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"Ugh. Finally, you're here." Brittany whipped her head around to see her girlfriend wheeling herself back into her hospital room.

"Good afternoon to you too babe." She teased, placing a gentle kiss to her girlfriend's lips, before collapsing into a chair.

"Anyway, why are you in a wheelchair and not in bed?" Brittany asked as her girlfriend pushed herself closer to the blonde.

"I've been in that bed for over four weeks; I needed to get out of it. The stupid doctor told me I had to use a wheelchair though." She pouted and Brittany couldn't help but laugh, Santana looked adorable when she pouted. Santana raised an eyebrow at Brittany who was still smirking at her.

"Don't laugh at me Britt!" She huffed, crossing her arms.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive…" Brittany's sentence was cut short as Santana launched herself onto Brittany's lap. The blonde squealed in surprise and let her hands rest on Santana's hips. She frowned up at her girlfriend;

"Santana! Your ribs!" She began to scold the brunette who rolled her eyes, dismissing her worries.

"My ribs are healing. Besides, they don't even hurt that much anymore." Santana pressed her lips to Brittany's, silencing her protests. Brittany moaned against Santana's mouth, she had missed being able to kiss her, she had missed the closeness. As if to reinforce this point, she gently tugged Santana even closer to her. Santana broke the kiss but kept their foreheads pressed together, not wanting this moment to end. She could feel herself getting lost in Brittany's eyes, smiling, she leant down to reattach their lips.

Santana jumped as she heard someone loudly clearing their throat behind the pair and Brittany sighed at the loss of contact. The blonde could feel herself blushing as she realised that one of the nurses had walked in on them, and she did not look impressed.

"Your dressings need changing Miss Lopez. If you're not too busy that is." She added sarcastically, glaring at the couple.

"Ugh. Stupid bitch." Santana whispered to Brittany, before pressing one last fleeting kiss to her lips and slowly walking towards the nurse.

The nurse continued glaring pointedly at Brittany until she took the hint and quickly stumbled out of the room, almost falling over Santana's newly acquired wheelchair.

After what felt like an eternity but in reality was only ten minutes, the nurse emerged from the room and stormed off down the corridor. Santana wheeled herself out, laughing at the look of terror on Brittany's face.

"She isn't that bad B!" She exclaimed as Brittany stared nervously at the double doors the woman had just stomped through.

"Speak for yourself! She terrified me!" Brittany replied, turning her attention back to her girlfriend.

"Hey Britt… Race you." Santana gestured to the empty wheelchair next to them, a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Oh it's so on Lopez!" She retorted, jumping into the chair and playfully sticking her tongue at Santana.

"End of the corridor and back. Loser has to go buy muffins. On three. One, two…" The brunette sped away laughing as she heard Brittany yell behind her.

"Cheat!" The blonde quickly gave chase, determined to catch her girlfriend.

"I totally kicked your ass Lopez!" Brittany panted as they came to a standstill.

"Best of five?" Santana asked, breathing heavily.

"No way! I won and you know it!" Brittany protested, poking Santana's leg.

"Okay okay! Looks like I'm buying the muffins then…" Santana grumbled as Brittany whooped in delight.

"After one more race? Please? This is most fun I've had in weeks." Santana begged, pulling the most adorable face Brittany had ever seen. How was she supposed to say no to that?

"Okay, but be prepared to have your ass handed to you. Again!" Brittany replied, turning herself around in the chair.

"You suck at this Lopez!" She taunted her girlfriend as she flew past her and into the lead.

"And Brittany wins it again. The crowd goes wild!" She yelled, after glancing behind her and seeing that Santana had no chance of catching her. As she turned back around however she saw Santana's nurse, face like thunder, glaring at the pair. The phrase if looks could kill immediately sprang to Brittany's mind, and she struggled to pull herself to a stop to avoid hitting the woman. She'd just about managed to remain upright when she saw Santana gliding to a standstill next to her.

"I'm not sure if you two had noticed but this is a hospital. Not a playground! People are trying to recover, the last thing they want to hear is you girls acting like children!" She furiously yelled at them.

"I think they'd prefer listening to us over you…" Brittany whispered and Santana had to fight the urge to burst out laughing.

"What did you say?" She asked, fixing her glare on Brittany. Brittany simply smiled sweetly up at her; her earlier terror had all but vanished.

"I said we're terribly sorry for making nuisances of ourselves and we were just about to head back to Santana's room. She was just showing me how well she can use her wheelchair." She told her as Santana nodded along.

"Okay… Well don't let it happen again!" The nurse huffed before turning on her heels and stalking off to terrorise someone else. Brittany let out a huge sigh after she had vanished from their view.

"I thought she was going to kick me out!" She confessed, glancing over at Santana, who nodded her agreement.

"So did I. Anyway, muffins?" She asked, beaming at the blonde.

"Double chocolate chip with extra chocolate?"

"Of course."

Ahhh I love writing scenes like this :') Hope you all enjoyed! :D