Brenan picked up Christine from the crèche before heading out to her car, or more accurately Booths car.

"Temperance?" she heard a familiar voice say "is that you?"
Brenan turned round too a beautiful blond standing before her "Hannah?"
"Yes" she smiled "It's been a long time, how have you been?"
"I've been good, thank you."
"is she yours?" Hannah asked looking at the sleeping baby I her arms "she's beautiful."
"Thank you. I would not disagree with you, she is incredible beautiful" Brenan said unable to hide the smile that crossed her face.
Hannah looked passed Brenan "Hi."
"Hannah? Wow, it's been a long time" Booth said as he approached the two ladies.

Booth unlocked the car so Brenan could fasten their baby in her seat.
"That's exactly what Temperance said."
"Really?" Booth said looking at Brennan
"It is true, although we do say the same things quite often."
"You've not changed." Hannah said to the pair.
"I would disagree greatly; we are changing all the time." Brenan said. She turned to Booth and added "we should get home Christine will want feeding again soon."
"So, you two are together now?" Hannah said "I guess I'm not surprised, you've always been tight.."
"Can you give us a moment?" Booth asked Temperance.
She nodded and got in the car. "I know it's probably a bit of a shock"
"A little. I am happy for you, both of you."
"Thank you," Booth looked over to Brenan who was on the phone "It was nice to see you but I really should get going."

Brenan watched from the car as Hannah gave Booth a hug and felt what she could only describe as jealousy as Booth hugged her back. There was no reason for the jealousy she knew Booth loved her but emotions are an automatic response to a situation, and not something we have control over.
Seely joined Temperance in the car "It was nice to see Hannah again, wasn't it?"
"I'm not sure 'nice' is the correct word to use."
Seely looked over at his partner "are you jealous?"
"Why would I be jealous?" she asked "You live with me and we have a child together."
"I'm with you because I love you." Seely reached over and held her hand "you have nothing to be jealous about."
"I know."
"Good. How about we go see if Christine will sleep all night, so we can get an early night."
"If you are implying that we go home and have sex"

Booth leaned over and kissed her with passion and with love "what do you think?"
"I highly approve." she said smiling.

Hannah watched from a distance at the interaction from the two. Although she was saddened that she would not be reigniting her relationship with booth, she was very happy that Booth and Brennan had finally realised what everyone around them had know for years. They were in love.