful, she believed JJ was beautiful but this… To Emily this was greater than breathtaking, it was indescribable.

"My turn," JJ smirked before stepping forward and pulling Emily's dress over her head.

JJ's breath hitched in her throat as her eyes took in the sight in front of her. Stepping forward JJ trailed her hand down Emily's body, splaying it on top of the scar Emily had received from Doyle. She had only seen it once before and after she had, Emily had turned away and fled, coming back minutes later as though nothing had happened.

Looking back up at Emily's face that was contorted with lust, love, pain and something JJ couldn't quite put her finger on, JJ captured Emily's lips with her own again. Spinning around, Emily gently pushed JJ onto the bed in the dimly lit room, the only lights coming from the brightly lit garden outside.

Leaning over JJ, Emily snaked her arms under JJ's back to unclasp the plain white bra she was wearing. Pulling her arms through, JJ watched as Emily threw it across the room and traced her fingers around her nipples. JJ moaned and dropped her head back. Emily couldn't resist the urge, her lips connected with JJ's neck and she hastily sucked, leaving a mark that JJ was hers on JJ's neck. At that moment in time, Emily had no idea how that would be explained to Will but she couldn't care less.

JJ brought her arms around Emily's back to unclasp her bra and tossed it across the room. Lifting her head from the bed, JJ greedily sucked on Emily's breasts. Emily moaned and her hands dug into the sheets on either side of JJ's head. JJ dropped her head back to the bed and Emily attacked her lips eagerly. After a few more minutes of fighting for dominance and rolling around in the bed, both Emily and JJ had managed to get each others panties off.

Trailing a hand down JJ's body, Emily stopped just above where the hem off JJ's panties would be if she was still wearing them. "Keep you eyes open," Emily demanded as she slipped two fingers inside JJ. Emily watched as JJ's eyes dilated and glazed over with dreamy pleasure. It was the most beautiful thing Emily had every seen.

Emily was so engrossed in the scene that she didn't realise JJ's hand had been trailing down her own body and only realised when two fingers plunged into her own heat.

"Oh… Jennifer," Emily moaned.

Not to be outdone, Emily increased the speed of her fingers, her palm hitting JJ's clit each time she thrust back in.

"Oh… Emily… Emily… F-faster please!" JJ begged, her moans beginning to get louder.

Emily inserted another finger and roughly circled JJ's clit with her thumb. JJ couldn't keep up and was left defenceless to all of Emily's actions. Dropping her head back to the pillow, JJ could feel she was close. The tingling in her toes was spreading and she knew that in a few minutes she wouldn't be able to hold it back anymore.

"Come for me, Jennifer," Emily demanded in a whisper, leaning down to suck lightly on JJ's pulse point.

JJ's back arched off the bed as the orgasm spread, her body quivering violently, lights flashing before her eyes, her mouth open in a silent scream. After a few moments, JJ's body flopped back to the bed, pulling in desperately ragged breaths.

"I think you almost knocked me unconscious," JJ breathed.

"I noticed," Emily smirked.

Realising that she still had her fingers inside Emily, JJ began to pump into her again. Faster and rougher than the last time, wanting Emily to feel the same pleasure she herself had felt moments earlier. Lifting her head up, JJ began to tend to Emily's breasts, licking, sucking, kissing them, savouring the moment of finally having Emily so intimately.

"Baby, curl your fingers for me," Emily said breathlessly through gritted teeth.

JJ did as Emily asked and then felt Emily began to shiver. Biting down on Emily's neck to leave her own mark, JJ began to thrust her fingers into Emily as fast as she could.

"Let go, Em," JJ whispered, feeling Emily cling on to her fingers every time she would pull out.

Emily came with a drawled out moan, whispering out her new lovers name. Falling to the bed, she lay down next to JJ, JJ turned to snuggle into Emily's side.

"Thank-you," Emily said, receiving a nod from JJ.

Emily didn't quite understand what she was saying thank-you for but if she thought about it, thought about all the things JJ had done for her… Covered up her fake death, took a hit from an unsub, helped calm her after a bad case, helped Emily stop blocking people out with her many walls… Thank-you wasn't enough.

"I'm going to miss you," JJ admitted with a sniffle.

"Hey…" Emily soothed, wrapping both her arms around JJ. "Haven't you noticed I haven't said goodbye yet? Goodbye means that I'll never see you again, but I will. I promise. I'll come visit sometime and I'll send souvenirs. I just really have to go," Emily admitted.

"Why?" JJ asked.

"Gut instinct," Emily explained. "You're the one that told me I should follow it, so I am."

"But I didn't know at the time that would be that reason I would loose you… Again," JJ whispered, letting a tear roll down her cheek.

Emily rolled over on her side to face JJ, kissing away the tear that rolled down her cheek. Emily swallowed the lump that was growing in her throat, quickly blinking away the tears that she knew were forming in her eyes.

"You're not going to loose me. This is nothing like the Doyle situation so don't even compare it to that. Just don't. Like I said, I'll come back and visit when I can, I promise. You're too good a person for me to just let go," Emily whispered, once again blinking away the tears that were threatening to fall.

"Don't put your wall up, Emily," JJ pleaded.

So Emily didn't. She cried, JJ cried and they lay in each others arms. Maybe for the last time… That's when JJ realised what she had seen in Emily's eyes earlier. Hope.