The Other Avenger

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Loki's P.O.V

Earth! Of all the places to be stranded as punishment its earth! WITHOUT my powers! The worst part? Odin took away my voice. I cannot speak.

I loathe Earth and its useless and pathetic inhibitors.

I continued to walk down some road in some small town. By judging a road sign I just passed I guessed I was in Westport Indiana.

Where in the name of Odin was that?

Then he felt a harsh poke in his shoulder blade "Excuse me but are lost?" a girl said.

She had light brown curly hair that was about chin length, pale skin, and honest grey eyes. And short. She wore a pair of jeans with a tear at the knee and a blue tank top. There was nothing special about her.

I glared angrily but she didn't seem to get it.

"Can't speak?"

'Of course you miserable and pathetic human!' I wanted to scream.

"I'll take that as a yes, here I think I have a pen and a pad of paper in here!" she said I an almost child-like fashion.

She rummaged through a small brown purse. I could slightly see its contents. "I'm Katherine by the way Katherine Zeds!"

A wallet with little green faces on it, turtles? A compass, lip balm, and some other belongings I couldn't see.

"Ah ha!" she said in her annoying child-like voice.

She gave him a slightly wrinkled piece of paper and a light blue pen. I quickly wrote. And then a queasy feeling grasped my stomach and the world spun around me.

I don't need help from a race as pitiful as your own! Espally someone as pathetic as you!

Reading the note her smile faded and she looked really hurt.

"Fine if you don't need help from someone with Autism, fine!" she said storming off. She sounded close to tears.

What's autism?

The world spun faster, a side effect from losing my powers?

The road seemed to get closer from to my face and the pathetic planet began to dim.

But before the road could meet my face I felt a tug on my arm and someone, probably Katherine, putting my arm around her shoulders trying to bear my weight.

"Why I'm doing this is beyond me." She mumbled to herself.

I'm wondering too.


End of the first chapter!