Rating K+

Word Count: 300

Challenge Given: 150 word drabble to celebrate 150 followers on Tumblr.


Lady of the Lake

He smiled with joy and pain as the sword pierced the surface of the rain pitted lake. Her arm appeared, then her dark head and she slowly spun and rose until she was facing him. Her smile was radiant, all traces of fear and pain gone and the sun suddenly shone; the rain a distant memory.

"Merlin," she whispered.

"Freya ... my lady, my love," he gasped, brokenly.

She held her arms out to him and he stood, wobbling in the unstable coracle before casting a spell and stepping onto the water himself. Eyes still glowing, he walked forwards, taking her hands in his.

"Don't cry," she begged and, leaning forwards, kissed the tears from his cheeks.

He blinked, looking from their hands to her face in disbelief. "You're real?"

She shook her head with a sad smile and placed a cool hand on his heart. "Be happy, Merlin. Be magnificent."