Hey! I haven't written anything in a longgg time, I apologise, just had so much college work it's unreal! Anyway, Brittana are pretty much my favourite couple in the history of forever so I wanted to attempt a fanfic for them.

I don't own Glee or any of the characters (unfortunately!)

Santana groaned and rolled over in her bed, sleepily opening her eyes. She was confronted with face of her girlfriend who was far too cheerful for this time in the morning. Gazing into Brittany's piercing blue eyes, she was once again left breathless by her beauty, she would happily spend the rest of her life staring at her if she could. Brittany smiled that infectious, amazing smile and Santana couldn't help but return it. Brittany had the ability to make her smile even at half past six in the morning.

"Hey," Brittany whispered, shuffling even closer to Santana and gently capturing Santana's lips in a kiss. Santana's smile widened, she could most definitely get used to this.

"Hey Britt, how long have you been up?" She asked, yawning slightly.

"About half an hour, maybe a bit longer" Brittany replied, grinning at the curious expression on Santana's face.

"You should have woken me up!" Santana exclaimed, not wanting her girlfriend to have been lonely while she had slept, but Brittany just laughed.

"But I like watching you sleep San! You're so cute and adorable!" Santana grimaced.

"Santana Lopez does not do cute and adorable" she muttered, embarrassed.

"Oh she so does!" Brittany shot back, raising an eyebrow. When Santana shook her head Brittany decided it was time for action. Raising her arms she became to mercilessly tickle Santana, knowing it was her weakness. Santana squealed and tried to pull away from Brittany's iron grip, to no avail.

"Okay! Okay! You win!" She practically screamed at her girlfriend, Brittany stopped tickling her but kept her hands firmly wrapped around Santana's waist. Santana copied Brittany's movements and buried her head into the blonde's neck, wanting to be as close to her as was humanly possible. Brittany let out a moan as Santana began to place delicate kisses on her neck, and the noise made all her hairs stand on end. Brittany threw one of her legs over Santana's, making her gasp and bring her mouth up to Brittany's. Their lips met and the kiss was full of passion and desire, Brittany ran her tongue along Santana's bottom lip and was quickly granted access by the brunette. As the kiss deepened Santana moved so she was now straddling Brittany, the blonde looked hot and her eyes were full of desire for the Latina. Santana leant down, fully intending to pick up where they left off, but as she did she saw the time displayed on her clock. She sighed deeply and after placing one last, lingering kiss on Brittany's lips, she reluctantly pulled herself off Brittany and the bed.

"Santana!" Brittany whined, she wanted nothing more than for Santana to come back to bed and finish ravishing her.

"I'm sorry Britt but we have school, and you know what Rachel's like when we're lateā€¦" Santana grimaced at the memory of the last time they were late to glee due to an impromptu make out session. Rachel had spent a good 20 minutes lecturing them about the importance of punctuality and how they were never going to win Nationals is this was the attitude they had. Brittany was apparently reliving the same memory as she was wearing the same look as Santana.

"Point taken" Brittany said, hopping out of Santana's bed and stretching. Santana couldn't help but stare, Brittany was in a tank top and shorts and boy did her legs look amazing. Brittany caught her staring and laughed.

"Hey San, you're drooling!" she joked, walking towards Santana who scowled and quickly wiped her mouth.

"Was not!" The brunette pouted as Brittany wrapped her arms around her and let her hands slowly travel down to Santana's ass. Santana let out a quiet moan and closed her eyes as she felt Brittany's mouth move to her ear.

"I call dibs on the bathroom," she whispered and suddenly she was gone, laughing to herself. Santana just stood there; her brain had turned to mush; only Brittany could have that effect on her. When she heard the bathroom door shut she realised what had just happened,

"Cow!" She shouted at the top of her voice, she heard a giggle in response, followed by a muffled;

"Love you too babe!" Santana smiled, she could never stay mad at Brittany, it was impossible.

Three bowls of lucky charms (Brittany insisted on having two) and two cups of coffee later Brittany and Santana were finally ready to leave. Brittany spent most of the journey excitedly telling Santana about how Lord Tubbington had finally kicked his crack habit and was on a new diet. Santana laughed and nodded along, loving how excited Brittany got when she talked about her cat. As they got out of the car Santana automatically reached for Brittany's hand, grasping it tightly in hers. Brittany looked down at their entwined hands and her face lit up. She was so happy, not two months ago they were holding hands under napkins and now Santana was able to hold Brittany's hand in public. She looked up and found herself looking into Santana's curious eyes, Brittany opened her mouth;

"I love you." She told Santana, the sincerity in her voice was clear. Now it was Santana's face that lit up.

"I love you too Brittany, more than anything on earth."

Well, that's chapter 1 for you! Hope you enjoyed, I have a rough idea in my head as to where I'm taking this story so I hope you stick around. Any reviews would be greatly appreciated! Thank youuu :D