hi, sorry it took so long to update, but i was going to post this in summer, but then i had world challenge so was away for 3 weeks, then camp for 2... please don't hate me!

This is the last chapter from Jeff's side... that might help it make more sense.

"What... Justin, where are you getting all this from? I don't even like Nick!" oh, no. no no no no no no! that was not meant to come out like that. Jeff made a grab for Nick's hand, but he was too slow and his 'Best Friend' was already out the door and on his way out of Dalton as fast as he could. "Nick!" Jeff was calling his name, but Nick didn't stop. "NICK! Please!"

Jeff tried to follow Nick, but Justin held him back. "Look, Jeff. Nick is pretty torn up about his best friend saying that he didn't even like him... so... why don't I just text Charlie and get him to go and calm Nick down. Maybe even let him crash at Windsor an-"

"No! Look, Justin I know that you know that I love Nick"Wait, what?" And i just want him to come back so I can explain myself. So, I'm going to find him, whether you like it or not." Jeff was so annoyed at himself that he didn't even notice that Justin had passed him his coat and was on his way out the door behind him.

Jeff just started running in the direction he hoped Nick took. His breathing was rapid and his brain didn't want to let him control his legs, as him in charge of his mouth went so swimmingly before. Why did I say that?! was the only thing currently passing through Jeff's mind, and he didn't have an answer for himself. He just kept running, desperate to find Nick and tell him how he really felt. Just as Jeff almost lost hope, he heard a piercing scream. Nick!

Jeff just ran in the general direction of the noise, trying to decide whether to call for an ambulance or not. As he turned the corner, he found Nick and saw three people running away from the scene.

"Who's there?" Who was that? "Nick? Is that you?" Nick! Please look at me. "Nick, come on man. I didn't mean it like that!" Jeff saw Nick opened his mouth to answer, but only managed a faint moan. "Come on, Nicky. Let me explain. Look, I meant that i didn't think of you like tha-" Nick! Oh god, oh god, oh god. This is all my fault. I'm so sorry Nicky. "Oh, Nicky! What... Who...? Nicky? Nicky stay with me. Don't go to sleep! I'm gonna call Justin. Nicky, don't go to sleep. Nicky. Nick? NICOLAS DUVAL! Stay awake. Stay awake... You've got to stay awake... You've just got to." By this time, Justin had arrived at the scene, and Jeff had a river of tears staining his face as Nick fought to stay awake for the boy he loved... The only one for him...

See, I told you I had a plan. I'm not sure what to do now, but I'll have the next chapter up soon, now i have no more Exams 'till next year.