It was christmas by the time that most of Dalton knew about Nick's feelings for Jeff, but they had know about Jeff's feelings for nick a lot longer. It seemed to Charlie that the only people that didn't know this were the other people, and his boyfriend, Justin. How the Hanover prefect hadn't caught on to this he will never know. He just wished that the Windsors would start planning something already, as Charlie could tell that there was going to be another Kurt and Blaine situation, and he didn't think that Windsor would cope.

By January, the Tweedles still hadn't done anything, and it was coming close to Nick's birthday, so Charlie decided to tell Justin about them and get him on board to help.

They were sat in the Hanover prefect's dorm room, studying for their calculus test next lesson, when Charlie finally worked out how to tell Justin about Niff, as the Windsors had already named them. "Hey, Justin? Nick and Jeff are Hanovers, right?"

"Yer... Why? Chaz, you're not leaving me for another Hanover, are you?" Justin answered in an overly dramatic voice, as usual. And this made Charlie slightly sidetracked, because whenever Justin was dramatic, his accent got thicker, and Charlie loved his accent. "Chaz! Focus on the words, not the voice!" Justin joked, because he knew what his accent did to Charlie on a good day, and he was quite proud of that.

"What?... Oh sorry J. So they are? And they share a room, right?" As an answer, but not being bothered enough with his boyfriend's antics to take his attention away from the calculus notes on the bed around him, Justin simply nodded. "So, you might want to give them the 'Roommate Relationships' talk. Just saying"

"And why would i have to... No, not another one! Can't I just get Andy and Emil to do it? they had it from me and Matt!" Justin caught on quickly, Charlie thought. He would have to reward him for that later, but as an answer to Justin's question, he replied:

"If by 'another one' you mean a 'Kurt and Blaine' situation, then i'm afraid so. And since you're the prefect, it's got to come from you, sorry J." And just to calm Justin, and to get him to stop whining and give him a bit more attention that his calculus notes, Charlie, being the Windsor he is, pushed all the notes off the bed, and, before Justin had time to react, pushed him down on the bed and started an intense, passionate kiss that, to the both of them, ended far too soon.

"So, we just have to get Nick and Jeff to do that? Easy!" Justin replied, in a much too evil a tone for a Hanover. Maybe I'm rubbing off on him, Charlie thought, before he was pushed down onto the bed and an epic battle for dominance began, though they would both deny it if anyone asked.