PT chapter 12

My eyes grew wide.

"H-how d-d-did y-you know?" I asked shocked.

"I-I k-knew all along."


Katherine seemed uncomfortable hiding this from me.

"When reporters where in New York I saw you in the back ground on CNN. I knew you were behind it all." She admitted.

"Why did you help me?" I asked trying to use to using my voice again.

She tilted her head a little with love in her expression and what she said next melted my heart.

"I believe everyone deserves a second chance."


Loki had no idea what a Misgardian boyfriend should be like.

I even went as far as reading Katherine's romance books but they didn't help much.

She only had a boyfriend once before but he cheated on her.

So just like any other time. I sat beside her as she typed her stories.

She had her 'ear buds' in like any other time but I gently pulled one out and listened to the song that was playing.

She raised an eyebrow at the action but smiled.

Got to remember that.


Internet is down.

We just sat on the coach enjoying each other's company.

I noticed her little habit of 'twirling' her hair.

Katherine laid her head on my shoulder.

I reached over and begun playing with her hair similar to the way she does it.

She giggled a little but didn't stop me.

Her hair was soft but sort of coarse at the same time.


Katherine told her sister about them. Together.

"Finally Kate! He's been living your house for like 5 months now!"

"Liz! You make me sound like a slut!"

I just laughed.


Thor POV

He watched his little brother in amazement.

But he smiled anyway. He was happy for his brother.

Odin is never going to believe this…


How did his punishment take such an awesome turn? He will never deserve Katherine but was happy to have her.

Punishment to love.