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Chapter 5- 1 Year later

Henry ran into the house and dropped his bag.

"Mom!" He said sitting down at the table Emma ran down the stairs.

"Henry can you please be quiet I just put your baby brother down for a nap." Emma stood at the end of the table. "What is going on?"

"I got the letter!" He said waving it in the air a smile appeared on Emma's face.

"Did you open it?" Emma asked

"No i was waiting."

"Open it hun." Henry ripped open the envelope and took out the letter. He started to read it the more he read the happier he was. He placed the letter down and looked at Emma.

"I got in!" He said Emma sprung up and hugged him.

"Congratulations Henry I love you." She said kissing his forehead.

"Mum can i go tell the others please?"

"Yes" Henry got up and grabbed the letter.

"I will be back." He said and left the house. Emma picked up her cell and texted Graham. 'Looks like we are going to have to celebrate our sons going to college.' He sent back a smiley face.

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