Digging Up the Past

*Sequel YEY! I don't know about the names. I found them online. I mixed and matched Japanese constellations and ended up with them. Technically I think Mizuuma is supposed to mean Water Horse because I love horses *grins* and Kojishi means Child Lion and Fuuchou means Bird of Paradise so have fun and I hope you like it*

Chapter 1 Mystery

She jumped up and felt the sweat that prickled the back of her neck. She was panting, but she couldn't remember why. That man, who was he? She had never seen him before, but he was obviously someone who knew her. Who was he? What was going on?

She laid down and tried to get back to sleep, but she tossed and turned for the next couple hours wondering who he was and where he had come from. When she finally did get sleep it was restless. It bothered her so much that she had to ask her parents at breakfast the following morning.

"Mom, dad do you know anything about strange dreams?" she asked casually.

"Sort of, it's said that Water Elements can see things in their dreams why?" her father asked, grinning slightly.

"Oh just a weird dream," she tried to get past that man.

"How so?" her mother asked, and she looked down.

"Well there was this guy," both her parents exchanged glances, and she blushed, "Nothing like that! He was older, and very good looking, but somehow I knew that he wasn't about that, not with me anyway," she wasn't sure why what she said didn't add up, "But anyway he was in all white, and there was this sword, and it was screaming with magic, and a white light enveloped it. I could swear that I heard it speak, or sing or something, and he spoke to me; it was so weird," she looked down and didn't even see the nervous glances that went between her parents.

"Probably just your imagination getting away with you," her father said after a long pause; his voice was oddly tense though.

"Definitely," her mother agreed, and the way she said it told her that there was going to be no more talk about the issue, so she dismissed it.


Many years had gone by since the Magic Knights last fight in Cephiro, and the Earth year was 1965. There was yet another war tearing through America though this one was not fought at home, there was another battle being fought there. The streets were lined with what we now call 'Hippies' begging and battling for peace, for us to withdraw from the war. Much to their dismay it would be another six years before this request was made.

North and South Vietnam had been torn into two, one desperate for freedom, the other wanting communist rule. But the people of Cephiro were sheltered from all this, and their lives continued on normally.

In the time they had spent together, happy in Cephiro, the Magic Knights had each had a daughter, all in the same year, and the children spent all their time together; it was as if they were sisters.

They watched their children grow up happy, but deep inside all three of the Knights of Cephiro dreaded the day when they would ask why their mothers didn't have any background in Cephiro. They kept it a secret where they were from in an attempt to keep their children safe from harm, but when you keep things from people it always comes out in the worst of ways, and so our story begins, late one night when the Master Mage of Cephiro stumbled out of his study, and his lover came to help him sit.

"Clef what's wrong?" Umi demanded, and he looked into her deep blue eyes and tried to keep the shaking out of his voice.

"There's another war on earth," he whispered, and she sat beside him and took his hand.


"Umi, I'm worried, about Mizuuma," he confessed, and she winced.


"We can't hide our past from her forever; she'll find out and then…" he stopped, because the girl he spoke of walked into the room, her blue eyes were dark with worry and fear.

"What are you talking about father?" she asked, and he looked away from her. She looked like her mother; she had a small figure and dazzling blue eyes, her hair was long and full, but it was lavender like her father's. They had never been officially married because they found no reason to, but they were married in every other way.

"Nothing," he assured her and smiled, but she walked in and sat near them.

"What are you talking about?" her voice contained the same determination and passion that her mother's did.

"Just an old problem; it will be tended to," her mother smiled warmly, but Mizuuma stayed where she was. Finally, after a long, awkward silence she stood and turned from them, her voice was somewhat cold.

"I will find out what you're talking about," she said before she turned and walked from the room.

When she was gone Clef sighed and closed his eyes, putting an undetectable guard around the door.

"We have to put a guard even from our own daughter," Umi said quietly, and Clef looked at her softly.

"It's better this way, but Umi," he tried to tell her gently, "She will find out sooner or later, and then…you know what will happen."

"She wouldn't do that," Umi protested.

"Your fate was destined, preordained, but hers was not, theirs was not. They will create their own destiny. We raised her well, the best we could, now we have to trust in her decisions."


"Mizuuma!" her friend called from down the hall, and she was snapped from her thoughts. She looked up and smiled as she saw the two poke their heads out of the first girl's room.

"What's up?"

"Come in here quickly!" her voice was oddly serious, and the first girl looked around as if someone might find out what they were doing.

She jogged the last few feet and walked inside while the second girl slammed the door.

"Kojishi!" the first girl scolded.

"Gomen Fuuchou," she muttered and turned back to Mizuuma, who was staring at the two, completely in the dark.

"What's going on?"

"Look at what Fuuchou found!" Kojishi seemed excited as the first girl walked to the bed and picked up an ancient looking book.

