Home. Such a simple word. Home. One syllable. Four words. Meaning somewhere safe, somewhere you come from, a place where the heart finds refuge. It was never hard for her to say where her home was. The place she felt safe. The place where her heart took refuge. Her safe haven. That was and always would be Port Charles, New York.

No matter where she went in the world, no matter how long she stayed away, it would always be home to her. After nearly ten years of being away, Elizabeth Webber is returning to her home. Returning to the place her heart could take refuge and heal. To the place where she grew up and learnt the true meaning of life.

She always knew that she'd come back. What she didn't know was the reason she'd be coming back. Every night she imagined returning home, Elizabeth never saw this coming. She never pictured herself returning with a heavy heart, aching with the loss that put an earth sized hole in her chest.

Welcome to Port Charles - or in her case, welcome back. She drives past the welcome sign, officially back in her hometown, everything looking exactly how she left it. Taking a deep breath, she forces herself to not drive slowly and heads straight to her old studio. She wasn't at all surprised that it was still available. It wasn't exactly the four seasons.

Pulling into the parking garage, Elizabeth shuts off the engine and grabs her luggage from the back seat. Its late and eerily silent in the garage, the darkness wasn't helping any. Usually one to be freaked out by the possible danger, Elizabeth doesn't even flinch. She lifts the handles on her luggage, setting her car alarm before rolling her luggage to the stairs.

Another thing she missed about home. No elevators. Taking the stairs, she arrives at her studio, unlocking the door that had kept her safe for many years. The same smells welcome her as she walks into the small run-down studio. It was as if she never left, the studio being exactly how she had left it.

"Welcome home." Elizabeth sighs, dropping down onto the raggedy couch, taking a look around her small studio. "Hope to god this was the right move."

For many years, the rumor of her returning has been circulating through the small town of Port Charles. Jason Morgan never really put much merit in town gossip - he knows first hand how things can get screwed up in transit from one person to another. This time is different though, this time his sister is the one doing the reassurance. Emily - though she is known to exaggerate sometimes - is a reliable source in everything Elizabeth Webber.

He wasn't sure how he felt about the return of rebel Webber. The history between them wasn't a very bright one and he was pretty confident in saying that she pretty much hated him. Pouring himself a drink, Jason sits down on his couch, thinking back to the last moment he saw her. The pain in her eyes had been so vibrant, it nearly killed him to watch her walk away that day. He'd never forgive himself for the way he handled things.

He was her first love and she was his. Life got in the way, like he knew it would, and he had to make decisions that would damn near kill him to make. Though its been nearly a decade, Jason still carries the guilt of that night with him. He'd never forgive himself for hurting her. For taking away the future she thought she'd have with him. For dimming the light behind that beautiful smile. For everything.

The rain was pouring down hard - somehow it felt fitting to the moment they were in.
The pain and heartache was in her eyes, seeping its way into her voice. He knew that he
was hurting her, but he couldn't stop. He had to push her away. He wasn't good for her.
He knew it - hell everyone knew it - everyone but her.

"Jason, I love you!" she exclaims. "You know that! Why are you doing this?"

"I'm simply stating fact." Jason says coldly. "You and I don't work."

"You're lying!" she shouts, pounding against his chest with her fists. "Stop lying! You love me! You said you loved me!"

"I say a lot of things." Jason takes hold of her wrists, stopping her. "Doesn't mean its true."

"I hate you." she whispers, he could see that she believed him now. The brokenness is in her eyes. "I wish I never met you."

"Good." Jason pushes her wrists away - even though he wants to hold her close and recant everything he said. "Finally we agree on something."

She walked away from him, not taking a second look back at him. The next day she left town,
no goodbyes, nothing. He knew that this was how things had to be, but it didn't stop the hurt.
It didn't make missing her any harder. It didn't make loving her hurt any less. It didn't help anything.

Being in the penthouse was becoming a little too overwhelming - forcing himself up off the couch, he grabs his jacket and heads out. Jason straddles his bike, needing the rush he feels every time he's on it, hoping it'll help the memories recede. In spite of what he wants, the memories start flooding back in full force. He's lost in his thoughts that he doesn't realize where he's riding to.

Before he knows it, Jason's shutting off the engine, looking up at the building that Elizabeth used to live from the docks. Its in that moment that he sees the dim light through her old studio window. An long lost feeling starts bubbling up within him at the sight of that dim light.

It had held a different meaning to him so many years ago, but now it simply meant that she was back. For a moment he sits there, just staring up at the window, a part of him wanting to walk the distance and see her again, but not moving an inch.

"Jason?" a voice says confusedly - unknowingly sending a warm feeling through his body.

"Hey." he says, turning to face her. "Welcome home."

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