Mizuuma looked at the girl curiously. She wasn't the least bit envious of her friend though she was the Princess of Cephiro. She had no reason to be; she was the daughter of the most powerful magician in all of Cephiro, and they had grown up together. Now she looked into bright amber eyes, and saw the excitement that lie there. She looked like her mother, only she had her aunt's hair. It was long, but not as long as Mizuuma's own, but golden colored like her mothers, and crimped like her aunts. The body was the same, though she bore no glasses, but her eyes were distinctly her father's, golden-amber, almost like a cat's.

"Look!" she pushed the book into Mizuuma's hands, and she looked down. She gasped at what she saw.

"Fuuchou!" she exclaimed, "This is your mother!"

She nodded and looked at the other girl, "I found it while going through the library; it was hidden in one corner. It's about the Magic Knight of Wind."

"The Magic Knight of Wind?" Mizuuma sounded skeptical, "That's just a silly legend."

"But then why is it in the book?" she demanded, "That is an exact picture of my mother, you said it yourself. Why couldn't she be the Magic Knight of Wind? I mean, read the description."

And it did fit Fuu-hime perfectly.

"I guess it's just hard to believe, that your mother would be the Magic Knight of Wind, under our very eyes? I mean wow, the Princess of Cephiro, the Magic Knight of Wind?"

"But it's hard to get past that," the second girl informed her, and she nodded. She looked a lot like her mother. She had dark black hair with red highlights and red eyes, but she was taller than her mother, though not as tall as Mizuuma, but a bit taller than Fuuchou.

"I guess," she muttered and looked at the book, "Well I have to say I'm envious," she informed her friend with no shame, "The Magic Knight of Wind wow, that's amazing."

"I know!" Fuuchou squealed, "It's the greatest thing ever! I mean a Princess yeah sure, but the Magic Knight of Wind! That's something!"

"Okay okay okay," Mizuuma was only slightly annoyed, "We got it, now the question is; is it true? You should really take this to your mother, or at least ask about it."

Fuuchou looked down, "I'm afraid."


"Because, well, haven't you noticed how they try to keep their pasts away from me? I mean think about it, have you ever heard the story of how they got together?"

"Well…no," Mizuuma then thought it was very odd, but then…had she heard the story of her parents meeting before?

"The Prince and Princess of Cephiro won't even admit how they met, there's something odd about that," Kojishi put in.

"I guess…"

"And I just don't know how'd she react that's all."

"She's your mother; I don't think she'd spazz that bad if you simply asked her about an old legend. After all, you're the Princess, shouldn't you know all about legends and the history of Cephiro and all that?" Mizuuma asked, and Fuuchou grinned.

"That's perfect! Why didn't I think of that? Of course, I'll simply ask about the Magic Knights."

"Wouldn't it be awesome if our Princess was the Magic Knight of Wind?" Kojishi fantasized.

"Yeah…wonderful," Mizuuma's eyes drifted back to that man; she had dreamt of him again last night, and now with her parents hiding things from her and this, she wasn't sure of herself or her parent's past anymore.

"What's wrong Mizuuma?" Kojishi asked her, and she snapped back into life.

"Huh? What? Oh," she smiled, "Nothing, just a dream I've been having."

"Do tell!" they both shouted, and she laughed and sat down and told them the tale of her dreams.

"Wow, how mysterious," Kojishi smiled.

"How romantic," Fuuchou grinned, "He's probably the man of your dreams trying to reach you through sleep."

Mizuuma laughed, "No I don't think so, I don't know how, but I don't think that he's the man of my dreams. I don't know, but I think he has something to do with this whole Magic Knights thing. He's trying to tell me something, but before he can I suddenly wake up. Like someone has a spell on me or something. Every time he comes he seems a little angrier, like someone is keeping him from telling me."

Fuuchou suddenly looked extremely suspicious, "The only one with power enough to do that is your father."


"That's true," Kojishi agreed.

"That's ridiculous! Besides, I didn't say it was a spell, I just said it was like one," she protested, but her parents had been acting rather strange lately.

"Okay, but still…we were just saying," Fuuchou grinned mischievously, "Well we should go to sleep. We have a big breakfast tomorrow."

"Okay," they agreed and went back to their rooms to get some sleep before Fuuchou asked her mother about the Magic Knights, though they were all so full of anticipation that they wouldn't be getting much sleep.

*So…what do you think? Is this going to be good? I'm going to feature the Magic Knights more in the next chapters, because I would never take the spotlight from them. But I think that this might be interesting. What do you think?*


"She never let on how insane it was

In that tiny kinda scary house

By the woods by the woods by the woods

Black dove Black Dove

You're not a helicopter, you're not a cop-out either

Honey, Black Dove Black Dove

You don't need a spaceship

They don't know you've already lived

On the other side of the galaxy

The other side of the galaxy"

~Tori Amos, January Girl, From the Choirgirl Hotel